La aspirina sirve para el dolor muscular

Noticias de Salud - Edición Impresa 13-07-2004 - EL PAÍS The one or more planes may be affixed to any suitable location on the displacement vessel, such as the side panels of the displacement vessel, for example. FIG. 11E shows a side view of a displacement vessel, according to the aspect described with respect to FIG. Additionally, an array of turbines having one of the previously described constructions may be used in place of the displacement vessel. FIGS. 14A and 14B show a rendering of a displacement vessel having a drag panel with an alternate surface shape. FIG. 11A shows an isometric front view of a displacement vessel 1102 that is adapted to be rotatable and has an alternate surface shape, as indicated above and as further explained below. FIG. 1D shows an enlarged view of an alternative directional converter 109 having a rack 117 a and pinion 117 b mechanism.