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To prevent overloading of the hose pumps 18, 19 in case the working piston 17 is driven past the end of the working cylinder 16, a relief system is provided at each end of the working cylinder. As will be described in greater detail below, this object is achieved by using a different type of pump unit, namely a pair of so-called hose pumps which are resiliently extendable and connected between, on the one hand, opposite sides of the operating piston and, on the other hand, the buoyant body and/or the acceleration tube.

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Por qué duele tanto la espalda - Prensa Libre It is a further object of the present invention to provide a method for simultaneously raising a group of many power plants to the surface without being disconnected from the electricity collecting table. The submersible electrical power generating plant, when well-placed in the central axis of the Gulf Stream off the east coast of South Florida, can operate with capacity factors more than ten times higher than those of most well-placed tidal water turbines. A cubic unit of water weighs about 854 times the same cubic unit of air at sea level. OWC devices are typically those in those that enclose the wave in a vertical tube or in a larger chamber and, as it oscillates back and forth, it drives air to through an energy conversion device, typically a air turbine Megawatt-scale OWC devices are They are currently in a state of advanced development. 13a shows the special valve 264 when the conventional valve 123 is open to allow ballast water to be forced from the plurality of compartments 68, 77, 101, 80, and 69 by the compressed air is the same in the plurality of compartments.

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In the Atlantic and Pacific oceans the two trade winds drive an immense body of water westwards over a width of some 50 degrees of latitude, broken only by the narrow belt of the east-going Equatorial Counter-current, which is found a few degrees north of the equator in both of these oceans. These unions are preferably arranged so as to allow various degrees of freedom of movement, and thus, collect the additional energy of the relative movements that arise from the inclination and the agitation as well as vertical oscillation. There is a ballast water transfer piping system 305 that consists of a first part that contains pipes 306, a pump 250, a special check valve 253 that will not allow water to flow from the rear compartment 69 to the front compartment 68 and will not allow water to flow from the front compartment 68 to rear the rear compartment 69 if the pressure is not above a minimum, and a second part that contains pipes 307, a pump 251, a special check valve 254 that will not allow water to flow from the front compartment 68 to the rear compartment 69 and will not allow water to flow from the rear compartment 69 to rear the front compartment 68 if the pressure is not above a minimum.

2 and 3. The first water turbine rotor 16 and 28 turns a first low-speed shaft 53 with great torque. Each power generating plant comprises certain current-aligning means, certain depth-controlling means, and at least one pair of water turbine rotor assemblies. The first nacelle has a first low-speed shaft connecting to the first horizontal water turbine axis, a first gear box connecting to the first low-speed shaft capable of converting low speed to high speed, a first high-speed shaft connecting to the first gear box, and a first electrical power generator driven by the high speed shaft capable of generating electrical power. Referring now to the drawings, the present invention concerns a submersible electrical power generating plant for generating electrical power with no fuel costs from the flow of ocean current. The second watertight nacelle has a second low-speed shaft connecting to the second horizontal water turbine axis, a second gear box connecting to the second low speeding shaft capable of converting low speed to high speed, a second high-speed shaft connecting to the second gear box, and a second electrical power generator driven by the second high-speed shaft capable of generating electrical power.

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Escapulário de Ouro com Símbolo da Fisioterapia The submersible electrical power generating plant can generate electricity without emitting carbon dioxide or other pollutants into either the atmosphere or water. Dolor de rodilla frontal . The submersible electric power generator plant may comprise a system that, prior to submersion, keeps the structure’s center of gravity to the rear of the structure to increase the hydrodynamic lift. This relief system operates as described in U.S. 2. FIG. 11 is a schematic of the piping and wiring for the supplementary depth- control system that measures the hydrostatic pressures to control operating depths shown in FIG. Because the capacity factors for the turbines operating in the Gulf Stream would be seven to ten times those of the tidal- powered turbines, they would produce seven to ten times as much power, and – unlike that wildly oscillating power produced by the tidal turbines – that power would be almost as steady as that power produced by many fossil-fuel plants.

