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An air conduit 268 extends through the bottom 246 into the cylindrical space 258, the air conduit 268 selectively openable and closeable with a valve 270, such that any air trapped inside the cylindrical space 258 may be vented via opening the valve 270, as will be described below. The inner riser 108 may be in gas and/or liquid communication with the outer riser 110 via at least one air vent 162, for example, or by any other suitable means known in the art. The size of the pod 106 may vary dependent upon the output needs of the apparatus 100. The volume or air injected into the pod 106 and the structural integrity of the pod 106 are matched to the safety parameters of the pressure involved with each apparatus 100. The pod 106 is internally pressurized to neutralize the possibility of implosions, such as by injecting a pressurized fluid into the closed chamber 142 via a valve 144, for example.

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The displacement chamber 140 attached to the floor may be used in a two-stage apparatus 100 (having two units 101), and both arrangements could be used simultaneously in a four-stage apparatus 100 to cycle each unit 101 in two stages and double the stroke length. The outer riser 238 is at least partially disposed into the first annular space 254, and is sized such that the outer riser 238 sets or rests on the inner riser 236 when the outer riser 238 is fully submerged into the outer tank 230. The outer riser 238 is connected to the hydraulic capture assembly 240, such that the hydraulic capture assembly 240 generates a volume of pressurized hydraulic fluid and stores such pressurized hydraulic fluid into a hydraulic accumulator (not shown). The pre-charge process results in alternating air and liquid columns (or head) being disposed within the annular gaps separating the pod 106 and the inner ringwall 122, the inner ringwall 122 and the inner riser 108, the inner riser 108 and the outer ringwall 120, the outer ringwall 120 and the outer riser 110, and the outer riser 110 and the tank wall 118. This functions to create alternating positive buoyancy and negative buoyancy.

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The air is continuously injected throughout the pre-charge process. The motion of the differential air mass exchanger 102 is regulated through the use of flow controls on the hydraulic assist 218, such as the hydraulic shut-off valve 214 (FIG. 4A-5C, the pod 106 is substantially cylindrical in shape, has a closed top end 134, a closed bottom end 136, and cylindrical wall 138 extending at least partially below the closed bottom end 136 to define a substantially cylindrical displacement chamber 140. The closed top end 134, the closed bottom end 136, and the substantially cylindrical wall 138 of the pod 106 cooperate to define a closed chamber 142, which closed chamber 142 is filled with a gas, and is sealed and pressurized, in order to prevent the closed chamber 142 from collapsing due to the external pressure of the liquid 114. The closed chamber 142 defines a cylindrical recess 146 adapted to receive the air conduit 130 therein as will be described below.

The cost of the stroke with the displacement chamber 140 attached to the pod 106 is the loss of about three feet of differential pressure. Once the pod 106 is completely submerged, the inner riser 108 is inserted into the outer tank 104 with its open lower end first. The outer riser 110a may be implemented similarly to the outer riser 110, for example.

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The outer tank 104 has at least two cylindrical ringwalls extending substantially vertically from the bottom 116 thereof – an outer ringwall 120 and an inner ringwall 122. The outer ringwall 120 and the inner ringwall 122 are extending substantially perpendicularly from the bottom 116 of the outer tank 104, and are substantially parallel to one another. Remedio casero para el dolor de la rodilla . 6, the inner riser 108 is substantially cylindrical in shape and has an open lower end 150, a closed upper end 152, a cylindrical wall 154, and defines a cylindrical space 156. The closed upper end 152 of the inner riser 108 may be hereinafter referred to as riser surface area.

A centering cone may be welded with a mating convex cone on each successive riser cap; this allows the risers to separate as needed but aligns them when mating/lift occurs. Full force is maintained for the duration of the stroke allowing the stroke cycle to create a condition with only a slight loss in lift when the rate of rise and input is matched. As in a 12 foot liquid column (or head) will result in 5.2 lbs x the surface of the inner riser 108 or outer riser 110, and additional layer will increase the inner head to 10.4 but the consumable force within the inner will remain 5.2 lbs times the inner surface, because the next layer will have a opposite force of 5.2 lbs and then the second riser will benefit from the 5.2 lbs, which translates into multiplied lift.

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The hydraulic assist 218 is attached to the actuator bar 220 and is capable of selectively applying force to the actuator bar 220, such that the hydraulic assist 218 may assist the movement the cylinders 216 between the first position and the second position. The outer tank 104 is made from steel or other non-corrosive material of sufficient strength and durability, for example. The liquid 114 contained inside the outer tank 104 may be any liquid 114, such as tap water, distilled water, seawater, lake water, mineral oil, motor oil, and combinations thereof, and may comprise any number of chemical additives such as salts and/or pH buffers, depending on the environmental variables at the outer tank 104 location, and the material of choice for the outer tank 104 and the apparatus 100. In a non-limiting example, the liquid 114 used in an outer tank 104 facing extremely low temperatures may comprise ethylene glycol, water and ethylene glycol in various proportions, or other anti-freezing agents, in order to protect the liquid 114 from freezing.