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Sea Waves (Slow Motion) - Free Stock Video - Offshore tidal barrages seek to concentrate the incident energy of a large cross-section of water flow by trapping the tidal inflow on a rising tide behind a containing wall and funnelling it out again through turbines of much smaller cross-sectional area, as in a conventional dam. Furthermore, unlike tidal or wind energy, fluid motion is not continuous in direction, with waves rising and falling over a short time period. 3. Box 3.1 of the diagram references a prime mover which can be any apparatus for capturing energy from an energy source, for example, a wind mill. The float can be any shape.

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The opportunity to transmit “raw power” via air means that the electronic components for controlling the process can be housed in a safe and clean environment. Power transmission over short or medium distances is efficient using air, so such air transmission can be used to connect a number of local WECWAC devices, and even to transmit the energy to where the power grid is located.

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The electrical power is thus generated offshore and conducted by cable to a power grid on shore. A suitable transformer is used to match the local grid voltage. In a preferred embodiment, however, the prime mover comprises a wave energy converter with air compression (WECWAC) such as the device described herein or as disclosed in U.S.

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In which the apparatus comprises an array of vertical pipes 200 have a tapered downstream side 202 and a flow passage 204 having holes 206 positioned along its length. Figures 6-11 show examples of profiles of the pipes that can be used for forming the apparatus for use in unidirectional flows.

Still another aspect of the invention is shown in FIG. The cool air can then be used to cool the generator and auxiliaries, but could also be used for air conditioning or another industrial process requiring cold air (freezing/drying). Air passes into the turbine (2.10) and expands into a turbine tank (2.11). After passing through a lightly-loaded non-return valve, air is then expelled back to atmosphere (2.12). In another embodiment of the system (not shown), the turbine is stored remotely, for example, on an adjacent floating platform. The compressed air then travels up through the hollow piston rod and into different sections of the hollow float (2.7, 2.8 & 2.9). The float can be divided into separate sections as required, depending on the manufacturing method used.

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The WECWAC includes two floating bodies interconnected through a power take off (PTO) system. A wave energy converter with air compression (WECWAC) embodying the invention includes a novel power take off (PTO) system. This would make the reliability and predictability of the output significantly better; underground storage via compressed air has been considered as an alternative to pumped-storage for “storage” of electricity. 1A, for a normally anticipated wave condition, the cylinder can be considered to be relatively still while the piston is driven up and down by the float to alternatively compress air in the upper and lower chambers on its up and down strokes. Also, as previously mentioned, pipeline for interconnection and transmission is readily available and relatively inexpensive. The WECWAC includes a float 1.1 and a central spar 1.10. Mounted above the central spar 1.10 is a cylinder body 1.5 and attached to the bottom of the central spar 1.10 is a heave plate 1.7. Hinchazon abdominal y dolor de espalda . The float 1.1 defines a first floating body which is designed to move in phase with the waves.

When the heave plate moves through still water, it creates a lot of drag and entrains a large mass of water. In order to minimise edge losses in such an arrangement, a surface 184 can be attached to the free end of the apparatus extending at right angles upstream of the apparatus 180. The surface 184 can help direct water through the pipes 186 and minimise flow around the edge. By positioning management vanes across the pipes depression of the free surface can be inhibited. Each chamber 172 is positioned to correspond with a horizontal pipe 160 extending from the vertical manifold 164. The number of chambers required will depend on the variation in water level that the pipes are exposed to. 1. Air enters from the atmosphere 2.1 and passes through a water separator 2.2. Air is then ducted into the upper and lower chamber of a cylinder (2.4 a & 2.4 b) through one-way valves (2.3 a & 2.3 b).

BACKGROUND This invention relates to wave energy converters (WECs) for converting energy contained in surface waves on bodies of water into useful energy, e.g., to eventually generate electric power, and to a means for combining the outputs of a plurality of WECs and transmitting the combined output in a practical and efficient manner.

No. 4,012,173 to Everson, Jr., shows the use of a variable stroke compressor powered by waves.

Furthermore, the compressed air from a plurality of individual WECWACs is combined for transmission through a smooth pipe, for low loss power transmission, to an electrical generator. Puntos de acupuntura para dolor de espalda . Once compressed, air then enters the hollow piston through exhaust valves (2.5 a & 2.5 b in FIG. According to an aspect of the invention, the float is made with hollow sections for receiving and processing compressed air. FIG. 4 shows an arrangement according to the invention including a number of WECWACs floating on the body of water with each WECWAC creating compressed air as previously described. No. 4,012,173 to Everson, Jr., shows the use of a variable stroke compressor powered by waves. FIG. 4 herein shows a network of WECWACs (e.g., 110) which includes a cylinder mounted for movement, in response to passing waves, relative to a stationary support. Due to the irregular nature of ocean waves, an effective air-pumping buoy must be able to vary its compression stroke.

In FIG. 5, the turbo-expander generator and power conditioning units are disposed offshore either on a “mother” buoy or on an off-shore platform. The cost of each buoy will also be significantly reduced. However, there is no system known to us which can satisfy the requirements of efficient energy conversion, long life and low cost. These benefits will all combine to enable a significant reduction in overall cost of power generation.

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The hydrodynamic efficiency of the power offtake turbines can affect the overall performance of the apparatus. It is generally known that the conversion efficiency of turbine-generators increases with size. In accordance with this invention, the relative movements of the WEC parts are used to drive a gas compressor (Box 3.2, FIG. Electricity is produced (Box 3.5, FIG. Que ejercicios puedo hacer para el dolor de espalda . FIG. 2 is a diagram of the pneumatic system shown in FIG. FIGS. 3, 4 and 5 are schematic diagrams illustrating various systems making use of the present invention. Materials can include mild steel, stainless steel, glass reinforced plastic, polycarbonate, concrete and/or plywood on various different real. This ‘farm’ of WECWACs can power a large central turbo-generator.

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In a preferred embodiment, the float is toroidal with a central opening shaped to allow it to move up and down relative to the centrally located spar. The other floating body is a central ‘spar’ located within the float. In figure 28 the apparatus 180 is installed substantially across the full width of the water 182, with a gap 198 part-way across in which an inlet comprising a turbine 196 is located. The apparatus can further comprise horizontal flow management vanes arranged horizontally across the elements. The SMEC apparatus can be installed to span an entire body of water, i.e. The modules can be installed to be moveable within the body of water. In so far as is known, these and other prior art systems have not been manufactured or commercialized due to the impracticality of building and operating such devices. Such systems are often mechanically complicated and to work effectively are tuned to resonate at a frequency at which the energy density of the ambient wave spectrum is expected to peak.