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Vestido de gasa con espalda descubierta, pedrería y chal.. In operation, the line of generator assemblies will be bent in a downstream direction under the action of the prevailing currents and thus deviate from the strictly vertical arrangement shown in FIGS. In general, the deep currents in deep oceans have their highest flowrates some distance from the bed of the ocean, such that there is a zone with low or little to no flow of water adjacent the bed. 18, the generator assemblies 802 are arranged with their axes parallel and substantially horizontal. 23. In this alternative arrangement, the generator assemblies 1006 are arranged in a linear pattern extending laterally from the central collector and converter 1004 substantially perpendicular to the prevailing current, indicated by arrows D. The generator assemblies 1006 are connected by the subsea cables 1008 in a series manner to the central collector and converter 1004. Again, this arrangement ensures that each generator assembly in the array is unaffected by the downstream turbulence generated by another generator assembly during normal operation.

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Alternatively, the electrical power may be transmitted to a user remote from the location of the system, typically by means of one or more cables. The use of a tubular assembly, such as a riser, for the retaining means also provides a path for the cables, hydraulic or other lines and connections that are required to bring power from the generator assembly to the end user location.

Such a subsea wellhead or associated assembly may be one that is in operation, in which case, the system of the present invention may be used to provide power to the assembly or equipment or assembly. An ocean current power generator is proposed in U.S. The generator assembly 602 comprises two impellor assemblies 620, each having a vertical shaft 622 extending between the upper and lower housing ends 606 and 608. The ends of the shafts are supported in suitable bearings within the upper and lower housing ends (not shown for clarity). Levantarse cansado y con dolor muscular . Alternatively, the generator assemblies may be arranged in groups or banks, the assemblies within each group or bank being in fixed orientation with respect to each other, but the group or bank being able to rotate with respect to the fixture assembly.