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Galeria Acupuntura - CEMEDH To enable rotation of the blade the blade may be mounted on the outer rim and/or the inner peripheral surface, which would then be mounted for rotational movement, e.g. Where the radius of the pair of conic helixes increase at greater or lesser rates to form a pair of non-parallel conic helixes, this has the effect of changing the rate at which the cross sectional areas at first and second arbitrary cross sections in the rotor increase. Viewed from a fourth aspect, the invention provides a rotor apparatus for extracting energy from bidirectional fluid flows, the rotor apparatus comprising a first rotor mounted 2 0 for rotation about an axis of rotation in a first direction of rotation, the first rotor having at least one helical blade with a pitch that decreases in a direction along the axis of rotation; and a second rotor mounted for rotation about the same axis of rotation in an opposite direction of rotation and having at least one helical blade with a pitch that increases in the same direction along the axis of rotation, wherein fluid exiting the first rotor is passed to the second rotor.

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  5. FIGURE 6 illustrates some aspects of power conversion for a generator in one embodiment
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Soy intolerante a la lactosa ¿y ahora qué? - Libre de.. Viewed from a first aspect the invention provides a rotor comprising at least one blade arrange to rotate about an axis of rotation, the blade being formed by a surface extending between inner and outer conic helixes, the conic helixes each having a pitch that decreases as the radius of the helix increases. The steering and suspension system provides a certain self-adjusting capability with regards to changes in flow direction. The connection between generator and either rim can be made with simple gearing or using a runner wheel or some other means.

A sealing arrangement such as lip seals, labyrinth seals or some other type of sealing arrangement may also be in place to prevent the liquid flow from reaching the bearings or electrical components in the rotor housing. As a baseline, Figure 13 uses an arrangement with no change in diameter, i.e.

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This latter arrangement may give rise to greater losses but it could simplify manufacture of the rotor. The pipe could be installed within the waterways of a dam or a hydropower station or a tidal barrage. Rotors 7,8 in two housings 9 as shown in Figures 10 or 11 are installed on a tower structure that can be installed on the sea bed.

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Figure 10 shows an embodiment of a two-stage rotor apparatus that may function as a tidal turbine with a pair of counter-rotating rotors 7, 8 installed in a housing 9 along a common longitudinal axis 4. The housing 9 is shown in cross-section and the rotors 7, 8 are shown in partial cross-section.

The first stage rotor receives the approaching liquid fluid flow possessing a longitudinal component and extracts a proportion of the kinetic energy by converting it into rotational force or torque that causes the first stage rotor to rotate. The predetermined flow condition might for example be the average tidal flow at an intended installation site, and the desired torsional force may be matched with optimal input torque for the intended output device, which might be a generator or multiple generators. A decrease in torsional force is achieved by a slower rate of decrease of helical pitch and an increase in torsional force is achieved by a faster rate of decrease of helicalpitch. Alternatively, the inner conic helix radius may increase at a faster rate than the outer conic helix radius in order to increase hydrodynamic reaction forces and torsional forces.

Figures 7A and 7B show the opposite variant in which the helical pitch decreases at a greater rate resulting in a faster rate of increase of the helical frequency. Figures 3A and 3B show perspective views of the rotor of Figures 1 and 2 in which further detail of the shape of the blades 2 can be seen. The method may include providing features of the rotor and conic helixes as discussed above, including one or more of an outer rim, inner peripheral surface, shaft, starting position and length of conic helix, shape of conic helix, change of radius of conic helix, relative change of radius of inner and outer conic helixes, change of pitch of conic helix, number of blades, housing, generators, second rotor and so on.

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As the body of fluid flows through the specially shaped rotor and its complicated flow passages it is constantly forced to change direction due to the shape of the blades and the decreasing helical pitch from inlet to outlet which results in an increasing helical frequency, thereby resulting in a continuous rate of change of momentum. This creates multiple flow passages and also allows the rotor to be easily balanced. Preferably the inner and outer conic helix also extend for about the same axial length along the direction of the axis of rotation of the rotor. Alternatively, the inner peripheral surface may be arranged to act as the rotor with stationary parts along the axis of rotation of the rotor providing the stator. Dolor en el costado de la espalda . Conversely, a non-linear increase in the inner and outer radii r with the polar coordinate 0 would provide a different shape, for example the external and internal conic surfaces may be curved.

The invention relates to a rotor for extracting energy from a flowing liquid, for example a tidal flow. Fluid could still flow parallel to the longitudinal axis and head-on in the non-preferred direction but power extraction would not be optimal since much energy would be lost in initially aligning the oncoming fluid flow to the angled rotor blades. Hence, the two-stage rotor of this aspect enables energy to be extracted from flows in either direction along an axis without compromising the level of power production.

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Several generators may be placed around the periphery of a rotating outer rim in order to extract the maximum power and/or be placed in an internal central space of the rotor and extract power from the rotating inner rim. Several generators may be placed around the periphery of the rotating outer rim in order to extract the maximum power and/or be placed in the internal central space of the rotor and extract power from the rotating inner peripheral surface.

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Since the rotor in this case may be a rotor with rotating peripheral inner and outer rims, large surface areas are available for connection to multiple high-speed, low torque generators. In low tlow speed applications it is more efficient to have a large diameter rotor that is able to capture high levels of torque from the low speed fluid flow.

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The outlet of the rotor housing may also be deSigned to slow down the liquid flow in a controlled manner through the use of a divergent section or specially designed outlet geometry so that viscous and turbulence losses are minirnised and the fluid is gently returned to the main bulk of fluid flow with minimal disturbance. Fluid flow in either direction would be efficiently converted into rotational movement and, in accordance with the preferred embodiment of the rotor, converted into electrical power by generators. A suitable bidirectional liquid flow might also be generated due to the regular back and forth or up and down movement of a ship or automobile.