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Other embodiments will become apparent to a person skilled in the art, the scope of the invention defined by the appended claims. Accordingly, the invention is not limited except as by the appended claims. BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The invention described herein addresses the disadvantages of the conventional devices and methods and provides for generating energy from waves in a novel, inventive and useful manner. Multiple parallel arrays of such units are described in U.S. FIG. 15 shows an embodiment that could employ the low profile coils mentioned above to generate significant power levels by connecting in series or parallel the outputs from several of these units. As a result, waves having an amplitude below such a minimum do not generate any energy. With each coil generating about 10 milliwatts of power, we would be able to generate about 20 milliwatts per inch of tube, using multiple magnets as described in FIG.

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Neurocirugía_Vol2_Cap14 Preferred embodiments are described for providing electric power generation from extremely low power mechanical forces. Moving magnet 90 very close to magnet 93 and then away would create about 20 volts out of coil 91 and about 8 volts out of coil 92. The unit was thus producing over 15 milliwatts of power each time magnet 90 was brought close or moved away from magnet 93. More study will be needed to determine how much power would be generated with normal walking, but the peak voltage values make recovery of the power from bridge rectifiers an easy task. Very mild shaking of unit 25 caused a peak to peak voltage of about 3 volts across oscilloscope leads (open circuited). Dolor en todas las articulaciones tendones cuello y dolores cervicales . Situations currently exist where very low power mechanical motion is available which could satisfy a need for small amounts of remote electric power. Very low cost end magnets are thereby possible while retaining essentially permanent magnetization.

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At low initial pressure increases between stages, the same piston areas for all compression units can be selected for convenience, with the initial stages using only part of the available buoyant force. Reduction of Air Damping The moving magnet can be damped by air pressure in either side of it within the tube, if it has too little clearance with the inside of the tube. If magnets are used which have relatively large clearances between their diameter and the inside diameter of the tube, air will be free to move easily around the magnet. 1. An electric generating unit 24 comprises brass tube 1 having a wall thickness of 0.014 inch, an outside diameter of 17/32 inch and a length of 4 inches. 2. Electric generating unit 25 comprises brass tube 1 having a wall thickness of 0.014 inch, an outside diameter of 17/32 inch and a length of 5 inches.

Center disc magnet 2A is a rare earth Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets of 0.37 inch diameter and 0.25 inch in length, available from Permag Corp., with offices in Fremont, Calif. This has led researchers to investigate the possibilities of harnessing energy from wave action and from wind. Currently LED output light level is much lower than incandescent bulbs, but each year advances in LED technology are making them brighter. FIG. 5A, 5B and 5C are graphs explaining the importance of the coils being arranged so that current produced in each of them is in phase. This solution is not cost effective given the capital cost of building an array of units and the operational cost of maintaining them. 8. In the preferred embodiment, each coil is made from the same wire and wound in opposite directions from the one adjacent to it (e.g., cw, ccw) so the wires will be properly phased for a maximum output.

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34 transformer wire each. 24 wire. These outputs were monitored on a dual trace oscilloscope as magnet 90 was brought toward and away from magnet 93. Magnet 90 was a 3/8 inch diameter, 1/4 inch thick NdFeB magnet. FIGS. Que puedo tomar para el dolor de espalda . 2 and 3 are drawings of preferred embodiments of the present invention. OTHER VARIATIONS The above descriptions of preferred embodiments of the present invention are not intended to limit the scope of the invention. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a linear motion electric power generator for generating electric current from work done by an intermittent force. A vertically mounted power generator unit is also mounted on the plate.

A low pressure reservoir can be fluidly coupled to the turbine and generator for receiving a low pressure fluid discharged from the turbine and generator, and fluidly coupled to the first stage for supplying the low pressure fluid thereto. Alternatively, the turbine 18 and generator and the low pressure reservoir can be located on shore.

