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For example, actuators having a stacked diaphragm configuration may be used to increase maximum displacement of a light source and/or reflector assembly. In the present invention, an electronic control system is used to afford the smooth motion of the lens element. Advantages of the electroactive polymer module 10 include providing smooth motion, consuming significantly less battery life, and suitability for customizable design and performance options. For example, at least half of the light emitted from light source 806 is designed to hit primary reflector 812 first and be reflected in the desired direction without the necessity of being diverted by secondary reflectors. In any case, primary reflector 812 is designed to do the bulk of the variable direction ray reflection. 8A and 8B is one that couples the reflector assembly, or one or more reflectors/lenses thereof, to the electroactive polymer actuator to adjust its position relative to the light source(s).

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Definición de Apiretal » Concepto en Definición ABC In the illustrated embodiment, secondary reflector 814, unlike primary reflector 812, is mechanically coupled to light source 806, and therefore exhibits no movement relative to light source 806 (i.e., secondary reflector is displaced together with the light source). The actuator system 20 comprises a power source 22, shown as a low voltage direct current (DC) battery, electrically coupled to an actuator module 21. The actuator module 21 comprises a thin elastomeric dielectric 26 disposed (e.g., sandwiched) between two conductive electrodes 24A, 24B. In one embodiment, the conductive electrodes 24A, 24B are stretchable (e.g., conformable or compliant) and may be printed on the top and bottom portions of the elastomeric dielectric 26 using any suitable techniques, such as, for example screen printing. 11 is particularly advantageous for lenticular systems where the forward motion of the actuator enables the viewer to see a series of images similar to a video clip. The snap-back motion of the actuator enables a rapid return to the first image to reset the series of images without the viewer having to see the series of images in reverse.

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Lenticular lens systems enable the viewer to see sequentially two or more images printed in a display such as an artwork by changing the angle of the lenticular lens with respect to the viewer or by changing the position of the lens with respect to the display. With high quality artwork, multiple images may be arranged to enable the user to see the equivalent of a stop-action movie clip, similar to the effect seen in a kineograph or flip book. The display may comprise two images or multiple images. A fixed lens element 404 and a movable display unit 406 are arranged below the top cover 402 and rest on actuators 408 which along with fixed battery and electronics 410 are located in main housing 412. The lens element may be a lenticular lens and may comprise multiple lenses. Dolor muscular brazo izquierdo causas . Those skilled in the art will appreciate than any number of lighting system architectures of the present invention may be employed.

These and other advantages and benefits of the present invention will be apparent from the Detailed Description of the Invention herein below. WO2010/054014, the entireties of which are incorporated herein by reference. Further, unless otherwise indicated, the terms and expressions employed herein have been chosen for the purpose of describing the illustrative embodiments for the convenience of the reader and are not for the purpose of limitation thereof. Further, it should be understood that any one or more of the disclosed embodiments, expressions of embodiments, and examples can be combined with any one or more of the other disclosed embodiments, expressions of embodiments, and examples, without limitation.

Light emitted from the LED system across the translucent member can subsequently uniformly cover the surface. An electroactive polymer actuator slides an output plate 12 (e.g., sliding surface) relative to a fixed plate 14 (e.g., fixed surface) when energized by a high voltage. FIGS. 8A and 8B illustrate a schematic representation of an exemplary arrangement of such a lighting system 800. Here, a single-phase, single frustum-type electroactive polymer actuator 802 is employed which includes a diaphragm 808 affixed to a frame 810. The diaphragm may be weighted with a cap 842 having a selected mass to achieve the desired resonance frequency of the diaphragm. The electroactive polymer actuator may be moved at different frequencies for different light effects. The actuator module 21 is activated by coupling the battery 22 to an actuator circuit 29 by closing a switch 28. The actuator circuit 29 converts the low DC voltage VBatt into a high DC voltage Vin suitable for driving the module 21. The actuator circuit 29 may also comprise electronics components including microprocessors, memory, and signal generators, capable of generating specific patterns or waveforms or voltage drive signals to drive the motion of the actuator module 21. When the high voltage Vin is applied to the conductive electrodes 24A, 24B the elastomeric dielectric 26 contracts in the vertical direction (V) and expands in the horizontal direction (H) under electrostatic pressure.

