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Bailar con muletas 59. So long as the cable 204 and/or 205 is pulled from a direction that lies within the pulley’s plane of rotation 203, damage to the pulley and the cable are minimized. ’s interior to a gas-pumping, nitrogen-separating, and/or pressurized gas-dispensing, module positioned within flotation module 1601. In one embodiment, the generator is an underwater/marine generator. In some embodiments, the pulleys/capstans are disposed at a top central portion of the flotation module, so that the flexible connector passes through one or more apertures in the flotation module.

The embodiment has a power take-off (PTO) 569 and a central aperture 564 through which passes a flexible connector 570 and 571 that is operatively connected to the PTO. FIG. 25 shows a close-up side view of one of the pulley, traction winch, and PTO assemblies that characterizes the embodiments illustrated and discussed in relation to FIGs.

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FIG. 11 is a perspective top down view of the power-take-off assemblies of the 5 flotation module of FIG. Owing to the inertial mass’s resistance to rising, the distance between the flotation module and the inertial mass can increase as the flotation module rises. In some embodiments, the inertial mass has concrete walls. In some embodiments, a top surface of the flotation module has docking interfaces for functional modules that might contain arbitrary electrical equipment. PCT/US2017/051000 grapple for the flotation module to “pull against” during the latter’s buoyancy-induced ascent. Accordingly, in the absence of the restoring weight or some other mechanism for taking up “slack” in the depending connector between the inertial mass and the flotation module, there would be a possibility for “slack” to develop in said connector. 11) Inertial mass 279 is representative of an inertial mass that is buoyant, neutrally-buoyant, or negatively buoyant, and/or characterized by any degree of buoyancy.

Throughout this disclosure, depending on context, the term “inertial mass” can refer to an inertial mass taking into account any enclosed and/or confined water, or it can refer to an inertial mass without taking into account any enclosed and/or confined water. This embodiment can also use a motor 2702 to raise and lower the inertial mass, even in the absence of waves. In this embodiment there are two suspended weights 282 and 283. In other embodiments there can be a single suspended weight or more than two suspended weights. 324B, provides tension throughout the flotation module normal to the first set of tensioning cables, and normal to the other pair of the flotation module’s opposing sides. A buoy 100, flotation module, floating platform, and/or buoyant object, floats adjacent to the surface 101 of a body of water. A positively buoyant structure and/or buoy 100 floats adjacent to a surface 101 of a body of water.

129 illustrates a buoy 1290 at rest at the surface 1291 of a body of water.

A buoy 130 floats adjacent to the surface 131 of a body of water. Dolor de rodilla frontal . 2024, in the side walls of the upper 2026 half of the tube allow outside water to flow in to compensate for any reduction in pressure that develops during the vessel’s sinking. For instance, the power-take-off system can be configured to provide a countertorque whose magnitude is approximately proportional to the speed of shaft rotation (or the absolute value thereof). 138 for a different useful purpose. 129 are connected to that buoy. 129 illustrates a buoy 1290 at rest at the surface 1291 of a body of water. PCT/US2017/051000 contain and/or at least partially entrap a large mass of water. Subfigure 45A shows the converter in a configuration that it can assume when the water level 2A-100 is approximately at a temporal and spatial local minimum, i.e. A multi-grooved “grip pulley” 708 (i.e. 513, the buoy’s angular orientation rotates, i.e.

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31, to oscillate. However, in this embodiment, the connecting rods are only able to oscillate along their longitudinal axes, i.e. Power-take-off (“PTO”) modules 211 and 212 are attached to the central shafts of one or more of the drums 206-210 (in this example, both sides of drum 208). PTO modules 211 and 212 can consist of a generator, gearbox, hydraulic pump, or any number or combination of other power transfer mechanisms. Each strand of the multi-stranded cable 212 is wound around a pair of drums 213-214, pulleys, and/or rotating capstans, which increases the frictional binding between the cable and the drum. In some embodiments, this antenna exchanges digital data with a satellite through which the device can exchange data, programs, instructions, status information, and/or other digital values, with a remote computer and/or server. This would quickly contribute to the destruction of the device. Dolor intenso de cuello y hombro izquierdo . However, in this illustration, the buoy has only a single, center cable that, because it is near the buoy’s center of mass and center of rotation, would presumably be unable to achieve a moment arm and torque on the buoy sufficient to rotation the buoy so as to preserve the relative orientation of the inertial mass 361 along its inertial mass alignment axis.

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“inertial mass alignment axis” (or “vertical axis”) points toward the inertial mass (at least approximately). The plates need not be oriented exactly to the horizontal, but can be somewhat diagonal. The ribbon cables 215 and 216 are connected to the buoy by a respective pair of rollers (not visible) over and around which they travel. A first end of depending connector 1-150 attaches to inertial mass 1-140 at 1151 and ascends through aperture 1-115 and is operatively connected to pulley/capstan 1-125 at 1-152. Depending connector 1-150 can be made of steel cable, metal chain, synthetic rope, or any other flexible material with sufficient tensile strength. 11, that depend from the module, and the inertial mass 10 that depends from the cables.

2323, to which are anchored and/or connected post-tensioning cables. However, these lower ends of the two cables 1403-1404 in FIG. Generator 505-16 is contained within generator housing 505-17. Electricity produced by generator 505-16 passes through electrical conditioning equipment 505-18, which can condition, rectify, convert, step, and/or distribute the electricity as required. Dolor muscular generalizado sin causa aparente . Thus, through the appropriate control of the relative torques of pulleys 404 and 405, the angular orientation of buoy 400 within the vertical plane passing through those pulleys (e.g.

The upper layer of voids, e.g.

Within one end of buoy 210 is embedded a sealed and/or waterproof and/or water-tight “computational chamber and/or enclosure” 216. Computational chamber 216 is attached to an upper surface of buoy 210 by a flange 219. The walls, e.g. The end of each connecting rod, e.g. While the other end of each connecting rod, e.g. The upper layer of voids, e.g. FIG. 30 shows a top-down perspective of the same embodiment illustrated in FIG.

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89, the directional rectifying pulley 1002 is illustrated from a front perspective. 97-99, the embodiment illustrated in FIG. By contrast, the embodiment illustrated in FIG. FIG. 189 shows an illustration of an embodiment of the current disclosure similar to the embodiment illustrated and discussed in FIG. 97-99. Whereas the embodiment illustrated and discussed in relation to FIGs. FIG. 142 is a back view of the embodiment of FIG. 48T can be understood to immediately precede subfigure 45A, e.g., on the assumption that the device is in continual, repeating 2.5 meter waves on a 10 second period. FIG. 59 shows a perspective view of a pulley 200 that illustrates the pulling of the pulley’s associated cable 208 from a range 207 of directions confined to the pulley’s plane of rotation 203 turn 202 the pulley, and potentially impart rotational kinetic energy and/or torque to it, while minimizing damage to either the pulley or the cable.

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FIG. 229 shows a perspective view of a flotation module of an embodiment of the current disclosure. FIG. 101 shows a perspective view of an embodiment of the present disclosure. FIG. 85 is a diagram illustrating the motion of the embodiment of FIG. In some embodiments, when the separation distance between the inertial mass and flotation module risks becoming too small (e.g. Another includes an inertial mass that is substantially cubical.

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PCT/US2017/051000 else equal, the shallower the inertial mass is in the body of water, the smaller will be the appropriate magnitude of the countertorque, resistance, or stopping power developed, realized, and/or provided by the powertrain, so that the inertial mass can be gradually allowed to fall to an optimal or nominal depth range.