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In embodiments, the divergent geometry in configurations of the current invention may be predicated on a ratio of rate of constriction to intake to divergent section that results in a volumetric ratio function of the convergent volume to the divergent volume wherein the volumetric ratio increases with the rate of constriction. FIG. 29 depicts an arc section diagram for inlet geometry. In another example, a superstructure that is mounted to a bearing or orienting facility wherein the bearing is mounted forward of the center of geometry to allow self-orientation. Such matrices may include the basis and derivative costs as well as any formulas and equations that are contributory to calculating the basis and derivative costs.

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Newton Ball - Fernandes Fisioterapia - YouTube In wind systems initial costs typically include obtaining site approvals (which are often opposed for aesthetic reasons), site preparation, construction of large foundations, transportation costs, costs of assembly of large, complex systems (including necessity for cranes and similar large, expensive equipment), and elevation mechanisms. FIG. 26. depicts a diagram of an initial intake momentum vector. FIG. 40 depicts a weighted structure initial position. The superstructure may be executed as a separate modular support structure inclusive of the method of load bearing and power distribution.

Referring to FIG. 74, in embodiments the present invention may provide for a wind power structure consisting of a fractal support structure interconnection scheme. 3, the n×m modular array 302 may be comprised of a scalable modular networked superstructure providing both support for at least one module and the facility for power control, management, and collection of power from individual modules, and conversion and transfer of said power to either a plurality of storage units, a grid, or a combination thereof. In embodiments, the mobile wind power platform may include a storage system based on vacuum-pressurized gradients such that energy from the prime mover is used to totally or partially evacuate at least one of a plurality of “blow-down” chambers. In embodiments, an inertial rotor may provide advantages by enhancing rotational stability under dynamically variable conditions, wherein the outward centripetal force of the rotation is used to enhance the inertia of a rotating body by way of a variable radius mass distribution system.

In embodiments, the structural configuration of the module may be important to the present invention. 34, that shift the rotational aerodynamic efficiency range upward without negatively effecting efficiency of power capture are preferred in this invention. This may also be applied to any system that produced sufficient waste heat to justify the expense of the secondary system. At lower regimens the applied mechanical load might be reduced or reduced to zero to maintain an optimal rotor and generator rpm. In embodiments there may be structure interior or exterior to the array such as lift systems, drag systems, and the like, to redirect the dynamic wind pressure force to either reduce overall or partial loading or apply loading in a specifically beneficial location which may be but is not limited to a shield that translates force from wind’s dynamic pressure into a lower center of gravity reducing the systems sensitivity to weather extremes.

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Referring to FIG. 45, to form and stabilize a member structure some vertices may be shared and additional members may be added to connect some vertices (side elevation image below). A fractal space frame may use a regular, Reuleaux, Kepler-Poinsot, and like polyhedral structure, or a form incorporating multiple polygon types such as a zonohedron or a combination thereof and may be made of composites, metals, or other like materials that can be molded or fabricated. Dolor en el lumbar derecho . In the case of a filament wound space frame polyhedra skeletons may be found in a base member. For such systems site parameters are often inflexible, as it is difficult to find adequate space in locations that are well suited to produce energy but that do not raise objections, such as for aesthetic reasons.