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The rear housing member 612 is packed with a buoyant material 660, such as a foam or other cellular material. 12 and extends between the upper and lower housing ends 606, 608. The rear housing member 612 is shaped to form a vane to be acted upon by the impinging flow of water, when in use in a current. The system most preferably comprises a plurality of generator assemblies arranged in an array and connected to the first fixture assembly. The retaining means may be arranged to provide a rigid connection between the generator assembly and the fixture assembly on the bed of the ocean.

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Looking Down - Escalator For example, may subsea installations for the production of oil and gas have components that are hydraulically operated and the system of the present invention may be used to provide the hydraulic fluid required for operation. In particular, embodiments of the present invention have been developed to be located and operate in significant depths of water. 12 and extends between the upper and lower housing ends 606, 608. The front housing member 610 is shaped to provide a rounded ridge 636 along its length, bounded on either side by arcuate surfaces 638 and 640 extending towards a respective impellor assembly 620. The width of the ridge 636 is less than the width of the front housing member adjacent the impellor assemblies, such that in use the surfaces 638 and 640 direct water impinging on the front housing member towards the blades 634 of the impellor assemblies.

The overall shape of the upper and lower housing ends 606, 608 matches that of the front and rear housing members, in particular the surfaces to guide the flow of water and act as a vane to direct the generator assembly when in use. A plurality of stators 826 extend across the central portion 812 of the flow passage 810 and are disposed to lie on either side of the impellors 824. At its inlet end the impellor assembly 820 comprises a generator 828. The generator 828 may be an electrical generator for providing electrical energy, a hydraulic pump for producing a stream of pressurised hydraulic fluid, or a combination of the two. Masaje dolor lumbar . The stators 826 will correct this flow deflection and return the flow into a straight through flow before the water impacts the next blade.

The connections with and between the risers in the riser assembly may be formed in conventional manner, as will be known to the person skilled in the art. The joint or connection providing for rotation of the generator assembly relative to the fixture assembly may be disposed at any suitable position between the generator assembly and the fixture assembly. 15. The respective ends of the shaft are supported in suitable bearings within the upper and lower housing ends (not shown for clarity). A subsea installation 102 of the general configuration shown in FIG. As described above, in the systems of the general aspects of the present invention, a wide range of generator assemblies may be employed, in particular those comprising impellors to drive a generator. In a preferred arrangement, one or more of the generator assemblies comprise a buoyant member, such as a buoyant member attached to the housing of the generator assembly, or the housing itself may be constructed to be buoyant and comprise buoyant components or compartments.

  1. Overall length preferably about 100 m to 200 m
  2. Es baja en proteínas, pero rica en agua
  3. A veces, el cuerpo se torna débil y puede haber un desmayo
  4. Description of the Related Art
  5. Y02T70/00-Maritime or waterways transport

young sportsman practicing parkour. Once downstream of the inner hub 624, the water leaves the annular cavity 632, passing into the region between two adjacent downstream blades 634, where it can impinge on the blade surfaces and impart further kinetic energy. A plurality of substantially planar blades 734 extend vertically parallel to the shaft 722 and are mounted at their inner edge portions to the outer plates 728. The outer plates 728 are spaced apart to provide openings or spaces between adjacent blades 734 connecting the annular cavity 732 with the region outside the outer plates between the blades. 23. In this alternative arrangement, the generator assemblies 1006 are arranged in a linear pattern extending laterally from the central collector and converter 1004 substantially perpendicular to the prevailing current, indicated by arrows D. The generator assemblies 1006 are connected by the subsea cables 1008 in a series manner to the central collector and converter 1004. Again, this arrangement ensures that each generator assembly in the array is unaffected by the downstream turbulence generated by another generator assembly during normal operation.