The Fact For Vertical Members 130A

1 corresponding to reference numerals 14A and 14B in the other drawings where this type of turbine unit is shown. 11 of twin turbine engines 143 in which each plate 46, 48 is formed of a full plate connected, in the present example, to stem 72 and to tail vane 80 and comprising bearings 50A, 50B receiving rotation shafts 14A, 14B of turbine units 12A, 12B. Such an embodiment enables to fully prevent the interactions between two adjacent turbine units of a same turbine column. Therefore, each of twin turbine engines 96 may operate identically for opposite currents keeping a substantially constant direction (such is the case, for example, for tidal currents). FIG. 10 is a perspective detail view of an embodiment of twin towers for which the interval between hubs 3 of two adjacent turbine units of a same turbine column 53A is decreased with respect to what is shown in FIG.

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Dolor de oído - Doterra, Aceites esenciales usos, Aceites.. Instead of two slots 100, a higher even number of slots 100 may be envisaged. As an example, the turbine engines according to the present invention may be used to actuate a pumping system or a hydrogen generation system, etc. The present invention aims at a symmetrical tower pair formed of a stacking of symmetrical turbine engine pairs. The assembly formed of the stacking of several turbine engine pairs, the turbine units of the turbine engine pairs being interconnected to form two turbine columns, is called a tower pair. A good distribution of the twin towers of the flotilla enables to optimize the power recovered at the level of each symmetrical tower pair. The fact for vertical members 90A, 90B to strongly draw away from each other downstream of turbine units 12A, 12B enables to increase the liquid cross-section seen by twin turbine engines 55. This configuration, like that of FIG.

An interval 173 is provided between rings 94 of turbine units 12B and the corresponding plate 48. It may be advantageous for the cross-section of such a ring 94 to be small so that its width only slightly exceeds the thickness of a blade 5. Ring 94 is than called a wire ring. As an example, in top view, turbine unit 12A rotates clockwise and turbine unit 12B rotates counterclockwise.

Further, as will be described hereafter, a device enabling to rotate the entire symmetrical turbine engine pair around an axis parallel to rotation axes DA and DB may be provided. A shaft portion 208 of axis E projects upwards from platform 202 and a shaft portion 210 of axis E′ projects downwards from platform 204. Remedios para dolor de rodilla . Shaft portion 210 may be assembled to freely rotate at the level of a lower container, not shown, fixed with respect to the ground.

Twin towers 196 comprise a lower platform 204, having the shape of a disk in the present embodiment, to which is attached the device for holding the twin turbine engines located at the base of the twin towers. Positioning device 198 comprises an upper platform 202 having the shape of a disk in the present embodiment, to which is attached the device for holding twin turbine engines located at the top of the twin towers. In the present example, turbine units 12A and 12B are distributed symmetrically with respect to plane P1. The tapered shape of stem 72 especially enables to avoid the accumulation of debris against it. Further, the shape of stem 72 enables to prevent the flow separation at the level of stem 72. Moreover, body 74 provides a protection of turbine units 12A, 12B at the level of plane P1.

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Each downstream anti-debris device 118A, 118B comprises parallel rods 120 extending downstream of a turbine unit 12A, 12B, one end of each rod being attached to tail vane 80 and its opposite end being attached to a vertical member 122A, 122B, vertical members 122A, 122B being attached to plates 46, 48. Downstream anti-debris devices 118A, 118B enable to avoid for debrises to reach turbine units 12A, 12B from downstream, in particular in the case of light currents. They form through slots 100 from each turbine unit 12A, 12B and all the way to the rear edges of slots 100. There should preferably be no slot in front of the turbine unit areas where the systems for connecting the blades to the turbine unit rotation shaft are located, to avoid for cross-flows to increase the drag force on such connection systems. For this reason, the rotation direction of turbine units 12A, 12B may be inverted with respect to what is shown in FIG.

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Lateral vertical members 90A, 90B then do not mask turbine units 12A, 12B. The width cleared by the internal profile of vertical member 90A, 90B then abruptly decreases as it is drawn closer to turbine unit 12A, 12B, along the internal flow direction, close to which it keeps a constant value, after which, downstream of turbine unit 12A, 12B, the width gradually increases to form a sort of divergent section. Vertical members 22 and 24 are respectively arranged upstream and downstream of plane P2 with respect to the flow direction. Electric generators 220A, 220B and 224 may further provide a braking torque, which counters the rotation of turbine columns 53A, 53B, of determined amplitude according to the liquid flow reaching the cross-flow turbine units. Although the sites that could be used to provide electric power from sea or river currents generally correspond to low current velocities, from 0.5 m/s to 6 m/s, the size of the sites and the large number of potential sites make such a source of energy particularly attractive.