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Electrical pulses are therefore induced in the coils 21 corresponding to the oscillation of the body 1, and since in this embodiment the cores 20 provide a return path for the magnetic flux, 15 and the multiple poles will result in a larger rate of change of magnetic flux in the cores, it will be a more efficient generator of power than the embodiment of Figure 7, albeit involving greater mass. In this case, however, the body 1 is permanently magnetised with poles along its upper and lower faces, (in the orientation of the pipe 2 shown in the Figure), and rectangularly-wound coils 14 5 attached to the walls of the pipe 2 are juxtaposed to these faces so that as the body oscillates and partially penetrates into and out of each coil pulses of electricity will be alternately induced. This again shows a device comprising the body 1, blade 3 and fixed mount 4 installed in a pipe 2. In this case, however, there are stacks of piezoelectric discs 12 disposed on opposite sides of the blade 3 in parallel to the pipe 15 2. An elliptical spring metal ring 13 surrounds each piezoelectric stack 12 with the respective stack extending along the longer axis of the respective ellipse and firmly attached thereto at its opposite ends.

Centro Medico - Work :: Coscami Due to the shape of the springs 13 this in turn causes each one to alternately expand and contract along its longer axis, but through a smaller dimension than the orthogonal contraction and expansion, and consequently apply alternately tensile and compressive stresses to the piezoelectric stacks 12 which generate electric charges accordingly. In this example a fitting 22 is installed between two pipe lengths 23 and 24. The fitting 22 has a central passage 25 of similar bore to the pipes 23/24, surrounded by an annular 30 passage 26 through which a proportion of the flow passing into the fitting is diverted as indicated by the arrows in the Figure. Each membrane has at least two fixed ends. The converter comprises at least one flexible membrane, at least one magnetic field generator and at least one other conductor attached to the membrane.

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Neurocirugia Infantil: HIDROCEFALIA I Each membrane vibration caused by the fluid flow causes a relative motion between the at least one electrical conductor and the magnetic field formed by the at least one magnetic field generator. The means for converting the oscillatory motion ‘of the body and/or support means into electrical energy may be based on any suitable electrodynamic generation 10 method, including magnetic induction or the application of electrostrictive, magnetostrictive or piezoelectric materials to the body/support system. 4 extending across and rigidly attached to the inside of the pipe 2. Both the upper and lower (as viewed) surfaces of the blade 3 are covered along most of its length with patches of piezoelectric material 5. In principle any suitable form of 30 piezoelectric ceramic or polymer material may be employed, although one which has been found to perform well in tests of a device of this kind is a piezoelectric macro fibre composite (MFC) patch comprising many individual ceramic fibres bonded between thin polyimide sheets.

AC power, generated by generator 700 to converter 400 (Figure 4) to convert the AC voltage Vac to a DC voltage Vqq, and thus DC power, for storage and/or for driving an electrical load, as described above in conjunction with Figures 1 and 4. Note that each of the portions of piezoelectric material 112 respectively corresponding to (e.g., in direct physical contact with) electrodes 114 may generate AC voltage Vac. When using active masses 500, the vibration frequency and the displacement of generator 100, and thus the power output (AC or DC) of generator 100, may be adjusted by changing the shapes of one or more of masses 500, and thus the mass distribution on generator 100. For some embodiments, active masses 500-| to 500n may be electrically coupled to controller 450 for respectively receiving signals S-f to S/y therefrom.

10 In one aspect the invention accordingly resides in a device for the generation of electrical power from a fluid flow comprising a blunt body arranged to be disposed, in use, generally crosswise to the flow and carried by support means with freedom to oscillate in response to the shedding of a Karman vortex trail by the interaction of the 15 body and flow, and means for converting the consequent oscillatory motion of the body and/or support means into electrical energy. In this respect the body 1 is carried at the end of a blade 3 of e.g. 35 Figure 8 illustrates a variant of the device of Figure 7 employing a larger assembly of magnet, coil and chamber where in this case the chamber housing the magnet is in the form of a cylinder 18 which is of similar dimensions to the body 1 and forms WO 2007/071975 PCT/GB2006/004777 9 therewith a cruciform assembly at the end of the blade 3. Baja por dolor lumbar . As in the case of the device of Figure 4, however, this should not interfere with the essentially uniplanar oscillation of the body 1 and blade 3. 5 Figure 9 illustrates a further variant of the device of Figure 7 where in this case the magnet 15 is replaced by a stack of magnets 19 (or a single multipole magnet) presenting an alternating series of poles along opposite sides of the stack.

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In the case of the WEC, to improve the efficiency of power production, it is desired that the flat float move up and down generally in phase with the waves in the body of water in which the WEC is placed. However, it is desired that the spar move out of phase with respect to the waves and the float. This may be effectuated by attaching a heave (damping) plate to the submerged portion of the spar. WO 2007/071975 PCT/GB2006/004777 2 It is known that within a certain Reynolds number range a periodic flow pattern will develop with vortices formed at the points of separation being shed regularly in an alternating fashion from opposite sides of the body. As the vortices are shed the corresponding uneven pressure distributions upon the opposite sides of the body generate an alternating dynamic loading on the body tending to cause physical oscillation of the same, and it is this effect which the present invention seeks to harness for conversion into electrical energy.