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Influenza - PROGRAMAS Initially the cell 46 is positioned at the top or in the vicinity of an upper portion of a body of water. 7,012,341 discloses an electric power generator for generating electric power which comprises a floating member for floating on the surface of a body of water, such as a lake, a power generator installed on an upper surface of the floating member, a cage suspended from a lower end of the floating member and held to a water bottom, a pair of floating bodies 5 positioned in the cage, a wire rope whose both ends are fixed to the cage, and an air filling-up apparatus for filling up air to each of the floating bodies. These floats position the upper portion of the chains in the vicinity of the upper portion of the body of water.

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Músculos de la Espalda: Definición, anatomía, funciones.. In addition, when the energy producing cell is placed in a body of water that has a current, waves, or tidal movement, the motion created by these forces provide the energy necessary to pump the water out of cell 46. Other clean and/or more affordable energy sources could be utilized to operate the pump 66. For example, non-peak commercial electrical sources, wind, geothermal energy sources, hydro-electric power, etc. Other objects and advantages of this invention will become apparent from the following description taken in conjunction with any accompanying drawings wherein are set forth, by way of illustration and example, certain embodiments of this invention. Any drawings contained herein constitute a part of this specification and include exemplary embodiments of the present invention and illustrate various objects and features thereof. While this patent does not specifically mention the generation of electricity it does mention the use of a generator set. While two generators 42 and 44 are illustrated, any number of generators can be employed.

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A cogwheel or rotary device 30 operatively engages chain 26. A second cogwheel or rotary device 32 operatively engages chain 28. The cog wheels are formed with cogs 34 on wheel 30 and cogs 36 on wheel 32. Cogs 34 preferably engage projections 38 on chain 26 and cogs 35 preferably engage projections 40 on chain 28. In place of projections 38 and 40, chains 26 and 28 can be provided with slots or spaces into which cogs 34 and 36 fit, thereby operatively engaging chains 26 and 28. While these are the preferably forms of operative engagement between the cog wheels and the chains, other structures or types of engagement between the cog wheels and chains can be employed as long as the cog wheels rotate as they travel up and down along the chains or other structures. A similar chain 28 is secured between anchor 24 and float 20. It is also substantially vertical.

The other end of the anchor chain is secured to a float which floats at or near the surface of the body of water. The cog wheels may or may not engage the anchor chains or vertical guides as the cell sinks toward the bottom of the tank. This action releases the air or gas within the cell and allows the cell to fill with water or fluid and sink toward the bottom of the tank or body of water, thus submerging the cell 46 in the body of water again.

  • Cambio en la forma, color o aspecto de la piel de los senos
  • Elevación de la pelvis
  • ½ cucharadita de bicarbonato de sodio (2,5 g)
  • Núcleo trigeminoespinal (situado en el bulbo)

This sensor 60 sends a signal to control device 54 which closes air vents 50, 52, and water intakes 56, 58. A fluid pump 66 is located in a lower portion of the cell 46. Fluid pump 66 is also controlled by control device 54. While the control device is illustrated and being within the cell 46 and electrically connected to vents 50, 52 and openings 56 and 58, it could be located remote from the cell and operated the vents and openings via radio transmissions. Alcohol de romero dolor muscular . Computer 54 detects activation of sensor 68 and instructs valve 64 to close, vents 52 and 54 to open and water intakes 56, 58 to open. Electrical power to operate the computer or processor 54 can be self contained by employing batteries or it can be obtained from external sources and delivered through cable 48. One or more water intake openings 56, 58 permit the introduction of water or other fluids into cell 46. The operation of water intake openings 56, 58 is controlled by computer 50, the floats 51, 53 and springs 55, 57 described herein above.