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DOLOR DE ESPALDA POR SOBREPESO - El Blog de la Obesidad 2801 a bottom wall of the inertial mass 2722. When positioned against the two orifices below, valve plate 2803 obstructs the orifices and thereby prevents the ingress of water into the vessel. 419. Supplemental weight 420 around the perimeter of the vessel’s 419 base promotes its descent following its rising in response to the upward acceleration of flotation module 401. Sliding uni-directional orifice 415 moves down when the inertial mass is being pulled upward by flotation module 401, thus preventing any influx of ambient water into the vessel’s interior 421, and thereby maximizing the immobility of the vessel 419 by preserving any partial vacuum that develops within 421 the vessel.

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PCT/US2017/051000 an estimate of the ambient available wave energy. 125 and/or state of the embodiment approximately characteristic of the embodiment’s passage through the wave trough, when the movement of the inertial mass is no longer constrained by connectors 161-162, i.e. FIG. 239 shows a perspective view of an embodiment of the current disclosure similar in some respects to the embodiment illustrated and discussed in relation to FIG.

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FIG. 123 is sectional perspective view of the embodiment of FIG. FIG. 102 shows a perspective view of an embodiment of the present disclosure. FIG. 182 shows a top-down view of an embodiment of the current disclosure. When connector portions 2211 and 2218 are relaxed, and not exerting an upward force on restoring weight 2203, restoring weight 2203 rests on the “ledge” 2208. Dolor ciatico lumbar . And, conversely, the maximum height to which restoring weight 2203 can be raised is limited by “stop” 2213 which is too large to pass through the channel in which spar 2209 slides.

3023 material. Within the throat, and/or narrowest point of channel constriction, a frusto-conical orifice in a partition wall, may be obstructed by an arrow-shaped plug 3030 that is able to move 3029 up and down through a limited distance spanning the orifice. In this embodiment, the inertial mass 3317 is composed of a bundle of laterally oriented pipes or tubes 3325. The mass of the water trapped within the pipes, and between the pipes, causes the bundle 3317 to resist vertical acceleration, while its positive net weight causes it to accelerate downward, and regain its nominal operational depth, ideally with significant downward momentum, after that portion of a wave- and/or power-cycle in which it is accelerated upward. 143, which is able to rotate about its longitudinal axis within a bearing 144. Each cable, e.g. This allows the drums 91-3 to rotate and no relative slipping to occur between their surfaces and flexible connector 92-4, even when relatively large forces are developed in flexible connector 92-4. PTO modules are implied to interface with one or more of drums 91-3, which would extract power by applying a countertorque via an electric motor, hydraulic pump, or other means.

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As mentioned previously, guiding pulleys 657 can be directional rectification pulleys, meaning that they are mounted on a hinged apparatus or a hanging apparatus that enables them to pivot or rotate to correct for fleet angle misalignments, in particular, pivoting or rotating about an axis approximately collinear with the path taken by flexible connector segment 656, i.e. 102-104 in that it utilizes a capstan composed of, and/or incorporating, two shafts 4602 and 4605 to control, and extract power from, the oscillations and/or translations of the flexible connector 4603 / 4606 that connects the inertial mass 4604 and the restoring weight 4607 through the power take-off assembly 4602, 4605, 4612-4615. However, it differs from that embodiment in that the separation flexible connector 4610 that is connected to, and from which are suspended, the embodiment’s five offset weights 4609 are statically attached and/or connected to the flotation module at 4616 (instead of to a controllable winch as in the embodiment illustrated in FIGs.

73-75, this embodiment utilizes four sets of interlinked and/or coaxial pulleys. FIG. 50 shows a cross sectional view of an embodiment of the current disclosure, namely an embodiment of an inertial wave energy converter of a simple type. In some embodiments, all vertical cross sections through the inertial mass (or through lateral center of the inertial mass) show a unimodal curved profile, i.e. As in many of the other inertial masses of this disclosure, inertial water trapping device 5201 is, on average (including all the water contained in the convex hull of minimum volume around it), negatively buoyant, but perhaps only slightly so. The attempts to recover useful energy from the motion of waves on a body of water are well documented.

When the system is in operation and power is being taken off from drums 913, the IM 91-11 will rise in the water column and as a result, more chain 91-5 will rest on the bottom of the IM 91-12. By actively controlling countertorque applied by PTO module 91-8 to drums 91-3, different operational depths, or operational depth ranges, above the passive “off’ configuration can be achieved and maintained. Ultrasonic sensor 4611, projected outward from the converter on an arm, is directed downward toward the ocean surface and measures the approximate distance between itself and the water level, providing the device’s control system with real-time readings of the approximate draft or waterline height of the device.

