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The hub 408 (or 108, 208, 308, or 501) may include, for example, compressed gas reservoir pressure vessel replacement cartridges that may be used to recharge or replace the energy storage reservoirs. 108 (or 208, or 308) to change a pitch angle and/or a blade length of each of the rotor blades 307, according to principles of the disclosure. The blade driver 502 may be connected to the energy converter 503, which may include, for example, a linear pneumatic cylinder that derives the requisite energy required to rotate the rotor blades 507 to a determined pitch angle from the energy storage reservoir 505, which may include, for example, a storage gas cylinder. The hub comprises: a plurality of rotor blades that are coupleable to a hub body, each of the plurality of rotor blades being configured to rotate about a respective blade axis that is substantially perpendicular to the rotational axis; an energy storage reservoir entirely containable within the hub body; and a blade driver that is configured to effectuate rotation of the plurality of rotor blades about said rotational axis and to effectuate substantially linear movement of each of said plurality of rotor blades along said respective blade axis.

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Hydrokinetic devices configured to convert the kinetic energy of the moving water into useable electrical energy are required to operate in harsh marine environments and in some cases, significant water depths that may exert extreme pressures on the various mechanisms employed in this energy conversion process. The external source may comprise: an onboard main controller located on a generator side of the hydrokinetic device; an onboard main controller located in an other hydrokinetic device; or a communicator located on a vessel. The torsion springs or air chambers may also be activated by the mechanical switch (not shown) located on the hub side 121 (shown in Fig.

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Furthermore, alternative software implementations including, but not limited to, distributed processing or component/object distributed processing, parallel processing, or virtual machine processing can also be constructed to implement the methods described herein. If the mechanical switch is triggered, the THOR hub controller 123 may cause the rotor blades 107 to change pitch angles to the fully feathered non-operational condition (and/or shorten to the maximum extent possible as described with reference to Fig.

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The process 450 described above with references to Figs. The computer program may include a code section for each of the Steps 452 through 456 in the process 450. When executed on, for example, the onboard hub controller (not shown) in the hub 308, the computer program may cause the reception of a communication signal (Step 452), determination of whether to adjust a pitch angle of the rotor blades 307 (Step 454) and/or a blade length of the rotor blades 307 (Step 453), an adjustment of the pitch angle of each of the rotor blades 307 (Step 456) and/or an adjustment of the blade length of each of the rotor blades 307 (Step 455). It is noted that the determination process (Steps 453 or 454) may be omitted and the adjustment of the blade length (Step 455) and/or pitch angle (Step 456) be carried out for each of the rotor blades 307 based on the received communication signal.