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Livro - Selecionando os Pontos Certos de Acupuntura: um.. For that purpose, the revolving platform 1 is orientated in a way that allows wing 9 to be in a proper position to induce alternating dynamic pressures on both side of wing 5. Variable dynamic pressures will cause wing 5 to move articulated lever 3 downwardly and upwardly. Alternatively, system 1 may be used as a fan or simply as a mean to produce an oscillating movement of a device, for esthetic purposes. The self-trimming oscillating system 1 of the present invention may be used for various purposes. The present invention relates to an oscillating system that is adapted for operation in a fluid either to produce energy therefrom, or to cause a fluid to be propelled therethrough when the system is oscillated. Alternately, the device can be operated in a fluid such as water, in which case mechanical energy is imparted to cause oscillation of the wing member(s), with the result that if the device is associated with a floating object, for example a boat, oscillation of the wing member(s) will produce a forward or rearward movement of the object as water is propelled therethrough in rearward or forward direction.

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More specifically, the invention is concerned with a device including at least one wing member that is constructed to oscillate through the impulse of a fluid, such as air in motion, and is arranged to convert the linear movement produced by any oscillation of the wing member(s) into a rotary movement that can be transformed into electrical energy or the like, for example.

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A person skilled in the art will understand that to take advantage of such a wing like members arrangement, the oscillation of wing like members 5 would have to be opposite so that reciprocation of reciprocating rod 49 and wing like member oscillation system would cause a wing like member 5 to have a positive angle of attack while causing the other wing like member 5 to have a negative angle of attack, each wing like member 5 counterbalancing the weight of the other wing like member and exerting an opposite lifting force on lever 3. Such an arrangement would therefore relief from the need of using cranks 45a and 45b that are counterbalanced. By coupling multiple wing like member arrangements, each wing like member arrangement being at different phases of the oscillation cycle, the constancy of the force exerted on the cranks 45a and 45b can be improved. Outside crank supports 47a and 47b, two driving pulleys 55a and 55b are operatively connected in known manner respectively to cranks 45a and 45b, so that any rotation of cranks 45a and 45b will drive pulleys 55a and 55b. These pulleys can thereafter be operatively connected to an electrical generator or to any other driving means.

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The conversion of the oscillating linear movement of lever 3 into a circular movement is insured by cranks 45a, 45b, to which a generator may be connected, through pulleys 55a, 55b. The generator may be connected to pulleys 55a, 55b by means of a belt system or by a shaft and transmission combination. 9 it will be seen that there is provided an elbow connector 101 two vertically aligned pivot connections 100 and 102 and a protrusion 109, which provides for an alternative way to cause elevon 7 to pivot relative to wing member 5. Elbow connector 101 is mounted in alignment with pivot connection 83 of joint 78 by way of pivot connection 102 while pivot connection 100 is articulately connected to one extremity of link 105. The other extremity of link 105 is articulately connected to one double joint pivot connection 106 of a double joint 110, articulately fixed to pivot connection 77 by second double joint pivot connection 108. The length of link 105 is adapted in a manner such that a fully horizontal position of lever 3 allows pivot connections 100 and 102 of elbow connector 101, as well as pivot connections 106 and 108 of double joint 110 to be vertically aligned one to another, respectively, and permitting link 105 to be horizontal and parallel to lever 3. Dolor en la parte posterior interna de la rodilla . The articulation of lever 3 upward or downward will therefore preserve the vertical alignment of 100 relative to 102 and 106 relative to 108, respectively, and lever 3 and link 105 will remain parallel in any time.

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An articulating arm 87 is mounted in articulation 89 to pivot on upright holder 71. A second arm 91 has its lower end articulately connected in 93 at the upper end of arm 87 and its upper end articulately connected to link 80. Referring more particularly to Fig. 1, 2, 5 and 6. It will also be noted that control member 39 has an articulation 41 in the upper part thereof, the purpose of which will be discussed below.

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In order to cause pivoting of elevon 7 relative to wing member 5, it will be noted that a protruding tab 33 is provided at the end of elongated articulated lever 3 opposite first articulation 11, said protruding tab being shaped as particularly illustrated in Fig. Systems that actually exist use hydraulic or cable system to give to the wing the proper orientation relative to the fluid flow.

One of the major concern of oscillating systems is the control of the angle of attack of their wing relative to a fluid flow. These systems can be quite complex and can necessitate additional maintenance for proper uses. The self-trimming oscillating system 1 of the present invention may also find uses in the conversion of a circular movement into a linear reciprocating movement to cause a displacement of fluids for propelling a vehicle such as a pedal-boat, a tug boat, a submarine or any other vehicle that requires a fluid displacement to be moved.

6. Also provided in articulated lever 3, is an articulation 35 through which pivoting rod 19 extends when the self-trimming system is mounted. As mentioned above, wing member 5 also comprises an elevon 7 that is mounted to pivot along edge 23 (Fig. Referring again to the drawings, it will be seen that an activating arm 43 is provided as shown to articulately connect control member 39 and protruding tab 33 of elongated articulated lever 3 respectively at articulation 41 and pivot point 37 as will be appreciated by one skilled in the art. It will be noted here that protruding tab 33 is terminated by a pivot point 37 that will be referred to later on in this description. 12, the wing like member 5 exert no force on lever 3 when it reaches the top and lower point of the oscillation cycle since it reaches a neutral position.

Central slot 17 makes it possible to mount wing member 5 at the end of elongated articulated lever 3 opposite articulation 11, while permitting oscillation and pivoting of wing member 5 between the two extreme positions mentioned above (Fig. 7 to 9, there is shown an alternate arrangement for providing a simultaneous oscillation and pivoting of wing member 5. To achieve this, the system includes elongated lever 3, a base 15, wing 5, elevon 7 and a connecting rod 49 as in the previous arrangement. Gluten y dolor de espalda . For example Fowles described a whale tail ship propulsion system back in 1848. In this system, the whale tail moves up and down with an angle of attack. While the invention has been described with particular reference to the illustrated embodiment, it will be understood that numerous modifications thereto will appear to those skilled in the art.

Turning now to elevon 7 it will be seen that the latter has an upstanding control member 39 in the form of a small vertical tab that is fixed in known manner on elevon 7 and is disposed in alignment with central slot 17, all as particularly shown in Figs. For example, two wing like member arrangement, each arrangement being constituted by wing like member 5, and elongated lever 3, a support 9 and a connecting rod 49, can be placed either side by side or one at the top of another so as to permit rods 49 of every arrangement to cooperate with a single crank. For example, a skilled artisan could extend elongated lever 3 so that vertical support 9 and articulation 11 would be found midway both extremities of elongated lever 3. One wing like member could be articulately mounted at each extremity of elongated lever 3 in a manner such that front edges of both wing like members 5 would face the incoming flow of fluid.

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3) it has the shape of a standard airplane wing, although any suitable shape can be used bearing in mind the purpose for which it was provided. Wing systems can be used as a means to produce electricity from a fluid flow, such a river or wind. Indeed, seeing that oscillating wing systems get their high efficiency from a very large rectangular projected area in the flow, it is more easy to install it into a deep river.

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Fig. 3 is a side view of the self-trimming oscillating system illustrated in Fig. 1 ; Fig. 6 is an exploded view of the self-trimming oscillating system illustrated in Fig. The self-trimming oscillating system 1 may comprise rotatable means to permit orientation thereof so that a front edge of said wing like member 5 directly faces an incoming flow of a fluid.