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UrbanFisio Fisioterapia a domicilio personalizada y de calidad This causes a further pulling force to be applied to the Pivot arms 5 of the downwind Pivot 2, causing them to move to their full extent of travel on the side of the Flexible Sheet 1 where the low pressure region was cascading. 4 on their own, instead of as a lower portion of the Arcing Support Structures (28 on FIG.

Entrena tu espalda para lucirla en verano FIG. 18 shows a bottom view of a vane. FIG. 13 shows a cross-section view of a Pivot Type 1 Pole. 21, 22, 23, 24) is shown in perspective view in FIG. By increasing the length of a given Support Cord 22, that portion of the sheet where it attaches is allowed to lower itself relative to the other points on the sheet 35 circumference. 9 operates in a fashion identical that described in FIG. The perspective in FIG. 10) to stay between the confines of these end-plates. SUMMARY The mechanism is an energy capture device utilizing flexible sheets of material suspended between two or more pivots. 3) is composed of two Pivot pivots, sharing a common Pivot Pole 4. The left-hand side of this joined pivot utilizes a small-depth Pivot Sheet Carrier 6, while the right-hand side utilizes a large-depth Pivot Sheet Carrier 6. The base structure and arm construction is identical to the preferred embodiment.

27, is constructed in the same fashion as the Pivot Arm Assembly shown in FIG. When the Flexible Sheet assembly 15 circumference falls at the given position mentioned above, the Bottom Cords 24 attached to it in the vicinity of the falling position, become slack. Dolor zona lumbar y piernas . This particular example would produce a limited quantity of energy relative to modern standards, and when scaled would be lack the structural integrity and performance to justify its cost. 35), which then imparts its rotational energy into the Gearbox (75 in FIG. The remaining drivetrain, up until the Spacer Gear 90, including the Direction Differentiating Gears 89 (Equivalent to Turntable Output Shaft Takeoff Gears 69 in FIG.

35), where the Bottom Cord 24 is wound around the Recoil Sheave (105 on FIG.

Meshed to the Single Direction Output Gear 72 is the Spacer Gear 90 that could suitably be replaced with a flywheel/gear combination. The pivoting action of the downwind Pivot 2 (and optionally, if so mounted on the same Pivot Energy Capture/Mount 10, the upwind Pivot 2) is translated into a single direction rotational motion via the Pivot Energy Capture/Mount 10 and then finally to electrical energy (in this embodiment) via a generator. 22. The energy stored in the flywheel is then transmitted into the Gearbox 75 where it increases the rotational speed and outputs this motion and force via a High Speed Output Shaft 76 to a Generator (30 in FIG. 34 contains a Recoil Sheave 105 attached to a One-way Clutch Bearing 106. This bearing mounts to the Aggregator Shaft (121 on FIG. 35), where the Bottom Cord 24 is wound around the Recoil Sheave (105 on FIG. 12) portion of the Flexible Sheet Carriers (6 on FIG.

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1) via the Flexible Sheet Coupler (45 on FIG. Mounted to the Adjustable Pivot Energy Capture and Mount 9 assembly is another Pivot 2, whose Pivot pivot arms 5 are designed to move in arc planes parallel to the plane of the Vane 7. This pivot utilizes a small-width Flexible Sheet Carrier as shown in FIG.

FIG. 11 shows the Pivot Assembly (2 in FIGS. 23 and 24. Its structure mimics the Pivot Energy Capture/Mount (11 on FIG. Algo para dolor muscular . The modified downstream Pivot assembly as described above transfers its pivoting motion into an Underwater-to-Surface Drivetrain 39 within a Passive Support Structure 17 b, which then transfers this pivoting motion to the energy capture drivetrain above the water surface.

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Attached to the Top Mounting Plate 92 is a Top Ring Holder 97. Attached to this holder are the Support Cord Ring 95 and Top Cord Ring 94. The Support Cord Ring 95 attaches to its respective Support Cord (22 on FIG. 35 contains an Aggregator Mount Plate 118 to which attaches two Guide Tubes 119. These guide tubes enable multiple Linear-To-Rotational Motion Conversion Mechanisms (See FIG. The airflow moves downwind alongside the curvature of the Flexible Sheet 1, generating lift via the angle of attack presented by the Flexible Sheet Carrier 6 arc position relative to concave shape generated by the curvature of the Flexible Sheet 1 (See FIGS.

4 utilizes a number of similar structures/component types as the embodiment in FIG.

This travel is limited by the tension of the Flexible Sheet 1 between the upwind and downwind Pivot 2 assemblies. Attached between to the two upstream Passive Support Structures 17 b is a Pivot assembly 2, oriented in a horizontal manner. 30, the Pivot-Two Side/Single Pivoting assembly (19 a in FIG. 4 utilizes a number of similar structures/component types as the embodiment in FIG. 3 utilizes the same Vane Support assemblies 8 a or 8 b as the preferred embodiment, and the same essential Vane 7 structure.

28) utilizes a Pivot Arm Mounting Bracket directly attached the Input Gear (88 in FIG. The Spacer Gear meshes to the Gearbox 75 via an external input. 1. Also, like the embodiment in FIG. FIG. 10 shows the Flexible Sheet. Dolor en el gemelo de la pierna izquierda . In high water speed situations, the Flexible Sheet 41 can be reeled in to reduce curvature and maximize energy capture. Through appropriate Pivot spacing and Pivot arm length, as described in the preferred embodiment the two Flexible Sheets 1 can be made to work co-operatively. The two Pivot Energy Capture/Mounts 9 both convert energy. Assembly that enables both sides to pivot independently of each other. 1, the motion of the Flexible Sheet assembly 15, functions according to the Airflow Principle shown in FIGS.

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The inventions shown in the Prior art above utilize impractical and inefficient means of capturing energy from wind and water. The energy capture mechanisms are identical in design and operation to that described in the preferred embodiment. 26 is composed of Flexible Sheet 41, formed from individual panels similar to a parachute, that is fastened to a Flexible Sheet Axial Beam 40 in a circular loop shape that runs around the circumference of the partial hemispheric shape. This axial beam appears similar to that shown in FIG. Pat. No. 6,726,440, attempt to modify the flapping wing concept that has been rejected long ago as impractical. 4,595,336 uses two wings to create a flapping motion as well. 11), only two Pivot Fixed Arms 126. And instead of the Flexible Sheet Carrier (6 on FIG. This results in the same airflow management and principles as described previously for FIG.

28) to compensate for slower or faster oscillation rates. The invention also incorporates several key features that drastically reduce the sources of failure, including the ability to vane into the wind without the requirement for mechanical adjustment. 13. The optimization of the layout of the mechanical components such that the disturbances to air flow are minimized.

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The design of the mechanical components in this embodiment is identical to the preferred embodiment with the exception of those things noted in the description. The operation of this embodiment is identical to the preferred embodiment with the exception of those things noted in this operational description. While my above description contains many specifities, these should not be construed as limitations on the scope of the invention, but rather as an exemplification of one preferred embodiment thereof.