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Enfermare Acupuntura: Acupuntura Estética This means that they absorb the horizontal forces from the floating body 60. The vertical forces are transmitted to the vertical cylinder 12. Thus it is possible to avoid the vertical guides in the floating structure. When the wave period increases, the wave becomes longer and the body will to an increasing degree be subjected to forces that pull in the same direction.

By running the lower pipe 34 up and down, this can project from the end of the upper pipe 33 to a greater or lesser degree. This body also has an internal partition 5 that divides the interior of the floating body into two cavities, an upper cavity 6 and a lower cavity 7. A pipe extends through the partition 5 from the lower cavity and out through the upper hemispherical part 3 of the floating body 1. At the upper end, the pipe 8 is provided with a closing device (not shown). By opening and closing ports in the mass component, the inertia of this component can be changed. Opening and closing of ports in the mass component means that there are moving parts involved which are submerged more or less the whole time. During this operation, the piston rod may be locked hydraulically to prevent the floating body from moving.

Preferably, the rod 11 is fixed in position by means of hydraulic locking, e.g. When entered into formula (1), these data give an output of 135 kW with a body that follows the wave motion. Sensors may therefore be provided to measure the wave height at the floating body and release this when the trough is directly under the floating body.

The present invention regards a wave power plant designed to be arranged on or in the sea or a lake in order to produce energy using a floating structure and a related method of power production. It is a further object of the invention to improve the efficiency of this type of power plant.

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This represents a considerable increase in output, even at a conservative estimate and RAO equal to 1. However, as will be apparent from the following, a higher RAO-value can be expected when using this method. 4. In this case, the body will follow the wave motion from a wave period of 4 s and upwards. The primary object of the present invention is to increase the output of energy from the wave power plant. FIG. 10 shows a further embodiment of a floating power plant.

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FIG. 2 b shows a section through another embodiment of the floating body 1. Dolor en la zona lumbar derecha . Here, the body has a fully open base instead of a hemispherical base with a small opening. The means also comprise a closable opening at the upper end of the floating body, giving easy access to open for air displacement in order to fill the floating body. This term can be said to represent an additional displacement of the body. It has been found that the sum of the displacement of the body caused by the net weight of the body and the additional displacement resulting from the body being retained, should not exceed V· From this, it is evident that not only can the deflection of the floating body be increased by increasing the depth of submersion, thus increasing the amount of energy produced; the natural frequency of the floating body is also dependent on the depth of submersion.

Another condition is that the water must not rise above the top of the body.

After opening, the valve that locks the hydraulics can be kept open for approximately the time it takes for the wave to pass the diameter of the floating body. K2 is a parameter approximately equal to RAO (response Amplitude Operator), which will be equal to 1 if the movement of the body follows that of the waves. The above formulae do not take frictional resistance and similar loss factors into account. Another condition is that the water must not rise above the top of the body. Use of the present invention allows the recovery of energy from the wave movement to be optimised by the floating body 1 being forced to move more than the waves. The base being fully open allows the body to be filled with and emptied of water more rapidly. When the crest of the wave reaches the floating body, this is released as shown in position 3, by the locking of the rod 11 being released.

Flekosteel Gel Walmart - YouTube The floating body is kept in place by maintaining the rod 11 which connects the body with the platform, in a fixed position. The floating body takes the shape of a cylinder with rounded ends, thus providing an easy-to-manufacture floating body with good qualities. The way in which this takes place, will be explained with reference to FIG. El colon produce dolor de espalda . FIG. 8 shows a further embodiment in which the floating bodies 50 are carried on rods 51 extending through a channel in the floating body. By so doing, the natural frequency of the bodies can be matched to the wave frequency. The connection between the mass component and the floating component is also placed under considerable strain. In the preferred embodiment, the floating body 1 has a circular cylindrical mid section 2 and two hemispherical ends 3 and 4. This shape is similar to a so-called Kinder egg. As an alternative to running the floating body up or down hydraulically, use can be made of a crane that can be permanently fixed to the floating structure.