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REHABILITACIÓN Y MEDICINA FÍSICA. Mirando al futuro.. FIG. 6 is a side view of the fluid impeller of the present invention having two blade elements connected with the same driveshaft. 8 showing the blade elements in their positions taken during coasting. 10), or an opposite endward position for coasting (FIG. Those skilled in this art will recognize that, although the illustrated trolling motor assembly 152 employs a straight driveshaft 154 that pivots about the pitch axis, a drive shaft bent at 90 degrees to the pitch axis (that approximates the heaving movement of a sweeping or flapping blade) can also be employed, and the advantages discussed hereinabove for a straight driveshaft as equally applicable as long as the bent driveshaft is compliant and substantially tuned to the motor 153, the blade 156 and the fluid. The foregoing embodiments are illustrative of the present invention, and are not to be construed as limiting thereof Although exemplary embodiments of this invention have been described, those skilled in the art will readily appreciate that many modifications are possible in the exemplary embodiments without materially departing from the novel teachings and advantages of this invention.

To improve maneuverability of water and air craft, fluid impellers have been developed. The axis that is generally parallel with the direction of travel is the “trust” axis, along which the blade B will surge “fore-and-aft.” The axis that is normal to the plane of blade B is the “heave” axis, along which the blade B will “heave.” The axis that is perpendicular to the thrust and heave axes is the “pitch” axis; the blade B will rotate, or “pitch,” about this axis. “L” indicates a “trust” (lift) as normally occurs around a foil moving through a fluid. Compared to flexible rudders and sweeping blades, heave and pitch devices better control the balance between lift and drag. Also, these devices are more complicated (i.e., have more moving parts) than flexible rudders and sweeping blades.

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The driveshaft is pivoted about its longitudinal axis to generate a sweeping motion of the “tail” of the blade, with the pivot axis passing through the blade. In operation, the driveshaft 154 pivots about its longitudinal axis through a desired angle, which in turn pivots the blade 156. The compliance in the driveshaft 154 and mounting bracket 151 a provide the trolling motor assembly 152 with the ability to drive and maneuver the boat 150 easily in any direction without imparting unwanted vibration or shaking during cruising or maneuvering.

FIG. 5 is a partial side view of a trolling boat employing a trolling motor assembly of the present invention. Que sirve para el dolor en las articulaciones . One embodiment of this concept is shown in FIG. An additional embodiment of the present invention is shown in FIGS. These are shown in FIG. FIG. 21 is a perspective view of a submarine of the present invention. FIG. 3 is a top view of the “figure-8” motion followed by the blade of the tuned impeller system of FIG. FIG. 9 is a top view of the watercraft of FIG. FIG. 7 is a perspective view of the dual bladed impeller system of FIG.

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In this configuration, the fins 354 can benefit from two different effects observed in fish swimming as a school. The first is a proximity jet enhancement that has been observed (and confirmed mathematically) for fish swimming side-by-side. The natural frequencies are, of course, dependent on the geometry and material of the driver shaft 104 and the blade 106 and the properties of the fluid for which the system 100 is designed. Alternatively, the driveshaft 104 may have variable compliance, such as when these fibers are arranged to bias the deformations, or such as when a strain-rate dependent viscoelastic material or an electromagneto-rheological fluid is employed to modulate the compliance through the propulsive stroke.

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It will be apparent to those skilled in this art, that the ring 502 may be driven in pitching to get heaving (as described), or in heaving to get pitching, wherein the heaving motion is generated by the ring 502 being a contractile tensile member made of shape memory alloy, thus requiring no motor at all. For example, the blade 106 may be larger along the pitch axis than the thrust axis or vice versa, or these dimensions may be generally similar. Also, the direction of thrust production is unchangeable, always coaxial with the propeller shaft, and requires extra machinery for redirecting that shaft or the thrust using a rudder.

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However, this requires multiple blades and that such blades always work in opposition. However, when a compliant elastic shaft tuned to the input frequency is employed, the result is ever-increasing thrust with increasing oscillation frequency. In operation, the nose 404 rotates 180 degrees relative to the hull 402. This motion causes the wings 408 to flap relative to the wings 406. However, because of the reaction forces on the wings 406, 408, the nose 404 rotates only 90 degrees relative to the fluid medium, and the hull 402 also rotates 90 degrees relative to the fluid medium in the opposite rotative direction. Two wings 406 are attached to the hull 402 180 degrees apart; similarly, two wings 408 are attached to the nose 180 degrees apart.

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The track is then mounted to the hull of the craft. Dolor muscular despues del gym . The plate is mounted to the vehicle via a rigid driveshaft (usually vertical) that is, in turn, mounted in a rigid bushing into the vehicle hull. Each fin 554 is originally formed as a crescent shape, and its concave surface is fixed to the hull 552, which has a greater radius of curvature than the concave surface of the fins 554, such that multiple flexible undulations 556 form. Moreover, the vehicle hull tends to shake and vibrate due to the oscillatory thrust forces generated by the driveshaft in its longitudinally fixed mount absent some control apparatus designed to eliminate thrust oscillation.

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Flekosteel México precio, testimonios, instrucciones de.. Such vehicles include: a vehicle body; a first bladelike element; a first tuned compliant transmission shaft attached to the bladelike element; and a reciprocating unit for reciprocally driving the bladelike element within a fluid medium in a first travel path such that interaction between the bladelike element and a fluid medium produces propulsive forces that propel the vehicle body in a desired direction. Continuous rotation of the shaft causes the blades to turn within the fluid; in doing so, the blades generate thrust along the shaft longitudinal axis, with the direction of the thrust (and the direction of travel of the vehicle) being determined by which edge of the blades leads during rotation. Preferably, the pitch and heave natural frequencies of the transmission shaft are approximately equal to each other and to the natural bending and natural torsional frequencies of the bladelike element, and the natural thrust frequency of the transmission shaft is often approximately twice that of the pitch frequency.

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5, or multiple bladelike elements can be attached to a single shaft. FIG. 8 is a perspective view of a watercraft of the present invention having four blade elements. 1, which illustrates a blade B of generally fusiform cross-section. 3), in which each point on the blade 106 has a fore-and-aft and heave components relative to the motor 102 as well as a pitch component. Dolor muscular por estres . FIG. 8 shows a watercraft 300 that includes a body 302 (with no preferred nose or tail), two elastic fins 304, and two elastic fins 306. Each fin 304, 306 is attached to a compliant elastic driveshaft 310 such that the end of the driveshaft 310 farthest from the body 302 is fixed to its respective fin 304, 306, but the remainder of the driveshaft 310 is free to spin relative to the fin.

This freedom of rotation about the driveshaft 310 allows the fins 304, 306 to deform torsionally around the driveshaft 310 for increased compliant control and more efficient propulsion. The compliant driveshaft of a tuned impeller system functions as a low-band pass filter for the transmission of thrust to the vehicle. Fluid resistance creates a phase lag between the rotary sweep motions of the nose and tail of the blade, which generates and propagates bending waves traveling tailward. Even so, this still fails to address and correct for other vibrations, such as those along the thrust axis. The impeller system 100 can function as the primary thrust source for a vehicle, or can serve as an auxiliary maneuvering system.