US9181922B2 – Marine Energy Capture System – Google Patents - Espalda - 6/8 To be able to capture the vertical and horizontal movement, the present invention proposes a mechanism for capturing wave energy, consisting of a set of four vertical buoys that support the central structure. FIG. 11 is a perspective of the mechanism for the capture of energy from the waves of the present invention.

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By using the wheels (19) (FIG. The buoyancy tanks (5) are boxed by a structural cage (43) by where wheels that keep fixed the position of the tanks in relation to the water level run. 14) to run on the cage (43) the at least one buoyancy tank (5) is allowed to move up and down, and by using the wheels (25) of the tank holder carriage (3) to run on the rails (42), the at least one tank (5) approaches or moves away from the beach. The conversion of the kinetic energy produced by the interaction between ocean waves and tanks occurs through the implementation of a gear box which has the particular characteristic that, due to the movement of such tanks being linearly ascending or descending, converts the linear motion into a one direction rotary motion. FIG. 14 shows a cross-section of the buoyancy tank (5), which shows the pair of directional gear (37) and (38), the unidirectional sprocket (27), the vertical movement (24), the ballast (23) that contains in its bottom to balance the weight and thrust, this ballast (23) must be fixed, kept at the bottom and with the variations of the waves must remain static.

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Now the wave itself does not produce unidirectional horizontal movements, to the extent that we are away from the coast, because it produces only a pendulum movement depending on the height of the wave. In short, what matters is to raise our tank with all its mass on a rolling cart that moves in the same direction perpendicular to the coast, where its space of displacement does not exceed 1 wave length, and where the tank plus its ballast have the possibility to oscillate, using its buoyancy, the horizontal forces of the waves, and springs that cushion the blows and at the same time facilitate the floating tank pitching. The water of the sea before the end of its wave cycle, is also suffering an elevation of the waves, reaching its maximum expression in the area of the breaking wave, to then relieve all its energy turning the water on the same coast, or in the inclined plane of the beaches.

Before or after the breakwaters, having high or low tide, currents flows from the beach inward, or opposite, with greater or lesser waves the buoyancy tank has all the movements in two dimensions where there is pendulum movement. This horizontal wave vector is the cause of all the spoils of bottles, tables, algae, and all kinds of floating objects that throws the sea on the beach. The invention described herein is characterized by the cardan of the gyroscope in rotation by the movement of the floating body, and the momentum of the energy of the waves, being all attached to a generator of energy for power generation. Hence, a way of controlling this is using bearing systems to rotate freely in one direction, and in the other direction being obstructed transferring all the strength into the body in which they are embedded.