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The mentality of designing of the present invention:A wire coil is disposed in magnetic field, the motion of cutting magnetic line is done in magnetic field when closing wire coil, and allows projected area of the wire coil in magnetic line of force direction to produce change, even if the magnetic flux through coil produces change.According to the law of electromagnetic induction, electric current will be produced in the wire coil of closure.According to this thinking, if this periodic, alternating direction the power acted on swirl generating body of the Karman vortex street in background technology is passed to a wire coil being placed in fixed magnetic field, wire coil can be made to produce vibration, as long as ensureing that this periodic vibration changes the magnetic flux through wire coil, then alternating current will be generated in wire coil. 5 schematic diagram, when the device is placed in the fluid of certain orientation, for example in wind field, or move the device certain speed, then fluid can enter housing 1 by arrival end 2, by that will produce Karman vortex street in portion behind during elastic swirl generating body 4, because the swirl generating body 4 in the present embodiment is elastic swirl generating body, then Karman vortex street can cause elastic swirl generating body 4 to be deformed upon along to flow in vertical direction, so as to drive wire coil 5 in permanent magnet(3,6) regular cutting magnetic line in the magnetic field in the middle of;Because elastic swirl generating body 4 is located at permanent magnet(3, 6) in the magnetic field in the middle of in the horizontal direction of upper end, therefore, in the case of dead-beat, magnetic flux through wire coil 5 is fixed, such as Fig.

6 tipos de dolores de cabeza y sus causas 5, in the closing area surrounded by wire coil, about two/part has magnetic flux to pass through, and its Karman vortex street effect under occur above and below vibrate deformation when, the wire coil 5 for being wrapped in elastic swirl generating body 4 will be caused to be partially away from magnetic field, subsequently into magnetic field, cyclically-varying, so that when the relative motion of cutting magnetic line occurs in magnetic field for closure wire coil, by closing the magnetic flux of wire coil, generating period changes therewith, so as to constantly produce the induced-current of exchange.

Karman vortex street generator of the present invention in housing by setting a vortex shedder, the Karman vortex street of the out-of-date generation of fluid stream causes the vibration of swirl generating body, so as to drive or cause the closure wire coil being in magnetic field to move together, due to the regularity vibration of Karman vortex street, make the magnetic flux generating period change through closing coil, so as to produce alternating current in wire coil, the kinetic energy that Karman vortex street vibrates is changed into electric energy, to propose a kind of new way into electric energy using liquid turns.

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〃 is the height of housing cavity in formula, Z is the characteristic length of swirl generating body, so as to ensure when elastic swirl generating body is being deformed upon in the presence of Karman vortex street, the motion of cutting magnetic line occurs therewith for the wire coil above it, ensure that its magnetic flux changes therewith, so as to produce induced-current.Except wire coil 5 as shown in Figure 4 can with uniform winding on the outer surface of elastic swirl generating body in addition to, when elastic swirl generating body 4 is column, thin wall hollow, open at both ends, wire coil 5 can also be uniformly embedded on the inner surface of elastic swirl generating body, so as to avoid winding outer surface from making its outer surface not smooth enough and the influence of fluid flow. Wire coil, it is located in the magnetic field, its regular cutting magnetic line under Karman vortex street effect, and the magnetic flux through the wire coil is changed, and produces induced-current.