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Esta rutina diaria de 15 minutos te ayudará a deshacerte.. Each “ribbon cable,” e.g. In some hydraulic embodiments, each of the pulley/crankshaft assemblies is associated with its own hydraulic motor or turbine, and with its own electrical generator, so that there are multiple hydraulic motors/turbines, and multiple electrical generators. 151, which, in turn, causes the oscillation of a respective, and rotatably connected, hydraulic piston rod, which pressurizes hydraulic fluid within the hydraulic cylinders, e.g. This allows the drums 91-3 to rotate and no relative slipping to occur between their surfaces and flexible connector 92-4, even when relatively large forces are developed in flexible connector 92-4. PTO modules are implied to interface with one or more of drums 91-3, which would extract power by applying a countertorque via an electric motor, hydraulic pump, or other means. Additional flexible connectors 17-7 are attached to the bottom of confluence 17-6. Additional flexible connectors 17-7 radiate from confluence point 17-6 and support inertial mass (“IM”) 17-8. They can interface to IM 17-8 by directly attaching, forming a net to surround it, or by other means.

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113 by connectors 114-115. Joint 113 is operatively connected, via flexible connector 107, to gear 106 which rotates, in response to changes in the depth of the vessel 117 relative to flotation module 101, so as to lengthen flexible connector portion 107 and correspondingly shorten flexible connector portion 108, to which restoring mass 110 (i.e.

130 of a body of water in the absence of waves, inertial mass, due to its buoyancy and/or the upward pull of connector segment 135 resulting from the gravitational force imparted to it by weight 139, will rise until prevented stopped by connectors 140-141. The combined weight of weights 142-143 is sufficient to counter the tendency of inertial mass 138 to rise. Power is developed and made available for extraction when wave-induced changes in the surface water level (i.e., wave “heave”) contribute to the buoyant vertical acceleration of the flotation module, e.g., driving it upward and away from the submerged and less-easily accelerated inertial mass. However, when accelerated upward by an attached flotation module, the shroud expands and/or deploys thus generating sufficient upward drag so as to inhibit the upward movement of the connected flotation module.

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279 will tend to continue moving downward and will not manifest the same degree of upward acceleration. FIG. 40 shows a graph in which the line 200 illustrates the changes in the average separation distance between the flotation module (i.e., buoy) and the inertial mass of an embodiment (i.e., device) of the present disclosure that might be manifested by the device as the time average amount of upward force, and/or the average impulse, being imparted to the inertial mass by the buoy through the flexible connector connecting the two is altered through an alteration of the resistive torque applied to the pulley(s) over which the flexible connector travels. Two of the lambda-shaped voids, e.g. The flotation module has approximately flat upper 262 and lower 264 surfaces, and an approximately circular lateral shape with approximately straight vertical sides 263. A power take-off assembly 270 at the top of the flotation module 260 contains two pulleys 268 and 269. A connector 265 passes up from below the flotation module through an aperture to pass over pulley 268, after which it 267 travels horizontally to pass over pulley 269, after which it 266 then travels down through the aperture to a position below the module.

11 tipos de dolores de cabeza: Causas y tratamiento 3D-printing process. Dolor muscular pierna derecha . This process has resulted in the creation of a cementitious buoy 1 that contains approximately spherical voids, e.g. 138 the ribbon cable that joins them together. ’s orientation changes from its nominal horizontal orientation 1302 to a tilted one 1300. This tilting lowers one cable connection point 1308, thus decreasing the distance by which it is separated from its complementary connection point 1309 on the inertial mass. Ultrasonic sensor 4611, projected outward from the converter on an arm, is directed downward toward the ocean surface and measures the approximate distance between itself and the water level, providing the device’s control system with real-time readings of the approximate draft or waterline height of the device.

Tratamiento para el dolor de cabeza o cefalea -canalSALUD The illustrated flotation module 320 floats adjacent to the surface 321 of a body of water. In other words, drag adds a minor contribution to the overall resistance provided by the inertial mass. In most embodiments, the magnitude of the drag force experienced by the inertial mass is a small fraction, ideally a negligible fraction, of the tension in the flexible connector between the inertial mass and flotation module. 324B, provides tension throughout the flotation module normal to the first set of tensioning cables, and normal to the other pair of the flotation module’s opposing sides.