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Han encontrado la forma de colarse bajo el nuevo mapa de.. Within the scope of the invention, for the motor generator, use can be made of a 35 separate motor and a separate generator which both interact with the load, however in an advantageous embodiment, use is made of a motor type which acts as a generator, thus a 3 motor which, when not provided with electrical energy, but when mechanically driven by a corresponding motion of the load, generates electrical energy thereby acting as a generator. Accordingly, it is an object of the invention to provide an active heave compensation whereby the bidirectional converter between the energy storage or power line on the one hand and the motor-generator on the other hand, may be omitted 15 According to an aspect of the invention, there is provided an active heave compensation system comprising: – a motor generator to interact with a load so as to drive the load in a first part of a heave motion cycle and to regenerate at least part of energy with which the load has been driven in a second part of the heave motion cycle, 20 – an electrical storage element for storing the regenerated energy, – a power supply electrically connected to the motor generator and the electrical storage element for providing electrical power to at least the motor generator, and – a control unit configured to control the power supply to let an output voltage of the power supply substantially follow, in synchronism with the heave motion cycle, a charging and 25 discharging voltage cycle of the electrical storage element.

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6A shows another embodiment of the heave compensation system according to the invention, while fig. Also, the same or similar embodiments as disclosed in respect of the active 35 heave compensation system according to the invention, also apply to the active heave compensation method according to the invention, thereby achieving same or similar effects 10 as the corresponding embodiment of the active heave compensation system according to the invention.

The drive and control system may be provided with a heave compensation system 5 comprising a motor generator M/G and a energy storage C (such as a super capacitor with a converter) as described above to drive the solid roll damping mechanism. The active roll damping mechanism comprises a solid roll damping ballast 11 which is movable in the transverse direction of the hull (direction indicated by 35 arrow A), a sensor detecting the rolling motion of the hull, and a drive and control system 12 15 operable to cause and control the movements of the solid roll damping ballast in response to the detections of the sensor to provide roll stabilization. It is to be understood that the damping 10 ballast may not only be provided in transverse direction of the vessel, but also or instead in longitudinal direction.

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25 Firstly, a power supply output current is measured and provided to the first controller CNT 1 of the control unit CON. 35 In a first embodiment, the power supply is a constant current power supply, such as a current source. 20 In an embodiment, the power supply when controlled by the control unit, may be arranged to provide a substantially constant output current, i.e. The term constant current is to be understood as the power supply providing 12 an output current that is substantially constant over e.g. Hence, when energy is regenerated, an output current of the power supply is lowered, and the control unit drives the power supply so as to increase its output voltage so that the regenerated energy from the motor generator can be stored into the electrical storage element, as the increased power supply output voltage, and hence the increased electrical storage element voltage results in a flow of the 20 regenerated energy (in the form of a charging current) into the electrical storage element.

Hence, from the demand of power onto 10 the power supply, a driving (i.e. Hence, as the control unit keeps the time averaged power supply output voltage at a certain level, it is provided that energy losses are compensated. The super capacitor (also referred to as ultra capacitor) may provide for a large capacitance value hence (given a 35 certain operating voltage range) store a large amount of energy. Although in fig. 1 an example is shown where both the load and the platform holding the lifting installation LI are partly submerged, it is also possible that one of the load and the lifting 35 installation is on shore or mounted to a solid reference, as an example the lifting installation may be mounted on a wharf, or the load is to be placed on the wharf while the lifting 11 installation is mounted on a floating platform.

By downwardly moving a piston PI of the hydraulic cylinder HC, 10 the pulley wheel which is connected to the piston, is also moved downwardly. 30 Although hydraulic/gas pressure active heave compensation has been extensively used in many configurations, a disadvantage is that this setup leads to a complex system and involves a risk of leakage of hydraulic fluid, resulting on the one hand in a relatively complex 2 and costly system, while on the other hand requiring regular and secure maintenance to avoid leakage and risks of environmental pollution caused thereby. In a passive heave compensation system, a compressible medium is provided in a form of a gas spring, hydraulic system, etc. An air flow (forced or passive) may be provided so as to flow along the circuit boards, allowing temperature conditioning of the super-capacitors.

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Preferably, the capacitor comprises a super capacitor, as thereby a high capacitance value, and consequently a high energy storage capacity can be provided in a comparably small volume. An output of the second controller CNT2 is provided as a reference to the first controller CNT1. Dolor en las articulaciones y musculos . The first controller CNT compares the measured power supply output current with a reference (as will be discussed below). The second controller CNT2 hence being arranged to compare the averaged power supply output voltage with the reference REF, hence expressing a desired average energy level. 20 The control unit may comprise a heave sensor to measure a heave motion, the control unit being arranged to drive the power supply from the measured heave motion. While a capacitor can provide a high output energy and a battery can provide energy during a relatively long period, a combination could benefit from both features. Thereby, the power supply can be controlled so as to make the electrical storage element to store energy in a part of the heave motion cycle and to release electrical energy in another part of the heave motion cycle.