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Relajacion Archives - MEDITAR Y SER FELIZ It is believed that the vane will be most efficient when it deflects the flow a maximum amount while the flow remains parallel across the vane. 5, direction control mechanism 20 uses magnetic repulsion to rotate swing arm 18. The magnets in stops 34 and the limit arm 36 are aligned such that their polarity causes each stop 34 to repel limit arm 36. As limit arm 36 approaches stop 34, the repulsive force acting on limit arm 36 rotates swing arm 18 about its longitudinal axis to change the direction of swing arm 18. If electromagnets are used, the magnets may be energized when swing arm 18 or limit arm 36 triggers a proximity sensor. Motor 12 consists of three basic components-a vane 16, a swing arm 18, and a direction control mechanism 20. Vane 16 is attached to one end of swing arm 18. Swing arm 18 is fixed along its length at a point 9 at which the swing arm pivots.

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Referring to FIGS. 1 and 2, spring 54 is coupled at one end to swing arm 18 through a flexible joint 51 and at the opposite end to support structure 50. Spring 54 is coupled to swing arm 18 below the point 19 at which swing arm 18 pivots relative to base 31 and support 50 is positioned upstream of vane 16. Other configurations may also be used. For example, if spring 54 is coupled to swing arm 18 above pivot point 19, then support structure 50 would be positioned downstream of base 31 to bias vane 16 against the flow.

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It is desirable to bias vane 16 against the flow of fluid and limit the vertical motion of swing arm 18 help keep the lower portion of vane 16 at a predetermined level with respect to the surface of the water. This orientation of vane 16 causes the leading edge to push against the flow and to act as a rudder, forcing vane 16 to traverse the flow.

In another embodiment of the invention, a method for converting the energy of a flowing fluid to mechanical energy includes providing a vane having a concave face connected to a swing arm, directing the face of the vane into the flowing fluid, causing the vane to traverse the flowing fluid in a reciprocating motion by selectively rotating the swing arm about its longitudinal axis to re-orient the vane in the flowing fluid at each of two points which define the ends of a bidirectional stroke of the swing arm. Dolor muscular en la muñeca . Mr. Roeh’s system, while presenting a potentially workable small scale in-stream generating or pumping station, is disadvantageous because it requires a fairly complex mechanical linkage to achieve the bidirectional control necessary to make the vane sweep automatically back and forth across the stream.