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C2 Two 360°ball joints rotation..-Clip-on Tuner-SWIFF.. Since the generator output power is the primary control variable and because water temperature or salinity, and hence water density may have changed during the depth change adjustment, along with other reasons previously discussed, it may be advantageous to use the generator power output as the primary feedback variable in the execution of the power control process. The methods disclosed in the present disclosure may achieve this result, for example, by employing a power control process that includes a depth change process to cause changes in operating depth, and hence free stream current speed, to facilitate continual operation of the device at the rated power (or a specified partial power setting) for extended periods of time when the rated speed is present somewhere in a vertical water column where the device is deployed. 1C, then sizing the rotor diameter accordingly to achieve the desired rated power output, and using the power control process, including the depth change process of the present disclosure, the hydrokinetic device may be operated at rated power, as depicted, for example, by point “1” in FIG.

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Thus, to return the hydrokinetic device 100 to the original free stream current speed, it may be necessary to increase the weight of the hydrokinetic device 100 and to decrease the lift, including the hydrodynamic down-force as necessary, so that the hydrokinetic device 100 may descend further to recapture the original free stream current speed and cease vertical movement at the deeper depth. 8), including the depth change process, may be invoked and the hydrokinetic device 100 may adjust its operating depth in response to the changing free stream current conditions with the aid of the wing and ballast tanks to continually track and recapture the rated power depth. Referring to FIG. 3A, the hydrokinetic device 100 is attached to an upstream mooring cable and operating in an average speed inverse velocity shear free stream current condition 305. In this case, the hydrokinetic device 100 is operating at its rated power at a position 300 at which the rated speed 301 occurs, for example, approximately 100 meters as shown in FIG.

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5, including, for example, a electrical grid status parameter 531, and other system sensed parameters 532. The system sensed parameters 530 may be received from, for example, the station, which may be continuously aware of the overall status of an ocean current farm array. The THOR controller 500 comprises a variety of input parameters, including, for example, device sensed parameters 510 and system sensed parameters 530. The THOR controller 500 may also receive external or intervening commands 540 from the station (for example, a central command and control facility THOR HQ).

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Operations during the power control process may be terminated unintentionally during very high speed current events that may tend to coerce the hydrokinetic device 100 to depths below, for example, a maximum structural crushing depth, or in very low speed current events that would tend to bring the hydrodynamic device 100 to shallow depths that may cause, for example, the rotor blade tips to excessively cavitate or even pierce and extend above the water surface. A few examples of the device sensed parameters 510, which may be acquired via sensors resident on the hydrokinetic device 100, are listed in FIG. 0 at Step 802), then the actual power Pactual may be determined to be equal to the target power setting Ki·Prated and no actions are taken (Step 803), except possibly to use more or less weight via the variable weight effector in place of the variable lift effector (Step 804) to minimize wake disturbance that may drift downstream and impinge on the energy transducer capture area, which may reduce power conversion efficiency.

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Wake losses may be inherent in certain arrangements of farm arrays of hydrokinetic devices, where the devices are positioned close enough to each other such that a downstream hydrokinetic device may experience a reduced current speed flow in the wake of an upstream device impinging on the energy transducer capture area of the downstream device.

14, causing the hydrokinetic device to loiter without power production at a specified depth, or at the depth at which a specified free stream current speed occurs under the control authority of the variable weight effector, the variable lift effector, the variable drag effector, and/or the energy transducer change effector such as a rotor blade pitch angle change effector. The electricity may be transmitted via electrical cables (not shown), which may be attached to, for example, the mooring cables 103 and routed to the neighboring devices 100, or to the one or more stations. The station may be configured to collect the electrical energy from one or more hydrokinetic devices, which may be provided in, for example, an ocean farm array, a sea farm array, a river farm array, or the like. The method may further comprise receiving an individual power modulation factor from a station, wherein the depth of the hydrokinetic device is further adjusted based on the individual power modulation factor.

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The method may further comprise: sending an actual generator power output level measurement signal to a station; and receiving an individual power modulation factor from the station. Que es mejor para el dolor muscular . FIG. 2D shows an example of an alternative power control process 360 that may be carried out, for example, by the onboard main controller, an onboard main controller in another hydrokinetic device, or a computer located at the station (for example, the THOR controller), to maintain the hydrokinetic device 100 at a predetermined power output level. The present disclosure provides a hydrokinetic device that harnesses the kinetic energy of flowing water currents to provide clean, renewable energy, as well as a method, a system and a device for providing substantially constant speed and variable depth adjustment of the hydrokinetic device to maximize and/or modulate power generation.

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ADCP queries may be used for higher level predictive and/or corrective control. Intentional partial power operation using the assigned power modulation factor may provide power control and/or modulation from the entire ocean current farm array, or from less than all of the hydrokinetic devices 100 in the farm array. FIGS. 3A-3C show various examples of operation of a tethered hydrokinetic device 100, according to principles of the disclosure.

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FIG. 2B shows an example of freedom of vertical movement 120 and a mooring line intercept angle 121. The mooring line intercept angle 121 varies with the depth of operation of the hydrokinetic device 100, thereby changing the magnitude of the drowning force at each depth. The energy losses may include, for example, electrical generator efficiency losses inherent in the mechanical design, conversion of kinetic energy of moving water into electrical energy or other such energy losses that may be recoverable by operation at a slightly higher free stream current speed. Further, the methods of the present disclosure may reduce the effects of any wake losses that are inherent in a farm array of hydrokinetic devices.

The method may further comprise: receiving an individual power modulation factor from a station, wherein the adjusting the depth of the hydrokinetic device is further based on the individual power modulation factor. The plurality of parameters may comprise: a free stream current speed in a column of water; an actual depth of the hydrokinetic device in the column of water; a mooring cable tension in a mooring cable; a presence of a marine creature that may create a collision hazard; a passage of a potentially catasrophic weather event; an actual power output level; or a power modulation factor. The method may further comprise: monitoring a plurality of parameters; comparing each of the plurality of parameters to preset limits established for each of said plurality of parameters; and invoking a fault condition when one or more of the plurality of parameters exceed the preset limits established for said one or more of the plurality of parameters.

According to a still further aspect of the disclosure, a power generating device is provided that harnesses kinetic energy from a water current and generates electrical energy. U.S. Dolor en los musculos de la espalda media . Pat. No. 7,291,936 appears to disclose a fully submersible electrical power generating plant device. The hydrokinetic device may continue executing the idle protocol until terminated by a subsequent externally or internally generated command. 100 may be attainable as the hydrokinetic device 100 is lifted upwards in the vertical water column by buoyancy (“B”) that may be created by the displacement of fluid and lift (“L”) that may be created by the wing and pulled downward by the sum of its weight (“W”) and the drowning force, with the drowning force expanded into its constituent terms and for the sake of illustration, includes only the contribution of the operational rotor to the drowning force.

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To remain at the state B, the idle process (or protocol) may be invoked and executed. At state C, the power control process 350 (shown in FIG. FIG. 6 shows an example of an aggregate power control process 600 for controlling an aggregate power output for an ocean current farm array, according to principles of the disclosure. In general, a target aggregate power output level may be set for the entire ocean current farm array.