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A generator 524 is rotated, and generates electrical power when the distance between the buoy and the inertial mass increases thereby inducing a tension within the ribbon cable in response to the generator’s resistance of the roller 522 to which it is rotatably connected. As waves lift and let fall flotation module 2300, float 2310 and inertial mass 2315 are pulled upward, i.e., an upward force is imparted to them by a tension in flexible connector 2308. Owing to a countertorque applied by a generator to at least one of the constituent rotating capstans of the two-shaft capstan 2303 when the floatation module is being accelerated away from the inertial mass, this tension can be quite great in the portion of the flexible connector (2301/3214) connected to the inertial mass.

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InCONFORTmistas, campaña contra el dolor muscular y articular Although the inertial mass would need to be moving upwardly relative to the surrounding water to experience a downward drag force and transmit said drag force to the flexible connector, the inertial mass need not be moving upwardly to transit a downward force to the flexible connector on account of the inertial mass’s momentum.

In other words, for the inertial mass to move and/or be accelerated in the relevant direction, a large mass of water must also move and/or be accelerated in that same direction. FIG. 12 shows a perspective view of the same embodiment of the current disclosure shown in FIG. In this state, the embodiment’s inertial mass 159 is moving away from flotation module 151. Connector 155-156, and attached weight 158, are moved in concert with the downward movement of the inertial mass 159. During the time during which the inertial mass 159 moves downward relative to flotation module 151, pulley 152, and its operably connected generator 153, are able to extract electrical energy from the inertial mass’ kinetic energy.

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Inertial mass 214 is a hollow vessel containing a void 236 that is nominally filled with water. 11) Inertial mass 279 is representative of an inertial mass that is buoyant, neutrally-buoyant, or negatively buoyant, and/or characterized by any degree of buoyancy. 179, the inertial mass 2021 in the embodiment illustrated in FIG. When flotation module 271 and the weights 282-283 accelerate upward, e.g.

330 and 329, until they are approximately distributed across the upper surface and/or face of the flotation module. The oscillation of the hydraulic pistons pressurizes hydraulic fluid which then passes into a power take off (PTO) assembly 145 that includes a hydraulic “accumulator” (that buffers the pressure and potential energy of the hydraulic fluid), a hydraulic turbine, and a generator. Note that this controlled ascent and descent can take place only by varying the average countertorque applied by the power-take-off system during dynamic suspension, and not by the use any auxiliary winches or other artifices. The rotation of each crank axle results in the oscillation of a respective, and rotatably connected, driving rod, e.g. 31. Remedios para el dolor de rodilla . And, the other end of each connecting rod, is hingably or rotatably connected to the “piston rod” of a hydraulic cylinder or piston, e.g.

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103, causes the flexible connector connecting the flotation module to the float to be retracted, and will promote the removal of slack from flexible connector 3906, following the passage of a wave crest, and/or during the downward movement of the flotation module. PCT/US2017/051000 controlling and/or receiving operational statistics of the converter. FIG. 52 shows a cross sectional view of an embodiment of the current disclosure, namely an embodiment of an inertial wave energy converter of a simple type. Concrete has the advantages of being low-cost, strong, and impervious to corrosion. The tubular collections of the cables of which the ribbons are composed are held together at bindings 814 and 815 which are connected to individual cables 816 and 817, which are in turn joined and/or bound together at connector 818. That connector 818 is connected to cable 819 which might then be connected and/or attached to an inertial mass.

FIG. 220 shows a vertical cross-sectional view of the same embodiment of the present disclosure illustrated in FIGS. PCT/US2017/051000 implemented, within the power-take-off system of the same embodiment, in response to the detection of specific wave conditions, atmospheric conditions, farm electrical-grid conditions, etc. 212 and 213, and is taken across a horizontal plane indicated by the line 18A in FIG. FIG. 16 is a perspective top down view of one of the four power-take-off 15 assemblies of the flotation module of FIG. Four drums 502-5 are shown, however more or fewer could be utilized. This tension can create a net torque in pulley/capstan 1-125, causing it to turn in a first direction, and enabling the generator shaft to turn and the generator to generate electricity. An upward lifting force is accordingly transmitted to, and/or shared with, the inertial mass, causing the inertial mass to be periodically accelerated upward, in the direction of the water’s surface.

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As the buoy is lifted by a wave, the buoyant lifting force imparted by the buoy 1 to the ribbon cables results in an upward acceleration of the inertial mass (10 in FIG. Dolor de rodilla al andar . Generator 505-16 is contained within generator housing 505-17. Electricity produced by generator 505-16 passes through electrical conditioning equipment 505-18, which can condition, rectify, convert, step, and/or distribute the electricity as required. Bearing-and-generator housing 1-120 can contain a brake, e.g.