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Alivio del dolor de cabeza asociado al Covid19 con aceites.. The procedure for using an OTEC power plant as a mechanism for cooling the surface water in a large area in order to modify the weather is general in nature and is applicable to other types of power plants then that shown in FIG. This is an extremely efficient way of producing fresh water and is much more efficient than any large scale desalinization plant presently known. As indicated previously, this enhances fresh water production with an order of magnitude less energy than that required in the most energy efficient desalinization process presently known. Thus, each joule of mechanical energy will produce about 1.25 grams of fresh water over the Levantine Basin. Thus, the seasonal heat storage provided by the Mediterranean Sea is the dominant factor that initiates winter storms by which precipitation is spread over the Levantine basin and is the dominant factor establishing the Levant climate.

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Such a large reduction over a very large area of the sea will multiply the seasonal storage capacity of the Mediterranean Sea and thus modify the climate in the Levantine Basin. The area south of the Mediterranean, which is not influenced by winter storms, constitute the world’s largest desert areas.

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An OTEC power plant is one which utilizes warm surface water as a heat source and cold, deep oceanic water as a heat sink. Power plant 50 comprises a vertical cylindrical hull some 200 meters deep containing an evacuated vertical lift tube 51. Warm surface water is filtered and dropped through penstock 52 to the lower part of the hull where energy is extracted by hydraulic turbine 53. Water exhausted from the turbine is passed into a mister 54 which sprays fine jets of warm water into the evacuated lift tube 51. Mister 54 serves to break up the jets upon their entrance into the lift tube into uniformly small droplets, a very small percentage of which evaporate.

Thus, the presence of an OTEC power plant will reduce the surface temperature of the water below its normal value. Reference numeral 10 designates a pump according to the present invention for raising cooler deep water to the surface of a sea. A comparision of winter and summer temperature profiles in the Eastern Mediterranean show that in wintertime, the temperature of a column of water forty meters deep in the Mediterranean decreases by some 10 degrees Celsius. 4. In general, the power plant will intake cold water from the depth of many hundreds of meters where the temperature is relatively cool, say 5 degrees Celsius. A conventional low head electrically operated pump 14 is provided in the pipe for the purpose of pumping cooler deep water from a depth of about 100 meters to the surface and into chamber 12 which acts as a distributor at th surface for pumped deep water.

Preferably, this is achieved by wave motion which permits two modes for the pumping operation. The heat flux to the surface of a large body of water such as the Mediterranean Sea, is a remnant of two opposite, very large, energy fluxes: the global radiation rate from the sun and the atmosphere to the water surface, and the outgoing radiation latent heat flux and sensible heat flux from the water surface.

Chamber 12 is a hollow member containing a plurality of holes each of which is several centimeters in diameter through which the cool deep water will flow as small jets and mix with the surface sea water. During winter storms, the Mediterranean Sea gives up heat which had been stored from the summer in the form of the latent of evaporation. As indicated above, the increased heat storage achieved by this technique in the summertime will increase the amount of heat given to the cooler air mass in the wintertime, thereby increasing evaporation in the winter and resulting in an increase in precipitation westward of the area of the sea in which the mixers are located. The radiation flux into the surface is almost independent of the surface sea temperature; but the outgoing evaporation rate and radiation and sensible heat flux is very sensitive to the temperature of the surface of the water.

Wave motion at the surface of the water will cause the rod to oscillate in the deep water. In one embodiment, the mixing is achieved by paddles that are operated by wave motion. In this embodiment, the electrical load will be approximately 4000 joules per cubic meter of water pumped to the surface.

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Because the surface temperature during the summer is significantly higher than the winter, the overall temperature head will remain large enough average yearly conditions. Dolor en la planta del pie despues de correr . This calls for a chamber that will have a cross section of about 10 times larger than the cross-section of the pipe, i.e., some 15 meters in diameter for a 5 meter diameter pipe.

Specifically, apparatus 10 comprises a vertically oriented pipe 11 to the upper axial end of which is connected chamber 12 which is supported at its periphery by floats 13 arranged such that pipe 11 is vertically oriented with chamber 12 at the surface 15 of the body of water 16. Pipe 11 is approximately 100 meters in length by about 5 meters in diameter.

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4 to which reference is now made. 3 where reference numeral 30 represents apparatus for mixing cooler deep water with warmer surface water. The mixing of surface water with the deep water will increase the nutrient content of the surface water; and, as a consequence, the food chain activity will be amplified. Thus, the resulting upwelling, which is rich with nutrients, will increase the biological activity in the vicinity of the mixing apparatus. In operation, wave motion at the surface causes oscillation of the vertical pipe with the result that each downward thrust of the apparatus causes a slug of deep water from the lower level to pass through valve 25 into pipe 21, and an equal volume of water at the top of the pipe to pass into chamber 22 which is provided with many holes through which the deep water is distributed at the surface. Apparatus 20 comprises vertically oriented pipe 21 on one axial end of which is attached chamber 22 carrying floats 23 for the purpose of maintaining the apparatus with the chamber near surface 24 of the water with pipe 21 vertically oriented.

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Apparatus for carrying out this technique is illustrated in FIG. BEST MODE FOR CARRYING OUT THE INVENTION Taking the Eastern Mediterranean Sea as an example, it is known that the summer heating zone is limited to a layer of water from 40 to 80 meters deep. In order to cool the surface of the sea in the summertime, the present invention contemplates mixing surface water with cooler deep water, this being achieved by pumping water from a lower level of the sea to the upper level. Dolor de espalda y hombro . The present invention also contemplates that the power plant can be moved in summertime to a region wherein the weather is to be modified in the manner described above. The present invention contemplates that the OTEC power plant will be designed to perform the year-round and will be located where the plant will increase the summer heat storage. An OTEC power plant that utilizes a mist-transport process is described in The Mist Ocean Thermal Conversion Plant, by Stuart L. Ridgway, Proc.

Various changes and modifications may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as described in the claims that follow. DESCRIPTION TECHNICAL FIELD This invention relates to a method of and means for modifying weather near continental arid zones. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The presence of large bodies of water, such as oceans, seas or large lakes, affects the weather in adjacent westwardly located land masses due to prevailing westerly winds. It is believed that the advantages and improved results furnished by the method and apparatus of the present invention are apparent from the foregoing description of the preferred embodiment of the invention.