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Referring to FIG. 4A, and in an alternative embodiment of an apparatus 13 depicted therein, the electrical generator may be comprised of a piezoelectric membrane 320 displaced by the wind receiving member 102, such that the wind receiving member 102 applies a stress to the piezoelectric membrane 320, thereby causing an electrical potential across two conductors 322 and 324 in electrical communication with the piezoelectric membrane 320. In such a configuration, the two conductors 322 and 324 may be connected to an energy storage device in communication with the electrical generator and/or a voltage inverting device configured to convert the electrical energy to an AC voltage form compatible with an electrical power transmission grid as described previously. Having developed a wind time series creation simulator for two probability density functions, it is now possible to predict, from simulation, the maximum energy recovery available in wind variation relative to the steady wind component.

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BRUXISMO Y DOLOR DE OÍDOS: Definición, Síntomas, Terapias.. 8. Once step 7 converts the Weibull normalized sequence to wind variation, it can be added to a mean velocity to complete the construction of a complete wind signal with mean velocity modulated by random variation, but, strictly bounded by the Weibull probability density function. Hence, both modern and historical methods of wind energy recovery have foregone the recovery of the energy contained within rapid, wind energy variation: variation due either to near-ground medium and high frequency velocity fluctuations, or, rapid density variations that might occur near, for example, the region of intersection of a large body of water and a land mass. The elastic member may have a force constant that is variable. The computer may include an algorithm to control the electrical energy generated by the electrical generator in response to the displacement of the first wind receiving member. The electrical generator 302 of the apparatus 11 may be comprised of an electromagnet comprising a first portion and a second portion.

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116. The wind vortices may be shed from alternating sides of the wind obstruction object as indicated schematically by wavy arrows 92. In certain embodiments, the wind obstruction object 122 may be mounted on a fixture (not shown) and made rotatable around a central axis 91. The object 122 may be further comprised of first and second wind anemometer cups 124 and 126 that are joined to opposed sides of the object 122. Thus when wind impinges upon the object 122, the onset of an instability will occur, slightly rotating the object, such that one of the cups 124 or 126 undergoes greater wind drag than the other. 2, the first portion is a magnetic rod 304 joined to the wind receiving member 102, and the second portion is a wound coil 306 of electrical conductor, such as fine copper wire. In certain embodiments, the first and second electrical energy may be converted 560 to a third electrical energy having an AC voltage form compatible with an electrical power transmission grid, with the method 500 further comprising delivering 570 the third electrical energy to the electrical power transmission grid.

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In certain embodiments, the frequency of oscillation of the wind obstructing object 120 may be made tunable to achieve a desired frequency and/or amplitude that is matched to the resonant frequency of the elastic member 200 (FIG. In other embodiments, the method 500 may include delivering 580 the electrical energy to a powered device.

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SUMMARY An analysis by the Applicants of the recovery of energy from wind in the uses cited above, and other uses, reveals that energy is recovered from the average velocity component of wind. Dolor lumbar sintomas y causas . In FIG. 16, the Applicants have created a Weibull simulated “wind” signal 740 with almost exactly the same Turbulence Index. The Applicants’ energy conversion apparatus and methods have a broad range of uses. This has become even more evident with the recent major advances made in hydrofracturing technology, which have enabled the recovery of large reserves of shale gas and oil. In spite of recent progress in alternative energy technologies such as solar energy and wind energy, there remains a need for further improvement in these technologies in order to make them economically viable as compared to current energy sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear power. The method 500 may be further comprised of causing 526 increased turbulence in the wind proximate to the wind receiving member, thereby changing the oscillating motion of the wind receiving member, and increasing the electrical energy obtained from the apparatus.