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Amazon.es: Fortalecedores de mano - Musculación: Deportes.. Sensors 335 may also be independent from platform 315 and located on a separate float or on the ocean floor, to avoid interference from CycWECs 311, 312, and 313 on to these measurements, and provide early advance information about the incoming waves to control system 320. A platform sensor 325 may measure more global operating parameters associated with platform 315 such as the depth, position, orientation, movement, or acceleration of platform 315 or environmental conditions such as wind speed and wave conditions at platform 315. Sensors 331, 332, and 333 may be associated with particular CycWECs 311, 312, and 313 and measure local conditions such as water speeds and rotation angles of respective CycWECs 311, 312, and 313. Pitch unit 322 may use measurements from sensors 325, 331, 332, 333, and 335 when selecting pitch cycles for blades of CycWECs 311, 312, and 313. In general, the pitching cycles can be selected not only for wave energy conversion but also to control reactive forces in cluster 310 and achieved desired operation of system 300. For example, a navigation unit 324 can be included in control system 320 to determine the desired position, orientation, and depth of platform 315 based on factors such as wave conditions or user instructions, and pitch unit 322 may select pitching cycles for individual CycWECs 311, 312, and 313 or individual blades so that net reactive forces move platform 315 toward or maintain platform 315 at the desired position, orientation, and depth.

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If platform 315 is starting to drift off the desired position, navigation unit 324 can issue pitch commands to CycWECs 311, 312, and 313 creating a force countering the drift. Fig. 3 illustrates a system 300 including a cluster 310 of CycWECs that are mounted on a platform 315 and arranged for operation in which reactive forces and torques on platform 315 cancel.

Fig. 6B illustrates how the sizes of wave energy converters in the cluster of Fig. Figs. 2A and 2B illustrate two alternative deployments of a CycWEC 100. In a deployment 200A of Fig. Fig. Parches para dolor muscular . 1A shows an example of a CycWEC 100 having eccentrically offset hydrofoils or blades 110. In the illustrated embodiment, CycWEC 100 includes an opposing pair of blades 110, but more generally, a CycWEC could employ one or more blades 110. Each blade 110 is mounted on a pair of struts or arms 120 that provides a radial offset of the blade 110 from a drive axis 130 of CycWEC 100. Radial arms 120 can rotate about axis 130, e.g., as a result of forces that ocean waves apply to blades 110, and arms 120 are connected to drive one or more electrical generators 140 capable of producing electrical power from the rotation of blades 110. Blades 110 are also able to rotate about respective pitch axes 150. For example, a computer system (not shown) operating an actuation system that may be provided in arms 120 or blades 110 can control pitch rotation of blades 110 about respective axes 150 as arms 120 rotate about drive axis 130. Rotations about pitch axes 150 can vary the pitch of blades 110 as blades 110 rotate about drive axis 130. The variation in the pitch may be periodic with a period selected according to the period of rotation arms about axis 130, and the variation of the pitch of a blade 110 is sometimes referred to herein as the pitching cycle of the blade 110. The particular pitching cycles used at any particular time in a CycWEC such as CycWEC 100 can be selected to achieve different performance objectives.

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The two in-line pairs at the edges of the cluster can be sized or operated to provide reactive force with an amplitude that is one quarter of the amplitude of the reactive force on the central WECs, and the internal in-line pairs that are not at the edges of the cluster can be sized or operated to provide reactive force with an amplitude that is one half of the amplitude of the reactive force on the central WECs. For example, for replacement of module 810, a service vessel can bring a new module 810 to the ocean site, the old module 810 can be removed for shore servicing as described above, and cluster 800 can be reassembled with the new module 810 between the old modules 700. The service vessel could then return the old module to a shore facility. Module swapping could minimize the number of trips between a service facility and a wave energy converter cluster, which may particularly be useful when the site of the cluster is relatively far from the repair facility.

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The positioning of WECs 511 to 515 laterally along a wave crest is also desirable for control of the orientation of cluster 500. In particular, as described above, it is generally desirable for the blades of each of WECs 511 to 515 to be aligned parallel to incoming wave crests. Two active mounts 351 and 353 are used so that the separation from each outer CycWEC 311 or 313 to center CycWEC 312 may be half of the wavelength of the waves. Outer CycWECs 311 and 313 may be attached to platform 400 through respective active mountings 351 and 353. Each active mounting 351 or 353 can be implemented on platform as a motorized system of tracks and slides. In which case, only a braking system (not shown) is needed to stop the movement of CycWECs 311, 312, or 313 when the desired new position has been reached, which will also fix CycWECs 311, 312, or 313 in the new position.

Pistola de masaje de percusión de mano masajeador de.. In either case, a brake or a positive locking mechanism (not shown) such as a pin that holds the WEC in place once the desired position has been reached, may be needed. For example, if all of WECs 511 to 515 are the same size, reducing the amplitude of the pitching cycle of a blade in an outer WEC 511, 512, 514, or 515 that has the same area as center WEC 513 can reduce the lift and resulting reactive forces. If the overall buoyancy of module 700 is such that if the bottom tubes are filled with air their buoyancy suffices to lift the second (top) member along with WECs 711 and 712 out of the water, module 700 or WECs 711 and 712 can be serviced at sea without the need for any divers or cranes. Dolor muscular en la espalda alta . A typical motorized drive system may consist of a gear motor with a pinion gear attached to its shaft, which engages in in a linear gear rack as a rack-and-pinion drive system to adjust the position of units 311 and 313. Accordingly, when incident waves have a long wavelength, CycWECs 311 and 313 can be moved out as shown in Fig.

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A control system 320, which may be or include a general-purpose computer system executing appropriate software, can employ sensors 331, 332, and 333 to sense water flows in respective CycWECs 311, 312, and 313 and employ control systems 341, 342, and 343 to independently control the pitch of blades in respective CycWECs 311, 312, and 313. The pattern of variation of the pitch of a blade or hydrofoil in a CycWEC is often referred to herein as a pitching cycle, and the pitching cycle employed for a particular blade will often be periodic with a period equal to or dependent on the period of the incoming waves. Disassembly may similarly require modules 700 or 810 to be disconnected from the mooring system.