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The front and rear walls of said parallelepipedic body are equal and U-shaped, so as to close completely the lower half of the front and back thereof, indicated at and 1 43, also closing the compartments I and III of the upper half of said body by means of the front wall 10 and the rear walls 141, 142, whereby the upper half of the compartment II will remain open at the front and back, in the form of a central passage, between partitions 4 and 5, the top wall 8 and an intermediate wall 7 separating said compartment from the rest of the machine body. 2. An electromechanical power generating machine adapted to be mounted on a suitable base and actuated by aerial, fluvial and sea flows, currents and waves, said machine comprising a pair of reciprocating dynamic members having respective active working surfaces acting as blades for receiving the power fluids and provided with bends, projections and curvings, said blades being located and mounted so as to be moved angularly, said dynamic members being installed between walls defining adjacent channeling passages for said flows, currents and waves and mounted on a drive shaft, mechanical gear, connection and release means arranged for actuating said drive shaft cyclically during each effective movement of said dynamic members through suitable angles, means for returning said dynamic members to their normal positions, and a synchronized system of mechanisms associated with said dynamic member return means for alternatingly opening and closing the access to said channeling passages.

A wire 262 having one end secure dto the pin 258, is wound about a grooved wheel 263 mounted on a common shaft 264 with and firmly secured to a further grooved wheel 265 having twice the diameter of the wheel 263. To the groove of the larger wheel 265 of this reduction assembly is anchored one end of a further wire 266 which is in turn wound about the groove of at ransmission roller 267 positioned in the same vertical plane as the grooved wheel 265, on a supporting structure 268. The upper portion of said supporting structure is provided with a horizontal flange 269 suitable fixed to the walls of the machine. 17. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 16, which comprises secondary wheels mounted on said reciprocating shaft for receiving the alternating motion from said system and converting it into a continuous and regular motion as an additional source of electromechanical power of said reciprocating shaft and main wheel system, simultaneouswith and parallel to that of said drive shaft, said secondary wheels being associated with regulating and timing means for governing gear and/ or cable motion-transmitting mechanisms for altematingly and synchronously opening and closing corresponding ones of said channeling passages.

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ELECTROMEGHANICAL POWER GENERATING MACHINE Filed Aug. FIG. 6 shows, by way of example, a machine having six dynamic elements mounted on one drive shaft 24 common to all of them (multiple unit). 10) meshed with the rack, particularly when the door reaches the maximum movement to the left as shown in FIG. The gear assembly as described above, from the toothed sector 211 to the toothed wheel 232 is arranged for transmitting the rotary motion of the pinion 217, doubled by the toothed wheel 218, to the toothed wheel 232, necessary for causing the alternating opening and closing of the sliding door 233. To this end, the sliding door 233 is provided in both the upper and lower portions thereof with wheels 234, 235 and 236, 237, respectively, shown in dotted lines in FIG. Dolor lumbar y mareos . In the multiple unit, namely a unit comprising a plurality of pairs of dynamic elements mounted on a common shaft 24, the reciprocating shaft system 194 has fixed or keyed thereto a number of main wheels corresponding to the number of blades, alternatingly connected to each other as shown in FIG.

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8) provided with a projection 244 engaging a guide member 245 (FIG. The front walls 10, 135 and rear walls 141, 142, 143 are also connected to the top wall 8 and the base 26 in a similar manner, through said angle bars (FIG. 2. However, in the twin unit, while the blade 109 is drivingly moved, connected to the shaft 24, the adjacent blade 110 has its passage closed by the sliding door, as shown, whereby due to the absence of fluid mass and through the action of the balancing arm thereof, it will return to its normal, vertical or balanced position, with a return movement of of the aforesaid pawl on the ratchet wheel 106 and, consequently, of the shaft 24. Once the blade 109 has performed its useful movement, the action of the gearing described above will move the device for closing the door 18 of its own passage, from left to right, which will cause the opening of the left-hand channeling passage corresponding to the blade 110. The inflow of the natural fluid current will then act on blade 110 which will perform its useful movement, with the pawl operatively engaging the ratchet wheel 106, in a successive drive of the shaft 24, namely, in a continuous manner relative to the previous movement of the latter shaft.

