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PCT/US2017/051000 the rotation of the shaft 1-122. In different circumstances, it can be useful to use the brake in addition to, or in lieu of, the generator, to apply a stopping force (i.e. PCT/US2017/051000 any “resistive” torque imparted to a roller that is less than the torque imparted to it by the inertial mass will allow the roller to turn, and allow the ribbon cable connecting that roller to the inertial mass to actuate the roller.

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2522, is a constricted tube with an upper mouth 2520 and a flexible flap, e.g. 233, is rotated in response to a movement of its respective ribbon cable 221/216, a respective and connected crankshaft turns a respective set of driving and piston rods, housed in enclosures, e.g. This allows the traction-winch rollers to spin in their reverse directions without engaging their respective crankshafts, and without causing the hydraulic cylinders to be pumped.

Narrowing bevels, e.g. 8 and 9, allow the PTO module 6 and 7 to be fully supported within the buoy without the need for, or with a comparatively small number or size of, additional fasteners. Depending on the amount of countertorque imparted to the pulley/capstan 1-125 by the generator, the inertial mass 1-140 can also in due course be accelerated upward and can eventually develop a significant upward momentum (even if, e.g. Indeed, a great part of the device’s power is typically generated while the inertial mass has a downward momentum (relative to the surface of the earth). Because the generator can exert a countertorque and/or resistance to the turning of the pulley/capstan (and must exert such a countertorque, if the device is to generate power), at least some of the buoyant force acting on the flotation module 2B105 can be transmitted through the depending connector to the inertial mass 2B-140 (and must be so transmitted, if the device is to generate power).

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Tienes sensibilidad y dolor en los pechos, cómo podemos.. Shaft 2410 is rotatably connected to generator 2405, and the turning of gear 2409 and shaft 2410 causes the generator 2405 to generate electrical power. They help to counter the radial and outward forces exerted on the buoy by the PTO module 6A-6B, and 7, at its center, or, put another way, they apply a compressive force to the concrete that works to preemptively offset the concrete being brought into tension (in which mode it would have a tendency to crack). When the average depths of the float 2711 and inertial mass 2713 are decreased, more offset weights, e.g., 2719, indirectly increase the effective net weight of the inertial mass.

200), the average separation distance between the buoy and the inertial mass (i.e., during interval 200) is about 50 meters. Flotation module 1-105 can have an average density of 150 kilograms per cubic meter. When the crest of a wave is receding, the dynamics can reverse. In the configuration of embodiment 4200 illustrated in FIG. FIG. Dolor de rodilla por acido urico . 129 illustrates a potential disadvantage of connecting a buoy to a submerged inertial mass by a pair of laterally separated vertical cables. 567, is supported by a pair of underlying beams, e.g. 175. Pocket 1306 is filled with a gas (e.g. 189 has one or more generators positioned within chamber 1609 which is attached to flotation module 1601 by connectors 1604-1605. In one embodiment, chamber 1609 is filled with a gas, e.g. The shortening of flexible connector portions 2218 and 2211 requires the passage of flexible connector from portion 2211 to portion 2218, which turns pulley 2214, and raises spar 2209 (which is connected to and/or a portion of restoring mass 2203) to which pulley 2214 is operatively connected.