2223, or axle, that extends through a vertical wall of the PTO module, thus penetrating the walls that separate the interior of the PTO module from the water on which the buoy 1 floats. Second, there are now two depending connectors: depending connector 4-150a and depending connector 4-150b. There are also two apertures in the flotation module: aperture 4-115a and aperture 4-115b. (In another embodiment, bearing housing 4-125d is supported on a beam, strut, truss, and/or other projection, that spans the embodiment’s single aperture.) The pulleys/capstans are configured so that when depending connector 4-150a unwinds from pulley/capstan 4-125a, depending connector 4-150b winds up on pulley/capstan 4-125b, and vice versa. Pulley/capstan 1 -125 can have a spiral groove or grooves around its exterior, and/or other circumferential guiding projections, disposed and/or used so as to guide and constrain the winding of depending connector 1-150. Dolor parte alta de espalda . Here, a single long spiral groove is shown running from one end of the pulley/capstan (near 1-120) to the other (near 1-121). As pulley/capstan 1-125 rotates, the winding therearound of depending connector 1-150 is guided and limited by the spiral groove, so that adjacent winds of the depending connector do not touch each other.

One end of the connector 265 is connected to a submerged inertial mass which resists the wave-driven up-and-down motion of the flotation module 260. The other end of the connector 266 is connected to a restoring weight (i.e. 55. Variants with and without a restoring weight each have advantages and disadvantages. However, by contrast, when a wave imparts a sufficiently great downward acceleration to the embodiment, and a sufficiently great upward acceleration to the flotation module 131 and its connected weights 142-143, then, in an embodiment with a sufficiently light restoring weight 139, and/or a sufficiently small resistive torque imparted to pulley 132 by generator 133, e.g. At least a portion of downward vertical forces transmitted to pulley 216, which is operably-connected to generator 217. Pulley 216 is positioned inside enclosure 192 and is driven by torque imparted to it by connectors 199 and 200 through central aperture 197 and aperture 219 inside beam 193). Downward forces imparted to pulley 216 are therethrough communicated to beam 193, which transmits and/or communicates at least a portion of those forces to a pair of underlying beams, e.g.

By using a generator or power-take-off system (such as a hydraulic power take off system that increases a pressure in a fluid to impel said fluid against a hydrokinetic turbine coupled to a generator) to impose the oppositional torque to each roller, and especially to impose a changing and/or variable degree and/or magnitude of oppositional torque to each roller so that the amount of resistive roller torque remains proportional to, and, at most, only slightly less than, the amount of pulling torque imparted to each roller by the inertial mass, copious amounts of electrical power may be generated. This figure illustrates how, when being lifted 422 by a wave, an increase in the relative torque, and/or the relative resistance of the pulley to the lengthening of cable segment 424, can impart a torque 429 to the buoy about its center of mass and preserve the alignment of its inertial mass alignment axis with respect to the inertial mass.

However, in this embodiment, the torque on each pulley is regulated and/or controlled so as to continuously “point” the buoy’s inertial mass alignment axis toward the center of the inertial mass 406. As a result, in most circumstances, the lengths of cable segments 402 and 403 will remain equal, i.e. Dolor a la flexion de rodilla . Attached to, mounted on, and/or incorporated within, the buoy 130 is a plurality of power take-offs (PTOs), e.g. However, when the buoy 323 and 321 has been moved laterally away from its nominal position over the inertial mass 324, the center of the inertial mass is no longer located on, and/or coaxial with, the buoy’s inertial mass alignment axis. The rotation of each crank axle results in the oscillation of a respective, and rotatably connected, driving rod, e.g. The other end of each driving rod is rotatably or hingably connected to one end of a “connecting rod,” e.g. 14, of each ribbon is connected to a negatively-buoyant structure 10, i.e.

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3, each strand of each ribbon cable is wound about its respective roller approximately 540 degrees (i.e. Each strand of each ribbon cable in an embodiment of the present disclosure may be wound around its respective roller by any number of turns. 809, and/or drum. Any turn 812 of the drum 809 either pays out or pays in the associated pair of cables by the same length. The lighter grey regions, e.g. 553-554, are wound about a roller 552. One end, e.g. FIG. 7 is a side view of an embodiment similar to the one illustrated and discussed in relation to FIGs. In this view, the embodiment has entered an “inactive mode” wherein the inertial mass has descended to a maximum separation from the flotation module.