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Flekosteel Namibia, price, comments, how to use - the.. 29, the system 290 has a plurality of counterbalance weights or masses 170 located below the hull 28. Each counterbalance mass 170 is carried on a counterbalance weight rod 172. The hull 28, the truss 158, the counterbalance masses 170, 25 and other components are all part of the first movable mass 164. Similar to the embodiment shown in FIGS. 31, the system 302 has a plurality of counterbalance weights or masses 170 located below the hull 28, which is similar to the tuning masses discussed above. The suspension rod 218 is carried by a swing mass brace 224. The brace 224 is carried by an adjustable base 226 which is adjustable relative to the hull 202 of the system 25 20. The adjustable base 226 is carried by a base suspension rod 228 that extends to the pivot point 210. The base 226 can be moved vertically relative to the keel of the hull 202. Still referring to FIG.

It is not the relationship of the weight of the second mass relative to the first mass that is important. 30 It is recognized that the braking system or braking mechanism 192 can be a “generative” braking system used to “tune” the second movable mass by controlling its speed and also used to generate electricity. 12 FIG. 1 lB shows the floating platform 128 on a wave 46 such that the trailing edge 36 is near the crest 44 of the wave 46 and the leading edge 34 is near the trough 48. Tos y dolor de espalda . The constant changing of the relative heights of the track 24 near the leading edge 34 and the trailing edge 36 of the floating platform 128 by the hydraulic force of the wave is the source 10 of energy used to allow the mass 26, the rolling energy generating mass, to roll along the track 24 and generate power.

Cómo prevenir el dolor en la parte baja de la espalda.. It is recognized that other systems use water to generate energy, and the only way 5 that more energy is produced is by increasing the surface area of the energy device. It is recognized that the addition of reserve buoyancy can also be accomplished by adding pontoons to the upper edges or top of the platform. 5 The hull 28 is designed with a reserve buoyancy feature or freeboard. The length or material of the mooring line 132 could influence the natural frequency of the floating platform 22 or 128 of the system 20. The anchor or where the mooring line is connected relative to the waterline also could be used in tuning the system 20. The mooring system creates a reciprocating motion of the hull in relation to the fixed anchor location. 19A is a schematic side view of the floating platform showing braking for tuning of the masses; FIGS 19B -19D are schematics side views of the floating platform after tuning of a swinging mass with a braking mechanism; 25 FIG.

15 is a perspective view of an alternative floating platform; FIG. 29; FIG. 31 is a side sectional view of an alternative floating platform; 5 FIG. 15 Referring to FIG. Referring to FIG. 14, a perspective view of the unit 80 with the mass 26 in the form 20 of the mass 80 and the mass 82 is shown on the track 24. The track 24 has a pair of curved portions 144 and interposed linear portion 146. The unit 80 has the electrical generator 96. It has been recognized that the hull 28, such as shown in FIG. WO 2012/018392 29 PCT/US2011/001368 It is recognized that while embodiments have either shown rolling masses or swinging masses, that a system can have a hybrid that combines both swinging and rolling into one system.

1 A, the floating platform 128 of FIG.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF EMBODIMENTS Two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered with water. In contrast to previous embodiments where the track or rail 154 has individual stator segments 30 248, the system 290 has a continuous stator 296 extending between the rails 154 as best seen in FIG. 1 A, the floating platform 128 of FIG. Thus, the action of the moving waves causes a series of incline planes, any given incline plane being the reverse of both the incline plane that precedes it and the incline plane that follows it. It should be noted that the floating platform 22 with a bottom 32 that is flat both in 15 the direction of the motion of the waves and transverse to the motion of the waves, as opposed to rounded or v-shaped, is a more efficient incline plane. The coil device has a plurality of coils that are separate and distinct and capable of having a flow current created.

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The hull 28 has to be stable enough to support the mass 26 at the fore and aft positions of the hull 28, and the leading and trailing edges 34 and 36. Stability is created by designing a 30 hull 28 with enough draft to displace a volume of water that weighs equal to or is much larger than the weight of the mass 26 plus the total weight of the hull 28. Dolor de cabeza tension muscular . As the ratio of volume of water displaced by the hull 28 to the weight of the mass 26 increases, the stability of the hull 28, metacentric height (GM), increases. It is desired to have a hull that is omni directional in design. 10 In one embodiment, the hull 28 has a length of forty feet. A second movable mass is carried by and movable relative to the hull.