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The submersible electrical power generating plant can produce electricity for producing hydrogen at locations reachable by wires. Detailed description of the drawings Figures 1 and 2 show an apparatus 1 for harness the energy of waves or waves in a body of liquid 2 according to an embodiment of the present invention. The present invention relates to an apparatus that It can have a size that is at least comparable, and can be distribute on the high seas and in large provisions. The floating containers 5, 6 will preferably be Hermetically sealed, internally split, and will present a minimal resistance to breaking or very large waves.

Preferably, the total mass, virtual mass and dimensions of each of the devices comprising the surface float, the body or the submerged vessel (s) and the trapped liquid is such that each of them will tend to present a frequency of natural oscillation along its vertical axis that is close at the lower end of the frequency range that corresponds to the mass of the energy of the passing wave. The devices work normally from in a vertical mode, they are often called “oscillators.” Typically, a pointed surface float rises and falls with the passing the waves and reacts against the bottom of the sea or against a tensioned berth.

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It’s about a type of WEC’s known as point absorption devices. The large number of devices and concepts proposed to date has been classified and described in summary for the Engineering Committee on Oceanic Resources by the Working Group on Wave Energy Conversion (Engineering Committee on Ocean Resources by the Working Group on Wave Energy Conversion) (ECOR report, April 1998). This report follows a similar classification based on the alleged situation, that is, on the high seas, enter the vicinity of the coast and high seas, and in coastal waters.

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A wave prediction model can be incorporated into the software as a function of memory and data logging. When water is inside the special valve housing 264, the buoyant ball 265 floats at the top of the special valve housing 264 and allows the ballast water to flow from the drain pipe 124, through the inlet 49, into the special valve housing 264, and out the outlet 279. FIG 13b shows the special valve after all the water has been expelled from the buoyancy tank compartment.

5 shows the inside structure of the first watertight nacelle 17. The first water turbine rotor 16 turns a first low-speed shaft 53 with great torque. The first and second check valves prevent ballast water siphoning. The mass is the weight of the fluid that passes through the turbine’s rotor per second. A wind turbine with many blades or very wide blades (turbines with a solid rotor) would be subject to extremely large forces when the wind blows at hurricane velocities because the energy increases with the cube of its velocity. 17 that uses a separate coolant that circulates without any moving parts because it uses convection. The effect of the component dynamic is proportional to the volume of the submerged body 9, 10 and that of the submerged part of the surface float; because said effect decreases with depth, it is desirable to place the submerged body 9, 10 at a depth sufficient to optimize The design and efficiency of the operation.

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The upward canted hydrofoil wing tips that supposedly provide roll stability would have little or no effect unless the hitch points to the two anchor lines were lower. Dolor de cintura lado izquierdo y pierna . If the increasing downward vector force is not equalized, the downward vector forces will pull the submersible power plant down to that depth where the angle of the anchor chains’ pull would be reduced sufficiently that the tangent of the attachment angle will be reduced enough that the resulting downward- vectored forces will again balance the reduced lifting forces. A further feature of the current submersible electric power plant invention is that it makes possible their efficient installation and recovery. Although turbines designed for the Gulf Stream can also generate low-cost electricity from the Kuroshio, they would probably not operate at quite the same high capacity factors in that current as they would in the Gulf Stream.

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The submerged body may include a cylindrical compartment 13 that runs through the entire length of the submerged, but airtight container with respect to the remaining part of the airtight container. You can also regulate the natural frequency of each combination of surface float and container / s submerged by regulating the volume of fluid trapped by the submerged vessel / s, for example, causing the valves to open at the top and bottom of vertical cameras narrow inside each or one of the containers submerged. When the cylindrical compartment open at both ends will not contain liquid, and therefore, can be considered to have no mass of inertia.