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In this embodiment the rotor is constituted of 3 sets wherein the primary set is a structurally reinforced swept-twist thin airfoil blade and the secondary set and tertiary sets are thin swept-twist airfoils. The camber geometry of the secondary set is fitted to the lower surface of the tertiary set and similar fitting geometry is used for the primary and secondary sets. For instance, some nozzles may be larger at greater heights than nozzles at lower heights, have lower constriction at greater heights than nozzles at lower heights, and the like.

Un 11% de la población española padece dolor crónico y la.. Other approaches may be used to determine the basis environment such as n-body simulations wherein the macro variables are replaced with molecular variables. In embodiments, energy capture at a given fluid velocity might go from 12% to 30% with the right blade number, so if one wants to get a good power curve over a range, one might get the right blade configuration and maximize over a whole range of velocities. In the case where the bearing is not sealed a mechanism by which the localized load may be relieved from the modular element to facilitate removal may be necessary. In embodiments, the configuration may shift the mass to the outward part as it gets as rotation rate increases, such as by attaching a memory plastic spring, by using a rubber elastic actuator, by using a metal spring, by spring loaded actuation, by actuation with a coil with a current going through it, by a fluid, by a mechanical actuator, by enlarging the rotor, through centripetal motion, and the like.

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In embodiments, an inertial rotor may be comprised of single or plurality of rigid or semi-rigid bodies symmetrically or asymmetrically joined in a contiguous or non-contiguous manner around a centroid of rotation wherein there exist facilities to control the mass distribution within the plane/planes of rotation and thereby the inertial characteristics of said rotation in a manner advantageous to the desired use. The vortex or swirl created rearward of the mechanism may additionally impart some added degree of momentum to the blade in the axial direction as it would be optimal for the rotation of the vorticity or swirl to be tripped in the direction of the axial motion of the blade.

Outlet pipes 211 connect the ends of the respective cylinders 13 with a T-coupling 25 and are provided with check valves 26 to permit thefflow of air in one direction only. The nozzle may conform to the basic Converging-Diverging or DeLavel structure with the constriction rate of the convergent end serving to accelerate the incoming flow and the diverging to “re-expand” said flow. 2. A wave motor,fcomprising a vertically positioned stationary casing, a supporting float in the casing, rods secured to the iioat and projecting through ,theV top of thecasing, a platform on the rods, slottedV standards on theplatform, pumpsrsecuredto the standards, a lever fulcrumed on the plat.- form and projecting through the’ slotted standards, said.lever operatively to the pumps’, and a.

SUMMARY In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a mobile wind power support structure, comprising a superstructure with mobile platform support structures, and a plurality of deployable rotating wind power structures, wherein the plurality of deployable rotating wind power structures are positioned in the superstructure through a wind orientation facility. Y Y f 3. A wave motor, comprising a casing, afloat in the casing, a platform supported by connected i the fioat, a turn table onr the platform, pump. Each pump cylinder 13 is provided with a piston 21, and pitmen 22 connect the pistons 2lwith the lever l5 so that the movement of the lever causes a reciprocation of the pistons in their cylinders. Each piston 21 has a spring pressed check valve 23 which permits the entrance of air back of the piston during the downward movement of the piston. In embodiments, the super structure parameters may present important aspects to the present invention, such as modularity; applying space frames to the superstructure of the array; integrating with the shape of a given module; integrating with the power structure; load bearing supports, such as relative to the length of the modules, a need for lateral support, square shapes bearing less than a diamond shape, and the like; shaped space frame, such as cladding on the space frame, deciding which members need to be thick, placement of lateral support, and the like; structural space frame as an electrical conduit; transferring power through the super structure, such as attaching/conducting power, placement of busses, placement of connectors, need for main bus columns, attachment of modules within the structure to the main bus column, running wire from each one to a central bus to transfer to the grid in one big cable, minimizing resistance to help allow efficient distribution of energy, minimizing complexity and cost of installation and maintenance, and the like; pipe shapes; superstructure weight distribution; and the like.

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  3. δx is the horizontal displacement
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In embodiments, more complex intake geometries may be a factor, such as combinations of geometries, truncating a catenoid with a polygonal shape, taking a quadric function and applying it on an ellipse to the surface creating aerodynamic shapes that channel well (e.g., shark scales, single or multi-layer scalloping, whale fin, and the like), extending quadric truncation onto the surface of the nozzle spreading the momentum from off of the leading edges and bringing in the intake stream into a less oppositional mode, a series of linearly or orthogonally concave curvatures onto a convex shape, applying to the walls at a larger scale, vortex generators within the nozzle itself (e.g., squares, dimples, vortex film, and the like), forward wedging to channel the flow toward the throat, concave and convex curvature, split diffuser in half rearward of the throat, and the like.