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The insulated exhaust conduit 110 terminates at the surface of the earth and is covered and protected with a domed shaped structure 120 similar to the air induction chamber described above. Indeed, various modifications of the described modes for carrying out the invention which are obvious to those skilled in the art are intended to be within the scope of the following claims. Daly discloses a process for producing energy from introducing water down a borehole having a depth of at least 20,000 feet; providing a casing in the borehole of a certain diameter; introducing an internal pipe within the casing of a diameter less than the casing to define an annulus there between; providing a means to introduce quantities of water down the inner pipe at predetermined levels; providing an air turbine at the upper portion of the inner pipe so that when the water is introduced down the inner pipe a vacuum is established above the water flowing down the pipe, and air is sucked into the inner pipe through the blades of the air turbine to run the turbine; and allowing the water to turn to steam at the lower end of the inner pipe and returning the steam up the annulus between the inner pipe and the casing to the upper end of the casing and exiting the system.

Because of the differential between the atmospheric and internal mine temperatures, the mass of air that will be inducted into the geothermal power system will be substantial and will produce significant kinetic energy that can be converted into electrical power. The water will fall because of gravity and will be collected in a second reservoir that will be sent down the mountain, through a pipe, to generate additional electrical power with a turbine. The air rises because of the difference in temperature and pressure between the base and the top of the chimney.

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The tangential air entries around the base of the tornado chamber will receive the air supply from the conduit 80 located within the cavern. In addition, the temperatures within the mine caverns are high. 2. Conduit 80 thereby acting as a heat exchanger between the induced air flow and the geothermal temperature within the cavern.

The shaft is provided with an insulated intake conduit fluidly connected to the air induction chamber so as to keep the air cold as is descends into the earth until it reaches an existing horizontal shaft or underground cavern. It being well recognized that cold air naturally descends and warm air rises. The substantially vertical intake shaft 2 and the insulated intake conduit mounted therein can descend many hundreds of feet into the cavern 3 where the cold air will be warmed and processed. The cavern may also have connecting horizontal tunnels 7 previously dug and used to haul out ore deposits. Physical safety hazards, which can lead to human injury or death, may include concealed shafts or pits, unsafe structures, and explosives. In some instances multiple caverns may be used where the air will be heated and processed. Once the desired ore deposits were found-gold, silver, copper, coal other minerals, or even diamonds-great caverns were excavated and the raw materials were extracted from the earth.

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The use of the solar energy will be used to dissipate the heat from the intake and further cool the atmospheric air as it is introduced into the chamber. 2. An example of a vortex engine which could be used in the geothermal power system of the instant invention is disclosed as an atmospheric vortex engine in U.S.

The physical characteristics of the Smuggler Mine are ideal for implementation of the geothermal power system of the instant invention. 1 of the drawings which contains an illustration of the Smuggler Mine located in Aspen, Colo. The Smuggler Mine stopped commercial mining activities many years ago. The ore was hauled to the surface and processed, usually contaminating the water and scarring the surrounding lands. Air movement is obtained by use of a basin of water covered by a solar energy transmitting dome spaced a distance over the basin.

One possibility might be to create a large green house on the mine site property which is warmed by the sun and the exhausted air. One skilled in the art will readily appreciate that the present invention is well adapted to carry out the objectives and obtain the ends and advantages mentioned, as well as those inherent therein.

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Green house gases as well as global warming are also of critical importance when considering the impact of new power production and electrical power generation facilities. A que se debe el dolor de rodilla . They serve no useful purpose and in fact pose a threat to the safety and well being for those who unwittingly approach the area of an abandoned mine.