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The membrane may be attached to the body adjacent upper and lower portions of the body of the converter. FIG. 46 shows a single diaphragm bank of cells 178 with single manifold 180 and bi-directional turbines 182. This provides open loop ducting (applicable to all configurations). FIGS. 15a to 15c show a multi cell longitudinal bank form of WEC with integrated flexible divider walls 84 according to an embodiment of the present invention. 34 is a perspective view of a hydro turbine blade with a raked tip section, according to an embodiment of the present invention.

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Causas de un tobillo hinchado sin dolor - Tu Blog de salud.. FIG. 20 is a perspective of V or chevron configuration of two linear arrays or banks of multi cells forming a combined WEC arrangement according to an embodiment of the present invention. 39 according to an embodiment of the invention. FIG. 5 shows a cross section through a WEC with a single radius curvature cell face according to an embodiment of the present invention.

FIGS. 2a to 2k show in sequential steps wave action on the membrane for a half swept cell volume (c/w FIGS. FIGS. 32 to 34 show breakwater applications of WECs according to embodiments of the present invention. Certain disclosed embodiments also include guide vanes located on both sides of the turbine to direct water flow onto the turbine blades in 5 bidirectional fluid flow applications. FIGS. Dolor muscular pecho y espalda . 30 and 31 show deep water applications of the WEC according to embodiments of the present invention, with FIGS. The splined edge of the membrane is then clamped, such as by putting the splined edge into a channel or groove and applying a fastener to clamp the splined edge into the channel or groove. Each converter, whether having one or more cells, such as each limb (arm/leg) of the converter (and group of cells as a whole), may be pivoted to allow the chord angle to change with respect to the oncoming wave, allowing optimisation of the device according to the strength, (wave height and surge etc.) and direction of the wave.

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Fisioterapia: A reabilitação da vida: Auxiliares da Marcha.. The water is constantly changing direction both vertically and horizontally and constantly changing in nature from potential (height) to kinetic (motion) energy and combinations in between. It will also be appreciated that due to the fluid nature of the energy in the wave and the flexible nature of the membrane, the membrane may not be compressed evenly and orderly, yet the volume within will still be generally compressed from the lower portion to the upper portion. The primary focus was on the bag design but this patent document also discloses the use of a single self rectifying turbine per cell rather than the previous closed loop circuits. Pat. No. 4,675,536 to Bellamy then progressed in the mid 1980s to a circular or ring design to reduce the size and cost of the converter, improve its sea keeping, and reverting to the option of using a series of membranes but now vertically positioned, rather than bags to capture the wave energy.

These show the outlet port(s) 74 from the cell and the inlet port(s) 76 to the cell volume. Flow from the cell volume 22 is through an outlet port 74 through the valving 68 into the supply conduit 64. return flow is from the return conduit 66 via the valving 68 into the cell volume 22. The valving includes separate outlet valves and return one way valves. Dolor muscular en la ingle al correr . 15 The unit 10 may also be employed as a uni-directional ocean circulation or current turbine, in other uni-directional free flow applications, or reciprocally for propellers or pumps or systems which operate in both turbine mode and propeller/pump modes. Each figure also shows a representation of the pattern of actual cell membrane displacement for each sequence across the WEC limb 10 a.

Preferably one or both of the supply port or check valve (high pressure) and return port or check valve (low pressure) is/are positioned adjacent an uppermost limit of the cell face or basin just below the upper membrane restraining edge. The at least one port of each cell preferably includes inlet and outlet ports. This may be achieved by locating the at least one port of each cell integrally with the body of the converter. A further aspect of the present invention provides a method of controlling or optimising fluid pressure within at least one cell of a wave energy convertor (WEC) or within the WEC system, the method including increasing or reducing fluid pressure within each said cell and/or within a low pressure or high pressure conduit(s) and/or manifold of the system. As expressed above, each cell may form part of an individual unit or may be a sub part of a larger structure containing multiple said cells.

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For example, a WEC may be 6,8,10,12 sided, with some or all of those sides incorporating cells or arrays of cells. For example, the converter may be concreted to the seabed or may be attached to raised supports, a platform or foundations attached to the seabed, or may be self-weighted through geo-textile bags or filled (such as sand filled) internal voids. FIG. 29 is a plan cross section view of a single turbine generator unit with 20 longitudinal hole through the hub in a ducted unidirectional turbine according to the invention. 15 The diffuser duct 40 is a hollow cylinder disposed about the longitudinal axis of the hub 20 to form a duct and house a radially oriented rotor. 15 FIG. 12 is a rear elevation view of the diffuser duct with a circular inlet and an oblong outlet in a unidirectional turbine according to the invention.

An outlet or supply conduit 64 and an inlet or return conduit 66 are provided. FIGS. 1l and 1x show the membrane fully retracted or pressed back onto the face. FIGS. 3 and 4 show alternative mounting arrangements of wave energy converters (WECs) according to embodiments of the present invention.

As the wave continues to pass over the WEC (see FIGS. The piers help the WEC to sit at the correct depth in the water to meet with required specification and performance criteria from the WEC in relation to the depth of water and general wave conditions. 13a , with the left-hand membrane partially compressed, the centre membrane fully inflated and the right-hand membrane completely deflated. When the membrane is fully compressed to the face, as in FIG. Que hacer para quitar dolor de rodilla . FIG. 24 shows a near shore ocean facing apex with the limbs pointing towards the shore. Alternatively, separate turbine-generator combinations may be mounted towards or at the end of each leg/arm or anywhere along the leg length or elsewhere.

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In the Spooner reference, one or more sets of passive magnetic bearings are used to support the generator turbine through 15 the repulsion or attraction of opposite pairs of passive magnets, which are separate from the turbine electrical generator components. Variable ballast may be employed to control lift or lowering of the WEC about the pivot 54. The ballast can be water, such as seawater pumped into or evacuated out of a chamber or conduit through the WEC. With the aforementioned in mind, it is desirable of the present invention to overcome the difficulties of such converters by preferably providing a sub sea wave energy converter better able withstand storms.

The wave energy converter may include one said cell or cells. Fluid pressure can be determined by readings from one or more pressure sensors within the cell(s) and/or conduits and/or manifold of the system. According to one or more preferred embodiments of the present invention, one or more turbines (and one or more electricity generators driven by the respective turbine(s)) may be driven by the air flow from the cell(s) fed from the high pressure manifold and discharging to the low pressure manifold. The various rear options act to modify return wave flow and thereby can be used to maximise WEC efficiency for a given application and location. The supply and return conduits 64, 66 may be integral to the body portion(s) or may run externally of the WEC in individual conduits in the form of pipes. A Concave or straight rear to the WEC or WEC body can help reduce eddy currents at the rear of the WEC, which may help reduce erosion of the seabed/seafloor at the rear.

ATROFIAS Y DOLORES MUSCULARES TIENEN ORIGEN EN NUESTRAS.. Thus, wave energy conversion over a period for different wave directions over a period of time can be averaged. Thus, the WEC may be double sided in terms of cells so that the device extracts wave energy from an oncoming wave and a return wave. ‘pressed’ onto and conforming to the corresponding face or face. U.S. Pat. No. 3,989,951 to Lesster in the mid 1970’s discusses a submerged converter using a compressible fluid (such as air) as the transmission fluid to improve the responsiveness of the converter by reducing the mass and inertia of the transmission fluid.

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