The blade 305 located in the channeling pas sage formed between walls 324 and 325, with its corresponding driving devices, the shaft 24, the eccentric and pawl 38 and ratchet wheel 39, is connected through its back projection to the main wheel 307, by means of the link 309, in position for starting its useful rotation through The blade 306 is arranged to alternate with blade 305 and will therefore be in horizontal position, having its channeling passage (between walls 325 and 326) closed and with the link 310 connecting it with the respective main wheel 308 in its -90 extreme lower position.

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2 and 4) has fixedly mounted in a recess 59a thereof a ring gear 60 having the same diameter and number of teeth as the toothed wheel ’56, with which it is connected through meshing engagement of both with a pinion 50 mounted on a shaft 51 supported in bearing 48. A pin 66 having a screwthreaded end portion extends through a hole in the annular member 59 and is secured by nut means. The blade 9 has an upper arcuate end 21 and the rear surface thereof is reinforced by means of T- s’haped wings 22 and webs 27 extending tom the quill 20 to the arcuate end 21 and following the shape of the latter. Mounted on the portion of shaft 223 located in the front section of the machine between bearing 226 and the rear wall of said section, is a toothed wheel 228 (FIGS.

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18. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 17, wherein said secondary wheels are housed in side compartments of the machine. Cl. 6022 31 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A power generating machine, adapted to be actuated by natural fluid currents and waves, having enclosed fluid driven reciprocating members driving a shaft and gate means for periodically admitting fluid to act on the reciprocating members. 6. These members, designated with the reference numerals 117, 118 and 119 are identical and the adjacent curved sides of any two adjacent members will converge towards the alternatingly open passages and will cooperate with the arcuate surfaces 16 and 13 to channel, concentrate and make best use of the natural fluid currents. The power fluids will enter the channelling passage which is open both at the front and rear ends.

The starting point for the complete revolution of member 59 corresponds to the time at which the projection 74 has moved upwardly to the bevelled end portion of the arm 158 of the plate member 67, i.e., when the pin 66 releases the lever arm 65, leaving same free to the action of the spring 76, after having moved from the extreme left position to the extreme right position, determined by the opening or gap in the Sim-ring formed in member 67. As the projection 74 travels throughout the length of the semiring, the lever arm 65, through the action of the spring 76, will maintain its extreme left position and, consequently, will hold the sliding door 18 in open position by the fork 80 engaging the pin 72 on the door extension 25. Escala de incapacidad por dolor lumbar de oswestry . In such position, the above-mentioned channeling passage will remain open, the natural fluid acting on the blade 9 therein and leaving through the rear open end of the passage.

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Further, this construction has other advantages, such as the application of the system for operating the passage opening and closing mechanisms in an alternating and synchronized manner as required for the reciprocating elements thereof. 1. The quill 200 of the dynamic blade 110 is also mounted on the shaft 24 and abuts against the wall 108, the other end thereof extending through the wall or partition 4. The shaft 24 extends through the walls 4, 108 and 5 through the quills of both dynamic blades and is supported in bearings 36 and 37. The projecting end of the shaft bearing 36 has keyed thereto the bevel gear 40 meshing orthogonally with the bevel pinion 41 the shaft 42 of which transmits complete revolutions to the entire system, as explained hereinbefore.

The aforesaid gear Wheels c nnecting the drive shaft 24 with the shaft 42 and with the shaft 54 are located in the compartment I of the machine, defined by the top wall 8, base 26, side wall 3 and partition 4 and also maintained hermetically closed. 5, but in the present instance separated by two small parallel-walled housings, one between the first and second pair of passages and the other between the second and third pair. The various original devices of the reciprocating shaft and wheel system have been described in connection with a unit comprising two dynamic elements arranged to be moved alternately with closing and opening of the respective access passages by means of mechanism and drives specially designed to be controlled by secondary wheels mounted on shaft 194, whereby the reciprocating shaft and wheels provides a complete system with the alternating and synchronized opening and closing of the channeling passages.

Inasmuch as both blades are equal in construction, the link 200 connecting the blade 19.0 with the respective wheel 195 is coupled to the corresponding projection and hole which coincides geometrically and practically with the point a. 9. Also mounted on stand 214 and meshing with the toothed wheel 218 is a transmission pinion 219 keyed to a shaft 220 extending through said stand 214. The projecting end of shaft 220 carried a bevel gear 221 meshing with a further bevel gear 222 equal in size and having the same number of teeth as gear 221 and mounted on a shaft 223 (FIGS.

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6, and at the top.