The phosphor layer may be excited by light from the LEDs and emit light of a different color. The phosphor layer may comprise a single chemical composition or may have regions of different chemical compositions which may emit different colors. 10 and 11, electroactive polymer actuators permit the system to have different motion regimens. The light sources may emit the same or different colors. The motion of the actuator may be controlled with constant or variable rates to create different visual effects. For integration into an optical system, the top plate 12 may be attached to an inertial mass such the display unit of the optical system.

Examples of electroactive polymer devices and their applications are described, for example, in U.S. Dolor de espalda parte superior izquierda . The present disclosure provides various embodiments of electroactive polymer actuator lenticular devices. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF TILE INVENTION Before explaining the disclosed embodiments in detail, it should be noted that the disclosed embodiments are not limited in application or use to the details of construction and arrangement of parts illustrated in the accompanying drawings and description.

Various embodiments of actuator arrays may comprise any suitable number of bars depending on the application and physical spacing restrictions of the application. Individual reflectors/lenses or groups of reflectors/lens may be driven or moved independently of each other to provide multi-faceted directionality to the light rays. FIG. 3C illustrates one embodiment of a six bar actuator array 36 comprising six bars 36A, 36B, 36C, 36D, 36E, 36F coupled to a fixed frame 31, where each bar is separated by a divider 37. Each of the bars 34A-F comprises an electrode 32 and an elastomeric dielectric 33. The six bar actuator array 36 amplifies the motion of the sliding surface in comparison to the single bar actuator array 30 of FIG. FIG. 4 illustrates an exploded view of one embodiment of the optical system of the present invention 400. The system depicted in FIG. 4. The system depicted in FIG.

Still with reference to FIG. As for light sources, any type may be employed with the subject systems, depending on the desired lighting elect. Dolor en los dedos de la mano . Any increase in space requirements of the power supply are offset by the reduced requirement for bulky chemical energy storage, i.e., batteries, as the power supply is lighter than most batteries, making the overall system lighter and more efficient. By operating electroactive polymer actuator 802 between the high and low positions, as shown in FIGS. PCT/US2012/030030, filed Mar. 22, 2012, entitled “ELECTROACTIVE POLYMER ACTUATOR LENTICULAR SYSTEM,” which application claims the benefit, under 35 USC §119(e), of U.S. No. 61/466,129 filed Mar. The present invention provides in some embodiments, a lighting or illumination system using the lens stack with an array of LED light sources (or other light sources) as the display.

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In some embodiments, the display may include a layer of phosphors placed between the LED light sources and the lens stack. 1, many of the design variables of the module 10, (e.g., thickness, footprint) may be fixed by the needs of module integrators while other variables (e.g., number of dielectric layers, operating voltage) may be constrained by cost. Since actuator geometry-the allocation of footprint to rigid supporting structure versus active dielectric-does not impact cost much, it is a reasonable way to tailor performance of the module 10 to an application where the module 10 is integrated with an optical device.

The motion regimen should preferably be matched with the artwork to create the proper intended visual effect. The contraction and expansion of the elastomeric dielectric 26 can be harnessed as motion. 1, the top plate 12 of the module 10 comprises a sliding surface that mounts to an inertial mass or back of the optical system that can move bi-directionally as indicated by arrow 16. Between the output plate 12 and the fixed plate 14, the module 10 comprises at least one electrode 18, optionally, at least one divider 11, and at least one portion or bar 13 that attaches to the sliding surface, e.g., the top plate 12. Frame and divider segments 15 attach to a fixed surface, e.g., the bottom plate 14. The module 10 may comprise any number of bars 13 configured into arrays to amplify the motion of the sliding surface.

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The motion or displacement may be amplified by a suitable configuration of actuators as described below in connection with FIGS. Actuator 802 is in positional contact with or otherwise mechanically coupled by way of a stem or rod 822 to a light source 806, which is any suitable light source depending on the application at hand.