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Postoperatorio de blefaroplastia - Recomendaciones médicas The buoy 3 will, when the waves are moving, in addition to be moving vertically, also always change its angular orientation around a completely horizontal position, which is taken at a completely calm water surface. The counterweight drum can be journalled for rotation at a buoy or at a stationary rack or frame placed on or attached to the bottom of a pool of water. To be capable of rotating the anchor drum backwards, in a second, opposite direction, thereby keeping the anchor line in a tensed state when the water level 6 at the buoy 3 sinks, a mechanism for reverse feeding of some kind is required as will be described below. Since the torque from the rotor 204 of the wind power plant varies depending on the wind force whereas the torque from the driving by the waves is constant, it may be necessary to mount a variable transmission gearbox before the planetary gear in the same way as shown in FIG.

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Handsome man with sequin jacket with shoulder pain Such a wave power plant 1 is schematically shown in FIG. Such a variable gear can e.g. In this way, the rotations and torques obtained from the wind and wave movements, respectively, can be added to each other, together driving the sun gear 167. Neither the planet carrier nor the gear ring is allowed to rotate backwards, which for the planet carrier is achieved by the anti-reverse mechanism 53 in the shaft support bar 13 and for the gear ring by the sliding clutch 201 that has a function similar to an anti-reverse mechanism. When the driveshaft 11 is rotated forwards by the anchor drum 9, also the generator 21 follows the rotation, so that the counterweight line 17 starts to be wound around the counter weight drum 15, which can be a part of or be rigidly attached to the second part of the generator, see the arrows 113, and so that the counterweight is moved upwards.

When the elastic means are prolonged, their force on the weight 211 increases, so that the downward movement thereof is gradually stopped. The buoy 3 can have one or more fins 4 in its rear part, seen in the wave direction, which can contribute to steering the buoy straight against the direction of the waves. Gearwheels 27, 29 run against the edges 31, 33 of the winding drums 9 and 15, respectively, and these edges can then in the corresponding way be toothed.

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FIG. 9 b shows an alternative connection of the elastic means of FIG. In FIG. 12 a a planetary gear is shown having one gear step but it is possible to add a plurality of gear steps. 3 d can be used but without an anchor drum 9. The rotor 204 of the wind power plant is directly connected to the driveshaft 11, as shown in FIGS.

In this embodiment, the transmission of power between the driveshaft 11′, 11″ and the link shaft 58 can advantageously be obtained via gearwheels 209. A high gear ratio as shown in the figure is used to increase the rotation speed of the link shaft and to reduce the torque, this resulting in less wear and smaller dimensions of the power transmission. However, this is not optimal for coupling a conventional generator to the anchor wheel to produce electric energy. In a first case the energy accumulation device can be mechanically coupled to the second part of the electric generator. The general electric power distribution network requires relatively stable levels, both in delivered power and voltage, this resulting in that the electric control systems for this kind of wave power plants must, after the generation, make the levels of these quantities more even. In one embodiment, in which the wave power plant is mounted in a wind power plant, it is possible to integrate the transmission from the rotor blades of the wind power plant with the driving by the waves, so that the same gearbox and generator can be used, see FIGS.

6, which is used for controlling the magnitude of the torque, which is to be transferred from the counterweight drum to the anchor drum. Dolor facetario lumbar . Every step is usually chosen to have a gear ratio between 5 and 10, which for three steps gives a gear ratio up to 300. The higher power for which the wave power plant 1 is dimensioned, the larger diameter of the anchor drum 9 is required, due to the fact that the anchor line 7 requires a larger diameter for larger dimensions. Since the link shaft 58 is made in one piece and in order to be capable of rigidly interconnecting the rotational movements of the counterweight drums 15, another type of sliding clutch for reverse feeding must be used. Such a sliding clutch may replace and enhance the function of a counterweight, here called a lead, which is often used in similar constructions.

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9. An anchor drum mechanically connected to the driveshaft can be used for winding more or less of the second elongated means according to the wave movements. By controlling the mechanical torque input to the generator the state of equilibrium is displaced and thereby the rotation speed, at which the state of equilibrium is obtained. 12 c, 12 d. These figures are only symbolic, since the manufacturer does not want to reveal details regarding the mechanical design thereof. The anchor drum 9 is in a suitable way mechanically connected to the drive shaft 11. Such a mechanical coupling can include the following two functions.