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Fisioterapia para Atletas - - Fisioterapia Cavallazzi Therefore, the two-stage rotor of this aspect allows energy to be extracted from fluids in any direction along an axis without compromising the level of power production. The first and second rotors have ends that oppose each other in such a way that the fluids flowing from one rotor to another rotor. The rotor is for extracting kinetic energy from a fluid flow by converting it into kinetic energy in the fluid flow into a rotational force or torque, thus allowing inward conversion into a more convenient form of energy, such as electrical energy. A sealing arrangement such as edge seals, labyrinth seals or some other type of sealing arrangement may also be in place to prevent the flow of liquid from reaching the bearings or electrical components in the rotor housing. Numerous turbines specially designed to extract energy from the wind have been made.

The increase diameter results in an increase in the distance from the longitudinal axis in which the hydrodynamic reaction forces act and thus provide a magnification of the torsional force. The invention also encompasses the use of the rotor as described above for the production of electricity from fluid flows. In the embodiments described above, for the sake of simplicity, the underlying spiral is based on an Arqmmediana spiral when there is a linear increase in the radius r with the 0-polar coordinate.

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Técnicas de relajación para vencer la ansiedad. - Somos Bellas This makes better use of the radial component of the flow that leaves one rotor and enters the other. However, the amount of power remaining in the liquid flow leaving the first two-stage turbine is less than that contained in the original liquid flow. As discussed above, various parameters of the rotor and blade shape can be varied depending on the purpose of the rotor and the operating conditions it will be exposed to, such as flow rate and so on.

The rotor housing can be designed to perform various functions. The first rotor and / or the second rotor may be a cylindrical rotor having a blade formed by a cylindrical helix. In a preferred embodiment, the rotor includes a housing located around the outer ring. The rotor apparatus may comprise a housing around the first and second rotors. Malestar general dolor muscular . The housing preferably supports the rotors for rotation around the rotational axis.

As can be seen from Figure 8A, the two rotors are mounted end to end on a common axis 4 of rotation. The 2 rotor blades extend between the inner peripheral surface 3 and the outer ring 1 and are fixed to the inner peripheral surface 3 or the outer ring 1 for rotation with these. In preferred embodiments, the method comprises selecting the rotor characteristics based on the desired rotor performance characteristics.