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tatujaes All of the elements of the system that are not or cannot be made of a carbon fiber type of material, or another of similar properties, and depending if the type of material needs it, should be coated with a material of a low coefficient of friction, with non-stick characteristics (to prevent biofouling) and that protects them from corrosion (for example a fluoroplastic, a material of the Teflon type, etc.). The armature is formed by a set of coils with cores of magnetizable material without residual magnetism and of high permeability, attached to a ring of a high permeability material, and without residual magnetism (for example a large number of very thin laminae of Fe-Si, insulated from each other and strongly compressed, or any other suitable means to minimize Foucault currents). It would also be advisable that they had a system which allowed their orientation to be changed in the case of variable currents (to correct for seasonal changes, etc.).

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13 and 15), and in this case the drum of blades or scoops could even be free-turning, (that is to say, without the need for any system of rings or fixed cylinder inside acting as an axle around which it rotates). In this case the turbines can be as described in the previous section, but the difference being that the central part has been eliminated, that is to say, both the central shaft with the system of bearings, as well as the part closest to the center and of least radius of the blades. CROSS REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATIONS This application is a continuation under 35 U.S.C.

11, 2005, Spanish Application No. 120 of International Application No. The energy obtained could be used as well for the desalination of sea water. As the equipment is submerged in the case of marine currents, it is barely affected by storms (which could destroy or damage systems for obtaining energy from waves). Although the turbines could be used without a nozzle, much bigger and more costly sizes of turbines would be needed to obtain the same amount of energy than with other smaller units used on the inside of a nozzle. If the blades are articulated, the stops can also be located on the area of the outer periphery, on the part close to the lateral walls of the nozzle. The nozzles can be divided into sections.

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The nozzles may have “covers” on the area of the critical section and/or “covers” in the specific areas where the stators are, so that, opening these (by remote control, or by means of divers and/or robots), the turbine-generator groups and/or stators can be extracted either complete or in sections, according to the case, for their repair and/or substitution. If it is wished to augment the speed of turn of the turbine in order to increase the power, in addition to installing them in the area of the critical section of a convergent-divergent nozzle of an adequate size for the turbine, they can also be located in natural narrows where the water acquires a greater speed in a natural way. Dolor lumbar derecho riñon . Nozzles, preferable convergent-divergent can be used as well. The rotor as well as the stator can be embedded in a resistant non-magnetizable material.

Each one of the convergent or divergent parts of the nozzle can be concave, convex or flat, and their shape, curvature and dimensions can be variable, as well as their angle of opening and the material of which their different elements are made and that can be used as a coating.