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Los mejores 5 geles con árnica para aliviar los dolores.. A kind of masts type wind power generation plant, including the wind-force vibration cone being longitudinally distributed, mast, magnetic coupling electromotor, tuning module, fixed pedestal;The bottom of this wind-force vibration cone be the less one end of cone and and be connected with described fixed pedestal by mast, wind-force vibrates when cone is used for blowing air in its both sides generation Karman vortex street phenomenon;Described magnetic coupling electromotor includes stator and mover, and this mover is fixed on described mast and swings for following mast, carrys out the winding of cutting stator to produce induction electromotive force;Described tuning module for regulate described Karman vortex street phenomenon make wind-force vibration cone frequency of vibration Tong Bus with cone natural frequency, with produce resonate so that wind-force vibrate cone judder. The figure is intended to illustrate the problem that the present invention is related to and shows therefore an embodiment being outside the scope of the invention.

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The foregoing is only the preferred embodiments of the present invention, the present invention is not limited to above-mentioned embodiment, broadly falls within protection scope of the present invention as long as realizing the technical scheme of the object of the invention with essentially identical means. It is to be noted, the wind-force vibration cone 10 of the technical program is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, as a cone stood upside down, make center of gravity higher, the vibration that can produce maximum is calculated by Fluid Surface, material used is carbon fiber or composite glass fiber, catches wind energy by the vortex shedding effect of Karman vortex street, converts wind energy into mechanical energy.Wind-force vibration cone 10 belongs to variable geometry, recalculates the parameters such as surface curvature according to the different operating situation of different application occasion, in order to better catch wind energy.

As in figure 2 it is shown, described tuning module 40 described makes the frequency of vibration of wind-force vibration cone 10 Tong Bus with cone natural frequency due to Karman vortex street phenomenon for regulating, to produce to resonate so that wind-force vibrates cone 10 judder. Only showing construction features and the ultimate principle of tuning module 40 in figure, specific design scheme determines work-in parameters and the laminated construction patterns such as the strong magnetic outer shroud 401 magnetic field intensity with strong magnetic internal ring 402 according to equipment design objective and applied environment situation. As can be seen from the figure, support 60 between stator 301 and fixed pedestal 50, it is four same supports 60 with the support 60 of fixing strong magnetic outer shroud 401, this design and number belong to decision design, it can certainly be different support 60, even support 60 is independently to fix with ground and be not connected with fixed pedestal 50, does not all affect the enforcement of the technical program.

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Further, described tuning module is between magnetic coupling electromotor and fixed pedestal. The work process of the present invention is: when wind is when vibrating cone 10 through wind-force, cone 10 both sides can be vibrated at wind-force and produce Karman vortex street, regulate described make the frequency of vibration of wind-force vibration cone 10 Tong Bu with cone natural frequency due to Karman vortex street phenomenon by tuning module 40, thus producing resonance, wind-force vibration cone 10 is made to produce maximum vibration, and convert wind energy into mechanical energy and pass to the mover 301 of magnetic coupling electromotor 30 by mast 20, produce electric current in stator 302, complete by the conversion of wind energy mechanical energy electric energy. Further, described tuning module includes strong magnetic outer shroud and strong magnetic internal ring, this strong magnetic inner ring sleeve is located on described mast, strong magnetic outer shroud and strong magnetic internal ring are that concentric spacing arrangement is so that strong magnetic internal ring suspends, when suspension internal ring is driven when outer shroud is close by mast, original potential-energy balance will be broken, promotion suspension internal ring is returned to potential-energy balance point by the high-intensity magnetic field of outer shroud, suspension internal ring will do back and forth movement centered by equilibrium point, balance point position mast obtains maximum kinetic energy, similar single pendulum is affected by gravity and does back and forth movement, and strong magnetic outer shroud is connected with fixed pedestal by support.

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Muletas - Eder Lopez - Flickr Furthermore, the immersion of the hull in the water will be influenced in dependence of the size of the counter force, which, together with the elasticity of the line, imparts additional contributions of elastic forces. 5 considerably reduces the problem of varying force, though to a limited extent. The masts type wind power generation plant of the present invention has on-bladed, few feature is occupied in space, it is made to be applicable to civil area, can install in the environment such as street lamp, building platform, ward, carry out sharp generating, floor space is little, easy to use, safety is high, and noise is little, due to parts without spin, safeguard simple.The present invention is beneficial to wind-power electricity generation and comes into common people family, the social benefit of further genralrlization utilization of new energy resources.

Traditional wind power generation plant is made up of tower bar, cabin, blade etc., blade is generally 3 blades, commercial scale plant length of blade is at tens meters, arrangement between numerous blower fans of one wind energy turbine set needs bigger safe distance, therefore the floor space of a wind energy turbine set is bigger, and blade can send noise when rotating, and produce safely birds to threaten.The shortcoming of these conventional fan hinders its development to miniaturization, civil area, and these are required for a kind of novel wind power generation plant. Above-mentioned wind-force vibration cone 10 is made up of carbon fiber or composite glass fiber material, and the physical property such as texture is frivolous, tension is applicable to the working environment of Long-term Vibration, has longer service life.