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Joint Fuel 360 Reviews - Does It Really Work & Safe To Use? The lines shown in FIG. Shaft 27 is connected by connector 42 a to flexible but non-stretchable cable 44, and the flexible cable is connected by connector 42 b to central shaft 24 a of buoy 26 which central shaft is connected to generator 46 or some other energy conversion device. Other embodiments of such suction-based power extraction schemes are possible, and these other embodiments would also be covered by the scope of this patent. The “relative device power” is that “relative available power” (i.e. The maximum amount of power that can be made available for extraction within the throat of a venturi device, optimized according to the object of this invention, increases very rapidly when the wave period becomes less than 4 seconds-a very unlikely prospect for waves with a height of 4 meters. Reducing the relative throat diameter (or, equivalently, reducing the cross-sectional area of the venturi throat.

A wave energy device with the same overall size, and differing only in the cross-sectional area of its throat and embedded turbine (if any), can generate substantially more power when driven by waves of greater height. When multiplied by the cross-sectional area of the mouth of the venturi device considered in our example (i.e. There are many ways to achieve a comprehensive optimization of the cross-sectional area of the throat of a venturi device.

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5g. Comparison of Preferred Embodiment with Similarly Sized Fleck Device The optimized embodiments of venturi-based wave energy devices proposed here will generate significantly more power than similarly sized Heck venturi-based wave energy devices. FIG. 12 shows how the amount of power which would be available within the throat of a submerged venturi device would change as a consequence of the diameter of the venturi tube’s throat when the corresponding wave energy device were driven by waves with a height of 6 meters and a period of 7 seconds, and the water were characterized by a choke speed of 30 m/s (i.e. In this illustration, “Dm” denotes the diameter of the mouth of the venturi tube, while “Dt” denotes the diameter of the tube’s throat. Further increases in the maximum amount of power available for extraction in a venturi device can be achieved through further increases in the depth, and corresponding choke speed, of the water in which the venturi device operates.

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It is possible to use the motion of waves at the surface of the ocean to move a submerged component up-and-down through the relatively still waters beneath the waves, e.g. The optimal amount of power available per square meter of the cross-sectional area of the venturi mouth, in the water flowing through the throat of an optimized venturi device, increases from 0 (in the absence of waves) to 700 kW/m2 (with respect to waves with a height of 15 meters).