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14 Formas sencillas de limpiar la cocina en 2020.. Regardless, the surface-servicing vessel may be specialized in design for the purposes in view, and perhaps envelop the platform (e.g., being catamaran in design) in the engagement of it. The service vessel and the towing vessel may further be comprised in the same entity, such a specialized vessel being available to deploy, service, and bring to shore one of an array of submersible platforms deployed in a greater and aggregate arrangement. 2B, from the anchor point 106 to the platform’s winch assemblies 201 (i.e., to a pre-determined maximum depth position along the length of each mooring line 104), said lines are held taut by both the buoyancy of the platform and the action of current forces upon it. This maximum depth position is preferably identified with a mechanically down-stop assembly 202 affixed to the mooring line, which stop assembly triggers a sensor located on the associated winch assembly and preventing further excursion of the platform downward.

From the platform’s winch assemblies 201 upward to the mooring line buoys 105 the remainder of the mooring line is likewise kept comparatively taut, due to the buoyancy of said buoy and action of ocean current acting upon it. Because of winch engagement thereon, this upper segment of mooring line between maximum operational position and buoy must be free of any adjunct buoyancy features, and the buoy 105 therefore must be of sufficient displacement to carry the weight of said segment. Prior to and between deployments, cable terminations are preferably retained at the surface by one or more specialized buoys, with the cables being themselves made slightly positive in buoyancy to reduce the load thereon. Indeed, signal communication via seabed cable (i.e., directly to a shore-based facility) may be deemed entirely and exclusively adequate, with both methods above being obviated.

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Incorporated into the volumetric structure described above is the transverse payload-bearing structure. With the addition of angled fins however (in conjunction with the termination yoke), the current vectors said buoys away from the centerline of surface current flow, to one side or the other. Note that when the term “longitudinal” is used below, such generally refers to arrangements or actions that are parallel to the submarine ocean current and the centerline of both platform and anchorage equipment. 2) upward to the surface, the platform’s winch assemblies must tractionally engage said line, thus precluding the attachment of flotation devices for and to that length of mooring line.

In this “threading” position (with the platform being on the ocean surface), the mooring chain need only be draped over the traction drum. 7A being from an upper forward viewpoint, FIG. The vertical pair of volumes 602 will therefore likely of necessity be of inseparable design, with saddles 611 serving as a structural bond between upper and lower cells, and at the same time providing a structural interface upon which the winch assemblies 201 may be mounted.

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Regardless, the upper cable 112 is affixed with flotation devices prior to the lowering of the seabed cable anchor connection. Alternatively, the seabed cable may be the selfsame cable that proceeds to the surface, but is simply affixed with an anchor connection point or collar, without any disruption to connectivity. The free end of each mooring line assembly is preferably retained at the surface by specialized buoys, while the anchored end may be at a great depth. FIG. 11 portrays the mooring line buoy 105, the major elements of such having been prior discussed within the context of FIG. In regards to deployment, the fully buoyant platform is first towed at surface into position (i.e., amongst or near the mooring line buoys).

In comparison, the present invention is designed for unidirectional current flow (or practically so), has no such concrete tie to the ocean floor, is suspended at a selectable operating depth (which will often not be optimal near the seafloor), and is designed explicitly for the surfacing of motive components for maintenance. That aside, the above description exemplifies a typical site preparation, involving components and procedures that are currently available, and proven in their adequacy for the purposes of the present invention. Longitudinal separation of anchors and (via tension member length) buoys has been addressed above. The invention presented herein, however, can bear many generator units, of various styles, and retrieve them as maintenance schedules require. Dolor de espalda y hormigueo en las manos . These compensators are sized and located as the various subsystems require. In the preferred embodiment, the winch motors (and idler arm actuators) are of hydraulic motivation; thus all hydraulic aspects of the winch assembly are managed by its associated hydraulic manifold 706, in which all valves and primary circuit logic are contained, and to which the platform system control system(s) issues appropriate commands for valve actuation.

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In view of the changing attitudes of the platform in its positional states, and especially in regards to its surface vs. While the discrete energy-conversion payload device contains electrical and electronic components necessary for its local operation and monitoring, the processing of their signals (e.g., in diagnostic and command functionality) is handled by the platform’s on-board system controller(s), located within housings 1206. Unlike most other electrically oriented devices aboard the platform, these housings are not oil-filled.