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GADO: Casos Clínicos It will be apparent to one skilled in the art that the present disclosure may be practiced without the specific details. In the following description, the various embodiments of the generating cell described herein may be utilized in various components orientations, such as inclined, inverted, horizontal, vertical, etc., and in various configurations, without departing from the principles of the present invention. The preferred embodiment of the generating cell is disclosed, but it should be clearly understood that the principles of the invention are not limited to any particular embodiment or method of generating electricity described herein. As it is mentioned before, in preferred embodiment of the invention, the most effective energy conversion can be achieved when the resonant frequencies (at least one) of the vibration assembly is substantially equal to the characteristic frequencies of the turbulent flow. There is a strong demand for a new type of low-cost / low-maintenance power generators that are capable of efficient conversion of the flow kinetic energy into electricity under various conditions, such as the flow velocities, temperature/humidity variations, etc.

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COMO QUITAR EL DOLOR DE LA OTITIS - REMEDIOS CASEROS.. This disclosure based on exploiting a wind flow to generate energy by using an aero-elastic flutter effect induced along at least one tensioned flexible membrane (ribbon, or ‘belt’) fixed at two or more points. Modern wind-powered and hydro-powered generators that based on propeller, rotor, turbine or rotating airfoil became reliable and widespread energy sources and their implementations are growing due to its economical power production and environmental benefits. In some embodiments, magnetic field sources are connected to the elastic element and move relatively to the stationary conductive elements.

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  • Apparatus for developing electrical energy from a periodic natural force comprising

Fig. lb, the magnetic fields 8 are oriented in such a manner that electromotive force is generated in the conductive material of the conductive element 2. The electromotive force induces an electrical current within the conductive element 2. The value of the current depends on the various factors, such as amplitude and frequency of the oscillations, load conditions, internal resistance and impedance, etc. A various arrangements of the electrical conductive elements 2 can be attached to the elastic elements 3 in proximity to the magnetic field sources 6, as shown in Fig la and Fig lb. In such embodiment the voltage potential is generated at the edges of the elastic element 3 itself in the presence of the magnetic field 8 that is generated by the magnetic field source 6. The vibration of the elastic element 3 causes the conductive elements 2 to move relatively to the magnetic field sources 6. Dolor de espalda al respirar y moverse . A various arrangements of the magnetic field sources can be implemented in proximity to the electrical conductive elements.

In another embodiment of the disclosure the elastic element itself can be made of a conductive material and play a role of the conductive element by itself. The elastic element can be made of various materials, have various shapes and can be positioned at various angles relatively to the flow direction. The term “magnetic field source”, as used herein, is defined as a permanent magnet or electrical magnet (solenoid) made of a single or multiple elements (magnets), and/or a single coil or a plurality of coils, of the same or different shapes, materials or sizes. A plurality of magnets or coils can be positioned around the vibrating conductive element of the generating cell. The frequency of the oscillations is governed by several factors that include shape, relative geometry and mass of the vibrating assembly components, and, in substantial part, determined by the stiffness or rigidity of the elastic element 3, as displacement produces a strain in the elastic element 3. In general, the more rigid the elastic element 3, the greater the resonant frequencies of the vibrating assembly.

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Ai and fi are the time-averaged oscillating amplitude and resonant frequency of the oscillating harmonic component i, respectively. Moreover, in all proposed generators the weight of the vibrating element restricts the allowed transducer geometry, resulting in a limited range of oscillating frequencies needed for efficient energy conversion. Shapes and materials of the vibrating assembly are defined by the maximum conversion efficiency for a particular application.

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The variations may include materials with different elastic properties and shapes, including tapered, elongated shapes, as well as shapes that may incorporate holes, and/or protrusions and/or depressions to enhance the oscillation characteristics while fitting the available space for vibrating movements (accommodating nearby magnetic field sources, etc). In addition, a permanent magnet can be implemented as an element of closed magnetic circuit to maximize the magnetic flux in the coils. Alternatively, a single magnetic field source can be implemented for plurality of generating cells. The random motion (or random displacement) can also be considered as a source of kinetic energy.