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Dolor de espalda: 8 causas comunes de enfermedades.. A discharge diffuser is provided at the outlet of the standpipe to enhance the efficiency of radial outflow of water from the standpipe. The continual introduction of new pulses of water rushing into the standpipe 14 causes water to pass from the standpipe 14 into the volume underneath the base structure 16. In order to enhance the radial distribution of water exiting into this volume from the standpipe 14, a diffuser 21 is provided at the outflow end of the standpipe 14 in the preferred embodiment.

1, and the relatively massive foundation structures required for the embodiments shown in FIGS. In the best mode presently contemplated for the practice of this invention, the atoll structure is tethered to the station-keeping means by cables that can be lengthened or shortened as required to change the vertical position of the atoll structure. BEST MODE OF CARRYING OUT THE INVENTION In FIG. A set of appropriately located wave energy conversion apparatus according to this invention could therefore be used to provide a calm water area in what would otherwise be an inhospitable sea state region.

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A vertical standpipe is coupled to the atoll structure to receive the pulses of water rushing along spiralling paths to the central aperture as successive sea waves crest and break on the atoll structure. Inasmuch as an energy apparatus according to the present invention provides a calmer sea state on the downstream or leeward side of the apparatus by extracting energy from the waves on the surface of the sea, a plurality of such apparatus could be arranged, as suggested in FIG. A feature of the energy conversion apparatus of the present invention is that the vertical height of the atoll member 12 can be adjusted in order to position the beach-forming portion 13 at the proper height for maximum extraction of energy from the sea waves impinging thereon. As shown by the curves A, B, and C in FIG. FIG. 4 is a cut-away perspective view of the apparatus of FIG.

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3-PACK GlycoFlex 3 (360 Tabs) 3, and perspective view in FIG. Dolor en los costados de la espalda baja . 1 is a cross-sectional view of an apparatus according to the present invention for extracting energy from sea waves. An electrical generator is coupled to the shaft, so that the rotational energy acquired by the shaft is converted by the generator into electrical energy. 1, an apparatus according to the present invention is shown for converting sea wave energy into electrical energy. The kinetic energy of the pulses of rushing water produced as successive sea waves break on the atoll beach is stored in the angular momentum of the water in the standpipe. The angular momentum imparted to the water in the standpipe 14 by the incoming pulses of rushing water entering the standpipe 14 through the guide structure 20 causes the turbine 31 to rotate, thereby turning the shaft 28 and causing the generator 27 to produce electrical power. Thus, the rotational energy of the water in the standpipe 14 (i.e., the rotational energy of the liquid flywheel) is converted by the turbine 31 into rotary motion of the shaft 28, which in turn is converted to electrical power by the generator 27. A power cable 32 is connected to the generator 27 to transmit the electrical power so generated to an electrical power distribution system or load.