FIG. 10 shows an embodiment designed to reduce forces between the moving magnet and wall of a confining tube. There is a maximum buoyant force available from the wave which is dictated by the wave height. According to another aspect of the invention, there is provided a wave energy accumulator system comprising multiple pressurization stages fluidly coupled in series; each stage has at least one pressurization unit as described above. That is, if the wave regime decreases, depth of the platform 32 can be raised to ensure that the piston head 28 just “bottoms out” when the pressurization unit 34 rises with the waves. 5,179,837 and 5,394,695 disclose a method and system for generating energy from the motion of waves by a plurality of series-connected floating pressurization units, wherein each unit incrementally increases the pressure in a compression fluid flowing therethrough using energy in water waves. The reservoir is anchored to the ocean floor and is connected in line between the air compression cylinder and the compressed air output conduit.

6. Housing 30 is magnetized by two magnets 20 and 25 so that the ends of housing 30 are in polar opposition to moving magnet 2. The coils of each generating unit 24 are wound clockwise and counter-clockwise as shown in FIGS. As moving magnet 2 moves in relation to coils 5 and 6, voltage is generated through the coils. Sentadillas dolor lumbar . 4A-4M. Letters A through M represent the position of the center of moving magnet 2 as it oscillates through one and one-half cycles. Another embodiment was designed to take advantage of this orientation by using two power generator units at right angles to each other and mounted on a pivot point which allows free movement of the combined unit. This unit contains a power generator unit 42 which is similar to the design in FIG. This induced voltage can be recovered by these units in the form of power to recharge batteries, send signals, or any of the other uses possible for low levels of power generation.

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This requirement can be met by using a series of gas compression devices of different dimensions so that the volume swept in each stage is less than that of a preceding stage or by designing each stage to be made up of multiple devices of the same or different dimensions and joining the devices in each stage to one another in parallel. The minimum amplitude is determined by the design of the air compressing cylinder, and this disadvantage is present in both single unit devices and multiple unit arrays of the conventional methods and devices.

Mooring lines can be fixed at one end to the ground or seabed and at another end to the platform in such a manner that the platform will list under certain lateral wind or wave forces, thereby enabling the floating component to move relative to the corresponding piston assembly in response to both lateral and vertical wind or wave forces. The piston diameter can be designed for each stage to suit the planned pressure increase. The piston assembly is fixable in place relative to the floating component such that relative movement between the floating component and piston assembly compresses fluid from the intake pressure to at least the output pressure. This rocking movement tilts the horizontally mounted unit above, causing extra movement forces on it due to a tilting of the unit. In the first compression unit 24(a), the one-way valves 44 and 64 are biased to open at an input pressure Pin that is at or lower than the expected pressure inside the low pressure reservoir 20 Pinitial.

For the purpose of illustration only, the reference numerals relate to a compression unit 24(a) in the first stage 12(a). As discussed, different input and output pressures may dictate variations in piston and chamber dimensions. The second portion has a piston that extends upwardly into a compression chamber of the first portion. The piston assembly is slidable within the compression chamber and has a piston shaft and a hollow piston head attached to the piston shaft. However, if each successive stage has ¼ the devices, the minimum stroke is ¾ the chamber length. It would thus replace the 83 MAH deficit in about 14 hours. Brass tube 1 is available from the McMaster-Carr mail order catalog. A variety of tube materials were successfully used in models, including: acrylic, glass, brass, garolite, and teflon. 6 (a) to (c), two mooring lines 31 are attached to respective longitudinal ends of the platform 32 in such a way that enable the platform 32 to harness lateral wave and wind energy as well as wave energy heave forces.

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On the outside of end magnets 3 and 4, rare earth disk magnets 3A and 4A were attached to ensure long life of the end magnets. The intermediate reservoirs and fluid conduits are attached to or supported by the frame. Moving magnet 2 is composed of three small disc magnets 2A, 2B, and 2C held together by magnetic force.