For Most Multi-megawatt Offshore Wind Turbines

5 Tipos de dolor de cabeza y cómo aliviarlos rápidamente.. The WEP in this embodiment is supported by circumferential girders 545 and radial girders 550. The radial girders 550 transfer the bending loads back into the column 535. The tubular member knee braces 555 may carry vertical hydrodynamic loads from the WEP, and transfer these loads back into the column 535. As shown in Fig. As shown in more detail in Fig.

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The flat stiffened plate 530 also extends radially in the direction of the two lower horizontal main tubular members 510 connected to the stabilizing column 535. Similar to the WEP shown in Fig. Furthermore, in some embodiments, the WEP portion that extends radially from the column 535 does not extend from the entire circumference of the column 535. For example, there may be one or more gap areas 560 where the stiffened plate is not present (also shown in Fig. In some embodiments, the inner shaft of each of the three stabilizing columns is structurally supported by ring girders. Figs. 4a and 4b provide a detailed illustration of a stabilizing column in an embodiment. This is achieved through a number of structural innovations in the different parts of the floating wind turbine platform, which are highlighted in Figs. In an embodiment of the floating wind turbine platform, the transfer of load to the foundation is achieved by a direct connection between the flanges and an inner shaft of identical diameter inside the stabilizing column 215a that supports the tower.

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The tower to foundation connection 205 at the top of one of the column 215a is made through a flange connection, for ease of installation of the turbine and RNA. They include aerodynamic wind loads, as well as inertia and gravity loads on the rotor-nacelle assembly (R A) and tower. The knee braces 525 are tubular members that may be small in diameter (e.g., than 1.5 meter) and may carry vertical hydrodynamic loads from the WEP primarily as axial loads, and transfer these loads back into the column outer shell. For additional stiffness, knee braces 525 may be used.

The word “exemplary” is used herein to mean “serving as an example or illustration.” Any aspect or design described herein as “exemplary” is not necessarily to be construed as preferred or advantageous over other aspects or designs. A phrase such as an “aspect” does not imply that such aspect is essential to the subject technology or that such aspect applies to all configurations of the subject technology. The floating, semi-submersible wind turbine platform further includes an elongate wind turbine tower disposed over the top end of one of the three stabilizing columns such that the longitudinal axis of the tower is substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the stabilizing column.

And in some embodiments, the column outer shell of each of the three stabilizing columns is structurally supported by at least one of bulkheads, ring girders and ring-stiffened cylindrical flats, and the inner shaft of each of the three stabilizing columns is structurally supported by ring girders. In some embodiments, the floating wind turbine platform may include an active ballast system that moves liquid ballast between the stabilizing columns (see, U.S. Dolor debajo de la rodilla despues de correr . The interconnected three stabilizing columns and three truss members form a triangular cross-section in a plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axes of the three stabilizing columns, where the three sides of the triangular cross-section are the three truss members and the three vertices of the triangular cross-section are the three stabilizing columns. A floating, semi-submersible wind turbine platform including three elongate stabilizing columns, where each of the three stabilizing columns has a top end, a keel end, and annular compartments between an outer shell and an inner shaft contained by the column outer shell, is also provided.

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Instead an inner shaft is provided inside the outer shell of the stabilizing column. With this algorithm based on the relative angles between stabilizing column top centers, the fastest liquid transfer path is always considered, thus the platform is always back to even keel very quickly or as fast as possible in every situation. The top of column may experience local loads and need local reinforcement; however, it is not engineered to transfer global turbine loads into the entire foundation. Most loads from the wind turbine tower are passed into the inner shaft by using a flange connection to the inner shaft.

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The wind turbine generator tower is subject to considerable wind loads very high on the structure, and spacing between columns helps achieve stability. The subject matter discussed in the background section should not be assumed to be prior art merely as a result of its mention in the background section. Figure 1 depicts an example of a prior art semi-submersible platform used for drilling in the oil and gas industry. In an embodiment, an intake and outlet valve can be used to either raise or lower the pressure in a compartment accordingly. 0£-/ | is the error used as an input to the controller. Thus, the structure of the floating platform needs to be designed to handle these shear and bending moment loads. Frequently occurring loads generate fatigue damage, and the connections between various parts of the structure must be designed to provide sufficient fatigue life to the platform. Besides providing buoyancy, the platform combined with the wind turbine generator should be able to resist dynamic wind, wave and current load, and provide a stable support for power production.

The columns of the platform usually have much larger diameters than the tower of the wind turbine generator in order to provide buoyancy. The diameters of the inner shafts in the stabilizing columns that are not under the wind turbine tower will typically be smaller than the wind turbine tower bearing inner shaft (e.g., in the range of 3 to 6 meters for most turbines). Como curar el dolor de hombro . Compared to the oil and gas industry, offshore wind energy production has a much smaller profit margin. Patent Application No.: 14/283,051, entitled “System and Method for Controlling Offshore Floating Wind Turbine Platforms,” filed on March 20, 2014, which claims priority to U.S.

Patent Application No.13/925,442, filed June 24, 2013, now issued as U.S. Patent No. 8,471,396, on June 25, 2013, which is a national stage application of PCT Patent Application No. Preferred implementations are described to illustrate the technology disclosed, not to limit its scope, which is defined by the claims. 4b. Ring stiffened cylindrical shells, with ring girders 435, are preferred over orthogonally stiffened cylindrical shells for their cost effectiveness.