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Various exemplary devices are suitable for mounting on a conventional drum (e.g., acoustic and/or electronic) and/or are suitable for use as a retaining and/or tensioning device for a drum head. FIG. 6A is a diagram of an exemplary device that includes three emitters wherein each emitter projects radiation in a plane and each plane is positioned at a different axial position; FIG. FIG. 1A shows an exemplary volume and emitters (E0, E1, E2) with respect to a cylindrical coordinate system 100. While the exemplary volume appears as a box, other shapes are possible (e.g., cylinder, polytope, etc.). Such an exemplary two object scenario demonstrates an ability to detect two objects in a volume defined by paths between one or more emitters and one or more detectors. Note that in the Ex.1, Ex.2, and Ex.3, it is still possible to determine a velocity for Object 2. Of course, some other possibilities exist as well; however, where Object 1 and Object 2 interrupt one or more same paths at more than one level, then it is likely some overlap of position of Object 1 and Object 2 exists.

  • The apparatus of claim 1, wherein the actuation circuit includes a programmable control system
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  • Cox NJ, Subbarao K. “Influenza”. Lancet. 1999 Oct 9;354(9186):1277-82. PMID 10520648
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Dolor fisiopatologia Of course, orthogonal and/or rectilinear arrangements of emitters and/or detectors are also possible, especially, but not limited to, those that may act to minimize risk of aliasing two objects or more even objects. Tratamiento del dolor de rodilla . A ΔΦE may also be defined with respect to the focus EF. In general, this indicates that an object has entered the volume defined by emitter and detector transmission paths.

In this example, a first vector at time t0 indicates that a path corresponding to a detector at Z0 has been at least to some degree interrupted (e.g., a decrease in transmitted radiation). An exemplary method includes introducing an object at least partially into a volume in one or more manners to thereby calibrate the object. Consider placing a hand at least partially into the volume in one or manners to thereby calibrate the hand. For example, where an exemplary device serves as a virtual drum, a player may register or calibrate one or more drumming implements if provided with a suitable exemplary method such as the aforementioned exemplary method.

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For example, the Evolution™ LC digital camera (Media Cybernetics, Inc., Silver Spring, Md.) includes a Zoran CMOS sensor (e.g., 1280×1024) and an IEEE 1394 interface that allows for data transfer rates of 24 MHz at 24-bit. The aforementioned digital camera illustrates how a detector array may be powered and/or transfer information to a computer. Exemplary detectors include, but are not limited to, point, linear and arcuate detectors, which may be detector arrays (e.g., 1-D, 2-D, etc.).

For example, Lasermate, Inc.

¿Qué debo hacer para tener un postoperatorio seguro.. In general, an emitter emits radiation, which may be electromagnetic and/or other radiation. Modulation, timing, matching of emitters and detectors, etc., can operate to minimize effects of ambient radiation, stray radiation, etc. Advances in robotics, for example, have led to more widespread use of gyroscopes and accelerometers. For example, Lasermate, Inc. In this example, the fan-beam emitters 410, 410′, 410″ include a ΔΘE of about 120°. While a certain number of rays or emitter/detector paths are shown for each emitter 410, 410′, 410″, in this example, the number of effective rays typically depends on the number of detectors. In general, such an exemplary device when used as a tensioning device will tension a drum head with minimal deformation to ensure alignment of various emitters and/or detectors. For example, techniques used to reconstruct images based on projection data are optionally used in various exemplary methods. In general, mass may be an unknown and optionally programmable and/or determinable based on a model that accounts for any of a variety of factors that may relate to an object, a family of objects, etc.

Photodiodes are typically semiconductors that generate a current or voltage when illuminated by radiation. “High-speed” photodiodes include Fermionics Opto-Technology high speed InGaAs photodiodes for high speed analog and digital communication systems, LANs, FDDI, instrumentation, and sensing applications (e.g., i rise/fall times in hundreds of picoseconds (100×10−12 S)). An exemplary device optionally includes one or more sensors for sensing ambient radiation and making adjustment in response to characteristics of ambient radiation (e.g., intensity, wavelength, direction, etc.). For example, an emitter may be modulated in coordination with of one or more other emitters. The emitters are positioned at respective Θ, r and z positions. FIGS. 6A, 6B and 6C show an exemplary scenario including a top view of an exemplary device 602, a cross-sectional view of the exemplary device 604 and a binary array 422, 422′, 422″ associated with the device 602. In this particular example, the emitters 410, 410′, 410″ are optionally positioned at different positions along a z-axis in a cylindrical coordinate system.

Demonstration examples of various exemplary arrangements, devices, systems, methods, etc.

Various exemplary devices include one or more switches that are optionally operated by a hand, a foot, a stick, etc. Dolor de espalda baja lado izquierdo causas . Any particular detector and/or emitter may optionally be used to form one or more paths. Information of the vectors may be used to determine various parameters. Demonstration examples of various exemplary arrangements, devices, systems, methods, etc. Various exemplary devices, methods, etc., disclosed herein aim to satisfy this and/or other needs.

FIGS. 12-19 are perspective view diagrams of various exemplary devices associated with acoustic and/or electronic instruments. Various exemplary methods are optionally embodied in part as information in a computer-readable medium suitable for execution in conjunction with, for example, a microprocessor. Such a device optionally includes any of the features of various exemplary devices described herein, as appropriate. Exemplary algorithms include, but are not limited to, those associated with tomography and those that are discussed further below. An exemplary two object scenario includes an associated binary array and applies to the exemplary scenario of FIG.

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A first set of detectors assigned to the vector 422 have exemplary binary values assigned from 0 to 39 that are associated with radiation from an emitter E0 (e.g., Z0). A third set of detectors assigned to the vector 422 have exemplary binary values assigned from 80 to 119 that are associated with radiation from an emitter E2 (e.g., Z2). An exemplary two object scenario corresponding to FIGS. The exemplary method optionally allows a user to associate or identify an object with a calibration and/or optionally automatically select an object for a calibration.