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The generators could be three phase generators connected directly to the grid and the energy storage system could be used to provide grid stability. Energy is extracted from the system by allowing air to escape the pressurized vessel, again spinning turbines as the air moves. A double walled balloon skin, which had a clear exterior wall and a black interior wall with a gas filled section in between the two membranes would be an appropriate design, as the sunlight would pass through the clear outer wall and be absorbed by the black inner wall, which would in turn heat up the hydrogen (or helium) inside the balloon, The gas filled cavity would act as a of insulating layer which would slow heat escape into the surrounding air. The balloon can be filled with at least one of hydrogen and helium.

Young builder woman in construction uniform and safety helmet looking unwell touching her head with hands suffering from strong headache standing over orange wall Furthermore, the force supplied by the wave to spin the reel can be used for things other than generating electricity. The tether keeps the balloon from rising due to the buoyant force. Ground based mirrors could be used to increase the solar radiation on the balloon in order to make the system more effective. In principal, thousands of balloons could be arrayed in a large field on the sea bed in order to allow storage of any amount of energy. This energy can be used to generate electricity that can then be sold to the grid or used for any purpose, as with any other energy generator. Other suitable metallization coatings or diffusion inhibitors can also be employed. The balloons do not have to be 100% air and water tight, some small degree of diffusion of air or water through the skin of the balloons is permissible provided that it is a slow process.

Postoperatorio Other potential buoyant bodies to use in place of underwater balloons are hollow spheres made of polymer or hollow spheres made of glass. 7a, an air-filled balloon 209 can be made substantially spherical in order to accommodate these high forces. A ballast sack 1381 can be attached to the pulley 104 which could then be filled with earth or another ballast 1382 during installation of the balloon at sea to create a ballast 138. Natacion dolor de espalda . A barge 1383 carrying ballast could employ a chute 1384 to fill the sack 1381 with ballast. This could be done by pressurizing the balloons only after completing installation of the whole system and immediately prior to pulling the balloon under water, and a remote operated release valve could be part of the system in order to allow bleeding off of pressure before any maintenance. The pulley on the system is potentially the most complex part of the system.

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Air is expected to be the most economical and best performing material for submerged systems, but there may be an advantage to using other materials, such as incompressibility. Urethane coated nylon woven fabric would be a good candidate material. BAM can be coated either onto the ball bearings themselves, onto the races where they sit, or onto both. The mechanical connection, or operational connection, between the reel and the motor and the reel and the generator can be made using a shaft, a chain, gears, or any other suitable connection commonly employed in machines. The mechanical connection can be made using chains, shafts, gears, or any other rotary mechanical connection. The skin of the balloon can be designed to absorb as much solar radiation as possible. Submerged systems must be designed to inhibit diffusion through the skin of air from inside of the balloon into the surrounding water, and water from outside of the balloon into the inside.