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Megara Steele In accordance with the objects of this invention, a horizontal damping plate 44 is further provided that extends radially outward from the lower portion of the hull. A horizontal damping plate is also provided that extends radially outward from the lower portion of the hull. As the predominant wave lengths increase, the pitch center rises until with very long waves, the angular motion of the bottom portion of the hull is greater than the upper portion. O US. Cl. 114–.5 6 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A stable, floating marine platform is provided having a natural period of oscillation greater than the period of the waves of maximum energy to which the platform may be exposed. 7, the flexible connecting means comprises a helical coil 70 of flow line having a substantially horizontal axis and a degree of flexure greater than the maximum expected angular movement of platform 20 relative to flow line 54. One end of helical coil 70 is connected to hull 22 of platform 20 at 72 which, in turn, is connected to the pumps (not shown) and the other end of coil 70 through connection 74 to flow line 54. As platform 20 pitches in response to wave action, coil 70 flexes and thereby prevents rupture between the pipe line and the platform.

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Dolors FIG. 10 is a chart showing the response of the platform of this invention in pitch and heave under all wave periods. The accompanying drawings which are incorporated in and constitute a part of this specification, illustrate an embodiment of the invention and together with the description, serve to explain the principles of the invention.

While only a single flow line system has been illustrated in the drawings, it is to be understood that a plurality of flow lines may be constructed in accordance with this invention and incorporated with a single floating platform. When the platform pitches in response to wave action, it pitches about a center which varies up and down the height of the body depending on the wave periodof the predominant waves striking the body. Generally, however, ovean waves are irregular, and while a continuous spectrum of all wave periods is therefor present at any one time, certain wave periods are predominant depending upon the conditions of the sea. The period of waves of maximum energy is generally around 22 seconds, which are the predominant wave periods under hurricane conditions. Paracetamol dolor muscular . In accordance with this invention, therefore, the platform is constructed to that its natural period of oscillation is considerably in excess of the period of waves of maximum energy to which the body may be exposed.

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Asquerosa pesadilla: dolor en el oído revela algo terrible.. Similarly, horizontal damping plate 44 is sized to provide near critical damping of the vertical motion of the platform. Resonance conditions, therefore, can still exist even though the platform has a natural period in excess of the predominant wave periods that can be expected. The platform had a natural period of 30 seconds in heave and 50 seconds in pitch without damping plates and in still water, both of which are well in excess of the maximum expected encounter period (22 seconds) of ocean waves containing a maximum amount of energy.

By way of example, and without any intention to be limited thereto, a floating marine platform having a hull diameter of about feet, a total length of about 480 feet, and a fluid storage capacity of 70,000 tons has a draft of about 380 feet when filled with oil and 430 feet when filled with seat water, and a natural period of oscillation of around 50 seconds in pitch and 30 seconds in heave, both of which are well in excess of the period of waves expected that contain a maximum amount of energy. A stabilized, flow line system is also provided for maintaining fluid connection between the platform and an underwater well head under all sea conditions. In accordance with the invention, means are provided for connecting the upper end of the lower flow line to the lower end of the upper flow line in angular relationship, and mooring means are provided for maintaining the connection at a point laterally spaced from the platform to maintain the flow lines in the form of stiffened catenary curves.

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STABLE ocmm PLATFORM 5 Sheets-Sheet 5 Filed July 16, ‘1968 FIG. STABLE OCEAN PLATFORM 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed July 16, 1968 EUGENE R. MILLER,JR. VIGGO A. BLAES El a/147cm, /e/za mo/z Qriabw ATTORNEYS March 17, 1970 Filed July 1a. 1968 v. 3,500,783 Patented Mar. 17, 1970 ice Yet another object of this invention is to provide a floating marine platform having means for preventing resonance oscillation of the platform.

1, the floating marine platform of this invention, generally indicated as 20, is an elongated, right circular cylinder having a hull 22 of substantially constant cross-sectional area and a production and crew facility area 24. Dolor de rodilla cuando hace frio . Hull 22 is internally closed at each end and is divided into a plurality of compartmented petroleum storage tanks. The invention thus provides a means for connecting the flow line to the hull that permits movement of the hull relative to the flow line without the use of moving parts, such as would be found in a universal or swivel type of connections that are easily susceptible to damage or plugging.

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6, when the well head is located substantially beneath the platform, elbow 56 is constructed so that an acute angle is formed between the upper and lower flow lines. In this embodiment, mooring lines 58′ extend in an opposite di rection from the well head to maintain tension in the flow lines in a manner similar to the embodiment shown in FIGS. More particularly, this invention relates to an inherently stabilized floating marine platform for offshore petroleum production and storage, and a flow line system for the platform that remains with an underwater well head under all sea conditions. For such platforms to be capable of carrying out the drilling, oil production, and other offshore operations, they must be relatively stable despite the motions of the sea. The two (2) ends of bridle 62 are proportioned so that they meet the flow lines tangentially to eliminate bending moments in the flow lines arising from tension on mooring lines 58. The purpose of mooring lines 58 is to keep flow lines 50 and 54 under sufiicient tension so that they are maintained in the form of a stiffened catenary, but flexible enough to allow for vertical and lateral movement of the platform in response to wave action.