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FLAP DEPTH CONTROL FOR HYDROFOIL CRAFT Filed Sept. It is a principal object of the present invention to provide a hydrofoil depth control arrangement which will operate automatically to maintain the submergence of the main foil at the desired or design level, and such that accidental or fortuitous deviation from this level will be automatically corrected. For optimum operation, however, it is necessary to provide for maintaining the depth of submergence of the hydrofoil itself at the proper value, and various means for accomplishing this result have been proposed. In accordance with the pr sent invention, means are provided for correlating the movements of the flaps 18 and the ailerons 22. Thus, and as has been intimated, matters are so arranged that flaps 18 are slightly outwardly deflected when the foil 14 is at normal submergence, and hence during forward motion they will be subject to a torque about their vertical axes.

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11. In a hydrofoil craft comprising a hull and at least one hydrofoil suspended from said hull, independent sets of lift-control elements mounted at spaced apart portions of said hydrofoil, each set comprising a surface-piercing hydrodynamic member and an aileron connected thereto for rotation in accordance with the moment of said hydrodynamic member, each said hydrodynamic member having their chord lines angularly deflected from the forward direction of said craft during operation at a predetermined design value of submergence, whereby differences in submersion of different parts of said hydrofoil are independently compensated by said sets of elements. 3. A hydrofoil craft comprising a hull, at least one hydrofoil, at least one hydrodynamic strut connecting said hull and said hydrofoil, ailerons adjustably mounted at opposite ends of said hydrofoil, a hydrodynamic member carried by said strut in position to pierce the surface of the Water during operation of said craft, said vertical member having its chord line angularly deflected from the forward direction of said craft during operation at a predetermined design value of submergence, and connections between said hydrodynamic member and said ailerons to adjust the deflections of said ailerons in accordance with the torque exerted upon said hydrodynamic member.

5. A hydrofoil craft as claimed in claim 3 and wherein said hydrodynamic member has its chord line deflected inwardly from the forward direction of said craft. 1. A hydrofoil craft comprising a hull, at least one hydrofoil connected thereto, an aileron adjustably mounted on said hydrofoil, a movably mounted hydrodynamic member carried by said craft in position to pierce the surface of the water during operation of the craft, said member having its chord line angularly deflected from the forward direction of said craft during operation at a predetermined design value of submergence and means interconnecting said hydrodynamic member and said aileron for adjusting the angle of attack of said aileron responsive to torque on and movement of said hydrodynamic member to control the submergence of said main hydrofoil.

A similar analysis shows that a decrease in submergence with respect to the design point will reduce aileron deflection (line 0) and also restore the correct submergence. The horizontal dash line represents the aileron torque, which will be independent of aileron deflection if the ailerons are pivoted on their aerodynamic centers, which is here presumed merely in order to clarify the explanation.

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It was also stated that for simplicity of the disclosure, the ailerons were considered as pivoted in their aerodynamic centers; however, as a practical matter, these also could be pivoted forward of the aerodynamic center, so that fail-safe operation of the ailerons as well will be achieved. 2, each flap has a vertical axle or shaft 24, and is connected with its corresponding aileron 22 so that rotation of either flap will also rotate the correspond ing aileron independently of the other. It has been stated above that the normal (design) position of the flaps 18 is slightly outwardly of the foreand-aft axes of the corresponding struts 12; this is indicated in Fig. For example, and as shown, the connection may comprise bevel gears 26 and 23 on the shafts of the flaps and ailerons respectively, and this connection is arranged so that an increase in flap deflection produces a decrease in the deflection f the corresponding aileron.

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Also, the ailerons on the main foil are arranged to be not deflected at all or else slightly deflected downward at the design point, and connections are provided between the flaps and their respective corresponding ailerons so that an increase of flap deflection will correspond to a decrease in the downward deflection of each aileron. 8. Dolor de espalda remedios caseros . A hydrofoil craft in accordance with claim 6, in which said hydrodynamic members constitute movable sections of their respective struts. 10. A hydrofoil craft in accordance with claim 6, in which said connections comprise means for increasing the deflection of each aileron in response to an increase in the torque developed by its corresponding hydrodynamic member and the resultant rotation thereof. From the diagram, and considering first the case in which the actual submergence is equal to the design submergence, it will be seen that a stable equilibrium is achieved when the flap moment equals the aileron moment (these two elements being coupled for opposite deflectional changes), or when the flap moment line a intersects the horizontal aileron moment line; that is, at point P. The value of strut-flap deflection corresponding to this condition is indicated at point P. If, instantaneously, the flap deflection should too small (for instance), and hence the aileron deflection too large, as compared with equilibrium, the aileron moment will exceed the flap moment, and will accelerate the system in such a direction that the aileron deflection will be reduced until equilibrium is again reached.

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The flaps themselves should be fairly large, and hence lightly loaded, in order to avoid spray where they pierce the surface. The flaps 18 and ailerons 22 in the embodiment of Figs. 1 and 2 have been described respectively as movable sections of the main struts and foil; however, it is clear that either the flaps or the ailerons, or both, could equally well be independent foils.

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A further object of the invention is to provide a craft of this type with a plurality of sets of related vertical flaps and ailerons, so disposed that a degree of automatic levelling of the craft is obtained, e. The vertical heights of the vertical flaps are such that, with the craft in a normal state of submergence of the main foil, the flaps cut the surface of the water, and matters are arranged so that, when the instantaneous submergence of the craft is that for which the foil system is designed (which condition may be called briefly the design point), the vertical fiaps are slightly deflected outwardly from the straight position. This invention pertains to hydrofoil craft, and more particularly to improvements in the mechanism for achieving proper depth control (submergence) of the hydrofoil. While, for purposes of the present disclosure, the connected flaps and ailerons have been treated as the sole means for control of submergence, supplemental manual or automatic control could also be utilized in conjunction therewith.