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For example, if the transducer is located at a depth equal to one half of a given wavelength, the effective wave amplitude is approximately 4% of the amplitude at the surface. The float associated forces are used in various arrangements for mechanically driving a transducer for converting the mechanical forces and associated mechanical energy to useful forms of energy, e.g., electrical power. For example, a gap between the base portion and the flap portion or between the flap portion and the seabed, through which wave motion can pass, can cause significant power capture losses. 1, for example, the float comprises a central sphere 30 with laterally extending panels 32 for increasing the area to volume ratio of the float. This can be arranged, for example by providing moveable deflector plates on the base portion, which rise as the flap portion is raised, to present a continuous surface of base portion deflector plate and flap portion to the wave motion.

According to a further aspect of the present invention there is provided a method for extracting energy from waves comprising the steps of: providing a wave energy conversion device comprising: a base portion formed and arranged for anchoring to the bed of a body of water in use of the device; an upstanding flap portion pivotally connected to said base portion, said flap portion being formed and arranged to oscillate, in use, backwards and forwards about the vertical in response to wave motion acting on faces of – 15b -the flap portion; and power extraction means for extracting energy from the movement of the flap portion; wherein said device is formed and arranged so that when the base portion is anchored to the bed of a body of water with the flap portion facing the wave motion, the base portion and the flap portion extend vertically through at least the entire depth of the water, to present a substantially continuous surface to the wave motion throughout the full depth of water from the wave crest to the sea bed, and said flap portion is sufficiently buoyant in water so as to be biased to the vertical in use and has a high centre of buoyancy and a low centre of mass; locating said device on the bed of a body of water, with its flap portion facing the direction of waves; and extracting wave energy from the waves in a said body of water.

In some embodiments, additional biasing means comprising torsion bars, elastomeric springs or compressed gas springs, are provided. 15e -In some embodiments, the flap portion is formed and arranged to change its natural period of oscillation by means comprising: altering the centre of buoyancy of said flap portion by moving a height of an internal mass of said flap portion; altering the buoyancy force by adding or removing ballast from said flap portion; moving the centre of mass of the flap portion with respect to said base portion by moving a height of an internal mass of said flap portion; altering the centre of mass of said flap portion by adding or removing ballast from said flap portion; or altering the characteristics of said biasing means by adjusting a stiffness thereof. In some embodiments, the width of the flap portion is between one and three times the height of the flap portion.

As used herein the term ‘relatively shallow waters’ is intended to cover waters having a depth in the range of from 6 to 20 metres and thus it will be appreciated that for such an arrangement the device, that is the base portion and said flap portion may have a height slightly greater than the mean depth of the water in which the device is in use. One particular problem associated with prior art wave energy devices which are anchored to the seabed is that relatively substantial anchorage devices are required. An advantage of the inventive systems is that by deliberately deploying the float relatively deeply submerged with respect to those waves with which the system is intended to interact, damage to the system can be avoided even with violent storm driven waves. Other shapes may be envisaged, with the profile of the part of the flap portion that pierces the water being made to improve power capture when the flap portion is near the expected maximum tilt angle, in normal sea conditions.

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Hendel's Garden Flekosteel Warming Body Balm 50 ml 1.7 fl.. Submerging the float from its normal surface position thus requires, in the patent arrangement, means for changing the normal buoyancy of the float from its usual non-storm operating conditions. Dolor de hombro derecho intenso . For example, at a 50 foot depth, waves with a wave length of 500 feet have an effective amplitude of approximately 53% of the wave amplitude at the water surface. Alternatively, the top portion of the flap may have an alternative shape, for example, the top edge of the flap may have a generally cylindrical form, of a diameter substantially greater than the general thickness of the flap portion. In recognition of the fact that water pressure variations, and attendant circulatory water flows, are present within the water at depths lower than the wave troughs, the patent discloses submerging the float deep enough for protection against wave violence, but not so deep as to be outside the wave energy zone.

Because the power contained within a wave is proportional to the square of the amplitude of the wave, about 28% of the surface wave power is available for capture at the 50 foot depth. 4, is rigidly and hermetically mounted within a float 22 a with a piston 18 of a hydraulic cylinder (not illustrated) extending, in movable, sealed relation with the wall of a float, downwardly from the float. The amount of energy captured by the float is determined primarily by the area and shape of the float and only secondarily by the float mass. On site, the float is unfolded to expand it to desired shape and size. Alternatively the flap portion may be mounted on the support shaft which is mounted on actuators or other means which may be formed and arranged with control means to move the flap portion up or down according to tidal conditions.

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Dolor It makes use of the “translation” waves formed where deep-water waves break or are broken as they run up the seashore. If the flap portion is composed of a flat plate or flat plates, it is preferred that they are made of a composite, reinforced structure. 6a except that curved end sections 78 (‘end effectors’) are located at each side edge 80 of the flap portion. The flap portion is mounted on the base portion on pivots 12 which allows the flap portion to hinge with respect to the base portion 2. In the embodiment shown the flap portion has a buoyancy such that the flap portion tends to be urged into a generally vertical orientation with respect to the base portion. Such concealment is accomplished largely by the submerged mode of operation.

This invention claims the benefit of U.S. The benefit of the variable flow and speed. Further preferred features and advantages of the present invention will now be described with reference to the accompanying drawings in which:-Fig. Diarrea y dolor de espalda . A wave energy conversion device, generally indicated by reference no. These sensors allow adjustment of the parameters of the wave power generating device and power extraction means in a predictive fashion by said computer control system. The power capture is defined as the ratio of the power captured by a device to the power available from the waves incident on the device. This may be achieved by utilising foam or other low density materials attached to the components of the device or introducing voids or chambers into the components which may be filled with air to increase buoyancy or filled with ballast (typically water) as required. As previously noted, the design and deployment of the system preferably take into account the wavelengths of the waves expected at the deployment site.

El dolor de cadera puede ser causa de muchas patologías.. FIG. 4 is a schematic view showing a further embodiment of the invention. In some embodiments, the flap portion has a rounded top or side edge. The power capture at 10m water depth was from 1.4 to 2.2 times the power capture at 22m, depending on the sea state being studied. The longer the wavelength, the more slowly does the magnitude of available energy decrease with depth.

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WO 03/036081 where a reciprocating body is situated entirely underwater in a water basin of intermediate depth. Se trata de una debilidad muscular tras un entrenamiento, actividad física dura y en estados de agotamiento. Si la actividad física es repetida y no se hace un descanso lo suficiente largo para una recuperación completa de los músculos, se produce fatiga patológica aguda que puede llevar a la insuficiencia circulatoria.

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